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Zayla - Alright Lets Play!

Once I get back into the house, I quietly rush and take a shower, shaving everything and making sure I smell as good as possible, before walking back into my room and locking the door.

Since my 15 th birthday I've never locked my window, keeping it open at all times just for him.

Which is why I'm not surprised when I walk over to my bed that I smell him on it, he's done this to me plenty of times in the past, when I come into my room to sleep and my bed smells just like him, I think he knows that his scent helps me sleep.

But tonight I'm not sleeping. No! Tonight I'm getting my mates attention! He's been playing and winning this game since I was 6 years old, and today it's time for a new winner to come forward in our little game of cat and mouse... so move over baby because a new kitty is ready to come play.

Grabbing my headboard I drag my bed around until my bed is fully facing the window, giving anyone standing there the perfect view of me in the moonlight.

Dropping my towel I climb slowly into the middle. Propping my pillows up and getting comfortable.

When I smell him next to the window I know it's time! So i, as slow as possible spread my legs as wide as I can. Putting every part of me fully on display.

The room is completely silent, until I hear the small groan I'm sure he tired to keep in. This was it! It's time!

Lifting my arm up I run my finger along the necklace he gave me, down to my breasts. Lightly running my fingers over my nipples, I whine out slightly at the sensation.

My overly sensitive nipples peak out, pointing to the heavens, just wanting him to touch them.

Pinching them slightly my knees jerk as the shot of lust rushes though my body, directly to my pussy.

My arousal is so strong in the air, that I almost can't smell him any longer but I know that he's there. I can feel his eyes on me, stalking my hands as they move down the body that was made to please him.

Once my left hand reaching my pubic bone I hear his sharp intake of breath, I have to hold back my giggle cause he's almost too easy.

Lifting my hand I place it on my knee, which earns me a low growl of displeasure from him.

At this I do let out a small giggle, while sliding my hand down my thigh until I reach my dripping pussy.

Using mostly my middle finger I began to make small yet hard circles around my sensitive clit, crying out with each touch my finger makes.

The wind decides to make its self known by pushing the smell of his own arousal around my room, the mixture of him and I sends me into overdrive as I pick up the pace.

Bucking against my fingers at the thought of him pleasuring himself while watching me.

The sensation mixed with his scent is so strong that I cum fucking hard on a moaned screaming, my whole body shaking Myself almost off the bed.

Pulling my hand away from my clit I make sure to wipe up some of my cum on my finger before sticking my finger in my mouth.

I barely catch the strangled groan that choked out of him, but when I hear it I can't help but moan out. Something about knowing he watched the whole thing and enjoyed it has me turned on all over again.

In all my movements I didn't notice my pillows falling off the bed so when I release my finger with a pop, and my arm falls next to my head I feel something that shouldn't be there.

Pulling the beautiful milk white silk handkerchief from under my head I inspect it, it has stunning embroidery of white and what looks like gold thread running around the edges in such a complex design you can tell instantly that it cost a fortune.

Inspecting it more I notice it has a name on it.


This is my birthday gift, his gift to me for my 21st birthday is his name!

Pulling it to my nose I inhale deeply, pulling the smell of him in as much as possible. The move giving me an idea.

Smirking as I pull the Fabric away from my face, I sit up in a kneel, taking the little piece of silk and running it up and down my clit.

At his quick, yet deep intake of breath I can assume he wasn't expecting that. And as I continue to grind myself against the fabric, I get a bigger whiff of his arousal, showing that he's stepped closer than he ever has before.

Knowing that I got him to come closer than ever, has my level of excitement at an all time high, and it's being spared on by his quick and heavy pants.

When I finally hit my peak, for the 2nd time tonight my head tips back and I moan out his naming to the sky "Ohhh, Soren" cuming all over his handkerchief.

I kneel there, shaking for a moment with my head still tilted back before I level he head with the window.

My breath is instantly taken away when all I see in the night are two glowing gray eyes, with a vibrant red ring glowing around them.

His eyes stay on me, as I collect myself. Once I'm finally done shaking I take the piece of fabric and lay it on the window.

"Goodnight Soren." Come out on a breathless moan. Before I turn over still fully naked and tuck myself into bed.

It doesn't take long for him to snatch my attention again "you're playing a very dangerous game, my little Lux" his voice is rough and horse. Clearly still lost in the lust of what I've just done and shown him.

Chuckling I sit up once more facing out the window. I can't see his eyes anymore but it doesn't stop my comment that I know he hears. "Oh baby, but they're the best games."

Winking out into nothing, I plop back down in bed ready to sleep before the beautiful sound of him chuckling takes over the darkness.

"That they are Lux, that they are"

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