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Zayla - Thank You Cousin.

"alright sleeping beauty it's time to wake your ass up"

Is followed by a hard slap on the ass. Groaning out as I roll away from Milani who just scuffs a quick giggle before she begins poking me in random places.

"Come on Zayla, rise and shine."

"No! Leave me here to die peacefully." I mumble into my pillow, burrowing myself as far into the mattress as it will allow me.

"And here I thought Thackery was the most dramatic person in my life... turns out it's you." Sarcasm dripping from every word while her hand comes back down on my ass harder this time.

Popping my head up I glare at her through a vail of hair. "That fucking hurt."

"Pain is pleasure baby doll." She says with a smirk while popping both of the P.

"Now get up, I have a job today and you're coming with me."

Groaning again, I slowly sit up, stretching all of my muscles and shaking the sleep from my limbs. Last night was the best sleep I had in a month, and despite the pain I have been feeling picking back up, it's been so mild that I've been able to ignore it.

Getting up I hop in the shower with a little pep in my step. I know the odds of this working are slim as all fuck, however determination is seeping through every pore in my body.

As I finish getting myself dressed, my stomach quickly turns uncomfortably before pain practically drop kicks me in the face.

Dropping painfully to my knees I can't stop the scream that leaves me as I curl tightly into a ball. Only releasing my hold on myself to vomit when the pain becomes to much. My wolf who was calm and relaxed is now on edge again, her presence in my head making me dizzy as she paces in irritation.

As another scream leaves my vocal cords, my family runs into the room, my uncles both grab hold of me trying to sooth me as my aunt tries to check me for any sign of an issue. But of course coming up empty as my pain is purely mental.

The pain continues to radiate all over my body until my cousin Kasyn runs into the room, as soon as his foot hits the threshold of my room I feel the pain shift swiftly as it begins to dull. As he runs over to me and his hand touches my body the pain completely vanishes, causing myself and the room to go competently silent.

"What happened to her? I heard her screaming." Kasyn is the first to break the Silence as hes frantically moving my hair from my face checking me for injuries like his parents had just done.

Im laying in my uncle Silas arms practically limp and panting as I try to catch my breath. My wolf is pacing around my head more aggressively than ever, her agitation strong enough that I feel myself starting to shift.

But as soon as my first bone snaps Kasyn pulls his arm away from my body and I feel the pain start to return, the further he backs away the worse it gets.

Whimpering out his name I raise my hands out to him like a baby would do while crying in panic as the pain rises.

Kasyn stares at me confused by my actions but still reaches for me. my uncle passes me to him in just as much confusion as Kasyn has.

As soon as I'm almost in his arms I maneuver myself and like a monkey I wrap my body around him, clinging to him for dear life. the pain instantly going away and a pleased sigh leaving my lips.

My uncles and aunt look at us with worry before my aunt speaks up. "We need to leave early, you were doing so good but clearly you need your mate."

Tightening my hold around Kasyns neck I whimper at the thought of him putting me down. he doesn't miss a beat he just runs his hands up and down my spine in an attempt to comfort me, which it does.

"I'm coming with you. Whatever is happening to her is calmed with me." Kasyns voice is so final despite his confusion that I can't help the grateful smile that graces my lips.

My aunt and uncles agree that he should come and so as soon as my wolf and I are fully calm and the pain is gone he slowly sets me down and stops touching me.

Scared the pain will come back I keep my hand right above his skin, ready to make contact with him again if it comes back. but the pain doesn't come, instead it goes back to it's dull feeling and my wolf goes back to her guarding. Using the moment to our advantage we all quickly part ways and get dressed.

I'm able to change out of my puke covered clothing quickly but Just as I'm tying my shoe laces a wave of pain starts coming.

taking off from my room I run into Kasyns room. he's staring there texting someone with a somewhat pissed look gracing his features but when I touch his arm his face changes instantly into a softer expression before he looks up and smiles at me. the pain I was beginning to feel leaving faster than his smile is able to show on his face.

"Are you ready to go?" He asks in such a soothing voice while sliding his phone into his back pocket.

"I've never been so Fucking ready in my whole life." I say dramatically while nodding as enthusiastically as I possibly can. he just chuckles and flings his arm over my shoulder, using the momentum to push us into walking out of the room.

"Alright then cousin, lets get you to hell shall we." I can't help the smile that spreads across my face, I'm so ready for this all be over , so ready to just touch Soren. To see his beautiful face, to feel his hands on my body.

I'm just ready!

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