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Zayla - Lets Get Started.

Pulling up to an abandoned building my aunt who had been texting with a hard look on her face the whole drive sighs disappointedly before looking up at Kasyn and I.

Clearing her throat quickly and with a little edge to it she starts her rundown on what's about to happen.

"In this building here." She says while dropping her phone flat and pointing to a particular spot on the map that she has loaded onto her screen.

"There are a group of rouge wolves held up here who are trying to turn human children." At the word children, Kasyn and I sit up. our attention fully on my aunt as she her face shifts to one pissed off expression.... not that I blame her.

"How do we know they're trying to turn children? Wolves cannot turn people." My cousin asks the question that had just started bouncing around in my head. Nodding as he speaks I make it known that I'm agreeing with his line of questioning.

It's a known fact that Werewolves cannot turn people. our existence as a species has survived thus far solely on the basis of procreation. Your wolf is born with you, you cannot just obtain one at a later age.

You either have a wolf or you don't.

My aunt sighs sadly at my cousins procession of rapid fire questions before pulling her phone away and tapping a few buttons. When her face drops from whatever is on her screen I brace myself.

It's When she hands over the phone that I damn near drop the fucking thing. Because when my eyes take in what is actually on her screen my body freezes and my mind goes completely Fucking blank.

On her phone is an image, or well images of Dozens of little bodies laying on a mortuary table. the oldest child looking to be about 3 years old where the youngest one looks to be max a few weeks old.

All over their bodies are bite marks and injection marks showing the severe abuse these poor beings suffered at the hands of these monsters.

I don't even realize I'm crying while looking at them until Milanis hand comes up and rubs my cheek. "I know it's not pretty to see, hell its the saddest thing you can see. But that's why your uncles and I do this job."

Wiping another tear she smiles slightly. "We hurt those who hurt others. without us, people would think this shit is okay and it isn't. I know it's hard to see and will be harder to be around. But these babies need us."

Nodding my head in agreement her smile brightens up. Taking the phone from Kasyn who now looks super irritated and has gone more quiet than usual she frowns slightly before bringing the smile back to her face.

"All of these people are going to die today, if there's any chance of getting you around a reaper it's this job!"

I smile at her words trying to see the positive in the fact that not only are all of there people going to pay for what they've done but the ones here now will be free and that makes me happy. I sit silent in my head trying to stick to a silver lining my eyes watching my aunts movements until her face becomes stern. "Silas, Thackery and I have been working hard to get these pieces of shit all in one place and today is the first time they are, so while it's sad what happened to those babies, this needs to be done today!"

Kasyn and I both nod in agreement before following Milani out of the car. She gives us a quick run down as we walk towards the building, apparently there are no scoping points for a sniper to set up so everything today is being done on foot.

She goes over that the fact that Silas and Thackery as well as other crew members have the place not only surrounded but every exit is about to be hit at once.

When we stop in front of the main door, I feel the pain in my head burning slightly so reaching forward I touch Kasyn on the arm. The sudden movement causes him to turn towards me. His eyes shine in understanding before I small smile plays on his face.

"You okay to do this?" He whispers softly.

"Yes! Let's get the kids out."

"What about Soren?" At the mention of his name I can't help but suck in a deep breath. It hurts my heart that I've had to go through all of this just to see him. But I can honestly say I don't regret any of it! At least when I look back I can say that I fought like all hell for him, and can back that up.

"He's waited this long, what's another few hours." Shrugging my shoulders quickly, I grab his arm once more to keep the pain down.

When Milani gives the signal, we charge into the building full force, and everything goes haywire! Doors on all sides bust open, with both our men and theirs running in with guns fully loaded and cocked back.

As bullets start flying Milani, Kasyn and I duck down and make our way quietly and as hidden as possible behind the mess of bodies and bullets flying through the air.

Our job this mission is to get the children out, and if I see one of Sorens reapers I'm supposed to go through the portal, no questions asked.

As much as I want to see Soren, those pictures have forever burned their way into my brain, the things they've done to those poor babies needs to be punished for, justice for those they've hurt needs to be given and punishment needs to be met.

So while I may have agreed to cut and run at the first sign of a portal, I've decided fuck that! I will be helping get those babies out.

Soren can wait....... just a little while longer.

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