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Soren - Answer Me.

Walking into the cell I focus on nothing but the man in front of me.

His body is stiff, frozen to the chair while his eyes are closed as he attempts to gain even an ounce of sleep. When my feet Stop In front of him I let out a loud sigh. The loud exhale of breath echoing in a frustrated symphony around the room.

Wrapping my fingers quickly around his throat. I keep my voice slow and steady "Rise and shine." his eye snap open quickly and lock with mine, Widening in surprise and terror.

"Oh look, I have your attention. isn't this fucking just beautiful."

His eyes look like they're about to water. I'm unsure how long he's been trapped in this chair but he looks like he hasn't slept in months. His eyes are bloodshot, and the bag under them are puffy to the point they look swollen and painful.

If he wasn't such a piece of shit I would almost feel bad for him. Almost being the key word in that sentence. Letting go of his throat, I begin to slowly walk around him. Allowing my nails to glide across his skin, and a small grunt to slip from his throat."

"Now you're going to tell me what I want to kno..." as I made it behind him my eyes catches something that I didn't see before because my eyes were Soley focus on him.

A fucking portal.

Walking over to it, I notice it's in a room I've never seen before. Why would he be holding a portal open in a random room in a random fucking house? And better yet what are my brothers playing at?

The questions roam and swirl around in my head for a few minutes before I break my eyes away from the portal and walking back in front of Geraldo.

His eyes are still fully open and facing forward, so when I step fully in his line of site they begin to search my scowling face.

"You're going to answer me, and you're going to Answer me correctly! Why are you in this room?" crossing my arms over my chest I allow my eyes to change from their normal grey color into a solid black. Pulling myself into a taller position, I make

Myself seem as aggressive and angry as possible.

Hearing his voice trying to clear I allow one of my eyebrows to cock, daring him to tell me some bullshit that isn't true.

"I'm in this room because two men placed me here, Sir"

"And why would they do that Geraldo?"

I watch as he tries to suck in a deep breath, failing slightly as his chest is frozen due to the magic flowing through the chair.

"They wanted me to open a portal Sir." His words come out quickly in a quieter jumbled mess like they were forced from his mouth. At his vague answer the last of my resolve finally snaps.

Launching my self at him I grip my hands around his throat, squeezing as hard as I can. "Where the fuck is the portal opened to? if I have to ask you one more fucking question to know why you're locked in this cell, you will regret it!"

"I was placed in this room, and was told to open a portal to Zayn and Skyla Kings territory and then I was told to leave it open until one of them came back."

At the sound of Zaylas parents name my wolf begins to stir uncomfortably in my head, and my anger which I had started to put the lid back on shatters into a million pieces.

"Why? Why did you need to open a portal to my mates Territory?"

Yelling in his face, I notice tears begining to fall down his face as fear takes over his body and A slight shake is felt under my fingertips.

"I don't know, they didn't tell me anything." His voice comes out in a whimper as my wolf begins to fully wake up, as he takes in the information I just received his anger begins to fuel my own, like gasoline in a field.

My body begins to heat up as my wolf and I's anger become one. Lifing my head to the ceiling I allow my body to change as my anger becomes too much for my human body to bare.

As the heat from my internal flame projects itself outwards my skin is burning off, leaving me as a burning skeleton.

Tilting my head down I stare into Geraldos widened eyes. "I don't fucking like when people threaten my loved ones, I don't like when people hurt those around them for no fucking reason, I don't like when my mate or her family are in danger, and I really don't fucking like that you've done all three and yet you were still given an immortal life!"

Digging my hangs further into his neck I watch as his face turns a darker shade, while the flame in my body slowly descends down my arms.

"I will deal with my brothers later for what they've done, but as for you! You were given a gift. My fucking gift, and you don't deserve it! My death for you although painful was far too kind! You deserve to burn forever with the fucking pathetic excuses of wolves that you hired to hurt my Lux and I shall see to it that you do!"

As my flame reaches my fingers, I suck Geraldos immortality from his body feeling it flow back into me, but not before allowing my flame to have its fun with him.

As he begins to scream out, I release my hands from his body, The flames dance and burn along his skin in a happy melody.

When my body cools down and my skin goes back to normal, I shake my head at the man in front of me and exit the cell.

"Cell 27 shut, I will be back to deal with him later."

As the cell locks in place I peek in once more, watching my flames greet me as they swirl his body.

"What a waste of a soul."

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