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Soren - Where The Fuck Is Geraldo?

This past month as been one of the hardest months of my life. I've known for a long time that my wolf and I were at odds with how we were going to handle our beautiful Lux. However I never thought he would react with her the way he did.

Once the portal closed on our mates face he went absolutely batshit. At first he was keeping his anger what seemed to be somewhat contained. Mostly pacing around in my head, snarling and growling like a rabid dog... I'm honestly surprised I didn't see foam dripping from his mouth.

But as the days passed he became sick of my cowardice, and started trying to take control. To be 100% transparent it fucking hurts to have half of you literally trying to rip its self out.

I tried everything I could think of that didn't involve Zayla to calm him down. Even going as far as to stop my own heart, just to numb the pain even for a moment.

I'm not sure how long I laid on my bathroom floor with my hand literally in a vice grip around my heart but I do know my brothers and my beautiful niece woke me up three days ago.

In the time since I've been awake, I've spent a lot of time with Gracie. Her ability to calm my wolf has been extraordinary! Each time she touches me, her little hands begin to glow and I'm gifted with a wolf calm and ready to sleep, it's almost as if she's draining all of his anger and it's leaving him to tired to function.

The feeling has been wonderful honestly, and it has allowed me time to work on finding a way for us to get back to Zayla without hurting her. It's also given me time to do some actual work, which is what I'm doing now.

Walking into the pits, I'm met with a horde of new faces and happy souls wandering around the room aimlessly as they wait for me to decide their fates.

Picking up the book of souls off my desk, I begin the long hours of sending souls to their rightful places.

After about two hours however the task looses its ability to keep my mind busy and it starts to wander to my beautiful Lux. I wonder what she's doing. Is she having a nice dinner with her family right now? Are they being nice to her?

Ive heard her brothers being real assholes to her as of late, and once this is all over I shall put them in their places for that, but until then I hope they're making her laugh like they used to. I hope she's not too hurt with my leaving and that she at least understands.

Fuck I hope she understands, and if she doesn't I hope she just fucking forgives me. Sighing out at my frustration over not being able to see her beautiful face, I decide that I need to let out some steam before I get myself too worked up.

Closing my book, I get up from my desk, walking through the crowd of souls towards the back of the room. Along this back wall I have all kinds of bad people strung up here.

Murderers, rapists, literally the worst of the worst. But there's one in particular that I've taken a liking to above all else. Fucking Geraldo Burtini!

Walking to the spot where I know I left him chained against the wall, I'm fucking stunned when he's not there.

"Where the fuck is he!"

Slamming my hands against the wall that once held its chain, I allow my nails to extend. The longer they get the more they begin to cut into the wall. When blood begins to flow around my fingers I let my anger known.

"Where the fuck is he! Show me now!!" I growl out my command into the room, as I dig my nails further into the wall.

A whimper in pain let's me know that the spirit tied to this room is fully aware of my anger and is ready to listen.

"Show me!"

As the last letter leaves my gritted lips a vision flashes into my view. a vision of my brothers Devlin and Craven to be more specific.

"Why were they down here?" I ask as the vision begins to play.

Before my eyes I watch as my brother take a soul I deemed unfit to move on, a piece of literal shit who had set up a plan to hurt my Lux and they fucking made him an immortal reaper!

Screaming out "Are they fucking stupid!" I rip my nails from the wall, a whimper sounding around the room.

Laying my palms flat against the wall, I allow my ability to heal the pain and damage I had just caused. "I'm sorry, it was not your fault. I shouldn't have acted that way." Once the wall is fully healed I softly rub the spot a few times as if I am petting it.

The thing about purgatory and the pits in general is that it's made out of and is powered by souls. This room functions as a living being with the ability to feel emotions and pain.

The magic that powers this room in particular is paid for by souls moving on. Kind of like it's being fed every time a soul moves on. So if something were to happen to one of us to the point where we couldn't do our jobs and souls couldn't move on, the magic would dry up and the soul powering this room in particular would starve to death.

Taking a deep breath I try to calm my temper down, the anger of my brothers stupidity agitating me enough that my wolf begins to stir in my head.

"Please forgive me for what I've done, and show me what they've done with our prisoner."

As another vision appears before me I watch as my two dipshit brothers drag Geraldo into one of the cells. Cell 27 to be more specific.

"thank you, I am in your debt. Is there anything you'd like from me?"

I don't have to wait long before a vision of one of my prisoners comes into my view. It's not anyone known in history, just a wolf who decided to go against fate for power, a wolf who thought murdering mates and marking people against their will was the way to go.

"You want me to release him? He's only been here 26 years, that's not nearly enough for what he's done!"

Walking over to the wolf, he's slouched against the wall. The chain around his neck heavy in his shoulders, but tight enough against the wall that it holds his head up.

"your freedom has been requested wolf. I don't know what you've done to gain sympathy, but I can assure you that what's waiting for you is far worse than what I've given you."

Placing my hands on both sides of his face I allow my tether to my book to snap in place before stating my chant. "I release you from these chains, and set your soul free to move onto your final resting place."

His soul slowly fading away in a burning red light "enjoy hell Richard."

"There he's free, are you happy?" I say once his soul is fully moved on, Dusting my hands against my pants. the aura brightening has my eyes rolling in annoyance

"Good now I have business to attend to."

Walking over to the cells I stop in front of cell 27.

"cell open." When the door doesn't open, I scuff and slam my fist against it.

"You will open cell, or I shall light an internal fire inside you that will burn for as long as your soul is attached this this prison, don't fucking test me!"

As I go to cross my arms over my chest the cell slams open quickly, a spot light lighting up the very man I've been looking for.

"Well hello Geraldo, isn't this a pleasant surprise."

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