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Soren - I See You!

Placing one of my oldest objects; a embroidered handkerchief under her pillow I try to just take a few minutes to breath her scent in.

But my wish is denied far too quickly when the water turns off and she makes her way back into her room less than a second after I stepped out the window.

She looks different in this moment, determined. like she finally figured something out, and the plan in her head is so fool proof that an error isn’t even a possibility.

When she moves her bed in front of the window a slight confusion washes over me. The bottom of her bed sits against the window already, and she usually sits there to talk to me. So why move the bed?

My confusion is answered pretty fucking quickly when I watch her sprawl her sexy ass naked body out.

I'm honestly taken so off guard that I can't stop the loud groan that rips its way out of me at the sight of her completely bare and spread open for me.

Then when she finally touches herself I fucking loose it! With every little rub of her clit I can't help the harsh breaths and low groans that leaves me or the need to touch her that shoots through me from my head, down to my already swollen cock.

My need to Touch her is so painful that I almost give in when she cums, And fuck me if it isn't the sexiest thing I've ever seen!

Her head thrown back, her body arched up and her limbs shake in ecstasy.

When her slim finger collects some of her cum and pops it her her mouth, I can't help but cry out at the sight of her.

My mouth is watering and my fangs are elongating in my mouth. My whole body begging me to take a step, my wolf demanding to take what's ours! But I can't!

So when she pulls her finger out of her mouth and finds my present to her, I'm relieved when she brings it to her face, inhaling my sent.

The gesture just innocent enough that it started to calm my wolf and I down.

That is well... until she decides to bring the material down.

Rubbing her pussy against it like I wish she would my face! Her heads tilted back against her shoulders and her overly sensitive and slightly red pussy is glistening against the thin silk.

I watch over and over again as the embroidery that says my name runs along her pussy lips, getting wetter every time.

Making me wish it was my tongue between her thighs and not that fucking piece of fabric!

It's erotic as all fucking hell! just like everything she does. hell even her name is erotic in my mind. Zayla.

Her arousal is so strongly blanketed around me that I'm almost drowning in it, and fuck what a way to go out! Not being able to hold off any longer, I pop the button on my jeans.

Relieving the presser on my painfully swollen cock.

At its first sign of freedom the poor thing points right at her, begging and pleading to touch her, to replace that fucking handkerchief that's living out my bodies biggest fantasy.

Ripping open a condom, I put it on quickly and began to fuck my fist in the same quick movements shes fucking that silk.

Her load moans, and soft cries of pleasure spurring me on until I'm right on the cusp with her.

With one final rub of her fingers, and one final tug from me, we cum together as she moans out a choked scream of my name. "Ohhh, Soren"

Hearing her moan my name has me about ready to cum again! My cock instantly hardening again, wanting more than anything to have her screaming that while he brings her more pleasure than her hand or any material ever could.

Still not calmed down, my body is electrified with want and desire, it's almost painful just standing there, I just want to fucking touch her!

Taking off the condom, I tie it and set it in my pocket keeping all signs I was here hidden away, all the while watching her every movement.

With shaky fingers I watch her place my handkerchief In the windowsill. her gift to me is the smell and ownership of her cum.

Taking a deep ragged breath I watch her pop herself back on her bed, quietly on a breathless moan that sends shock waves through my body her sultry voice says "goodnight Soren"

Her beautiful naked body still fully on display, I cant help the low groan that escapes my lips before my voice, as horse as I've ever heard it, finally makes itself known.

"You're playing a very dangerous game, my little Lux"

Instead of listening to my warning my naughty little wolf shoots up chuckling "oh baby, but they're the best games." Before winking out at me and plopping herself back down.

I can't help but chuckle at her words. "That they are Lux, that they are."

With the largest grin on my face ive ever had, I stand there and wait. Watching as my beautiful mates breath goes from erratic and short, to calm and even. her beautifully dirty mind finally rests.

Walking closer to the window, I grab my handkerchief, folding the thin wet material and shoving it into my pocket, Before climbing into her window.

Going around her bed, I pick it up by the head board. moving it back into it's rightful place, before grabbing her blankets and pillows off the floor.

Softly lifting her head I place the fluffiest pillow under her, and then I cover her beautiful body with her long forgotten blanket.

My hand resting against the bed as I tuck her in becomes a beacon for her in her sleep as she scoots closer to me until her head is laying against my arm and on top of my hand.

A feeling of pain shoots through me as I move her off, wishing I could just stay with her, praying that I wasn't what I was. Praying that the mate bond she has for me was enough to over come the bond my kind suffers with.

But it's not.

Leaning down I kiss her on the head "goodnight my beautiful Lux, you truly are the light of my world"

Standing straight I can't help the sad sigh as I climb back out her her window, shutting it slightly so she doesn't get cold before I head home. Back to my loneliness and solitude.

Back to the place I wish she was, my beautiful Zayla.

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