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Zayla - A Plan Is Needed.

"I think I just saw a reaper."

My hand tightening its grip on my brothers arm causes him to hiss out. Releasing my fingers quickly I apologize sheepishly for hurting him before my brain zones out.

If I'm able to see Sorens reapers it has to be because we mated, but then if I can see them then I should be able to talk to them, I should be able to touch them.... well if they can be touched.

If I can do all of that, then that means that I can go through the portal myself..... right?

As my brain runs through all of these scenarios and different plans I softly hear my name being called but I'm far too lost in my head to pay attention to it.

As the nurse begins to walk away from my leg that's now healing as normal I feel two sets of arms come around me and squeeze me.

I can't help but tensing slightly before my wolf lets out a purr when I realize the arms actually belong to my parents.

"I'm so happy to see your beautiful face again." My dad coos at me as the sound of his own wolf purring catches my attention. His wolf loves mine with all of its heart but it could feel something was off and wrong with me so it has been on edge the whole time, my mothers too.

The difference being that my mothers wolf is more laid back than my fathers who I swear can't survive unless he's stressed out even slightly.

"I'm fine you guys no need to strangle me to death" I can't help but say, Chuckling slightly as their hold tightens on me.

"We're just so happy to see you! Even if you were spacing out the whole time." My mother giggles slightly at me like she just told the best joke but no one got it. I adore her so much. As she's gotten older, as my siblings and I have grown, she's become so mellow and soft spoken.

Don't get me wrong she's a badass who would light your ass on fire to save her children, but she has acquired this grace to her, that you could only find in someone truly in love with their life.

My brothers and I laugh at her awkwardness in sync before I reply. "I wasn't spacing out mom, I was watching and plotting."

"Oh and who were you watching?" My father says while being the first to pull away from me. sitting down on the bed next to me, then pulling my mother and I into laying down at his side.

When my brothers join us by sitting at the foot of the bed, they all turn their attention to me, My brothers having heard my mention of the reaper look more along the lines of just waiting for me to elaborate, while my parents have more of that what the hell is up now look.

Clearing my throat I attempt to start Shaking off the weird feeling growing in my gut before I start scooting out from between my parents and stand up.

I fidget for a moment while I scan the room, there are a few staff in here but no other patients are in the room.

Clearing my throat again I go and dismiss them from the room. "Excuse me, can we have a minute of privacy please." The pack doctors and nurses turn to me and nod lightly before exiting the room and shutting the door.

"Okay you cleared the room, now speak." I don't have to turn around to catch my fathers tone.

I don't waste a minute, pacing around the room I tell them everything I've seen today, everything that happened, leaving out the detail of being at Sorens house because well it's not like they can see it anyway so why bother.

When I'm done telling them about the reaper I just saw, I catch my parents look over at the wolf now covered with a white sheet who lost its life protecting his Alpha and Luna.

Sadness crosses their features briefly before I watch as their faces go blank, indicating that they're mind linking each other.

When their faces become animated again, my father sighs. Apparently not liking my mothers thoughts but ultimately bending to her will.

"If what you've said is true, and you did indeed see one of your mates reapers." She pauses slightly uncertainty crossing her features briefly.

"Then there is only one thing left to do." When she pauses again I turn to my father who is mind linking her again.

Keeping my eyes on my dads I wait until he's done then glare slightly at him. When he takes a deep breath I know he's trying to stall until another idea comes into his head.

Wanting to test a theory, I hiss in fake pain, grabbing hold of my head and letting out a fake but believable cry of pain. When his hand grabs hold of me to comfort me through it like he's been doing I speak.

"What is left to do?" Comes out through clenched teeth before another fake hiss leaves my lips.

"If you're able to see the reapers then they should be able to take you to Soren!" My dad says quickly like it's leaving a rancid taste in his mouth, and though he doesn't like it The same thought had indeed crossed my mind earlier.

Releasing my fake pain, I really bring my performance home by pulling out a few fake coughs.

"How am I supposed to get to them? It's not like I can summon them." I say once I'm fully upright.

Hearing an aggravated series of sighs behind me I turn to my brothers who look anything but pleased.

"What?" I say as I raise a questioning brow.

Drayden runs his hand slowly down his face before speaking slowly. "The only way to summon a reaper of death, is to be around death Zayla."

Crossing my arms over my chest I wait for him to finish his sentence, but instead he nudged Draxel, who in turn sighs.

"We don't know much about reapers, hell I didn't even know they were a real thing until we heard you talk about your mate. But if getting a reaper is what gets rid or your pain, then we need to get you around death." His voice that started off unsure but strong ends in a broken whisper and I knew why.

Taking a deep breath I calm my nerves, not that I'm scared In fact it's the opposite! It's just that I'm trying to not get my hopes up. "If I need to be around death then I know who I need to call...."

"Uncle Silas."

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