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Two Worlds - One Destiny Love is like the sea. It is full of dangers. It can swallow you, drown you and eat your BODY and your HEART. I fear her. But how can I betray her? How can I betray my own blood? My Destiny? My Life? But I did. And then he found me. He was my punishment and my saviour. I was helpless. I chose to dive with him in the depths of the ocean. INTO THE FORBIDDEN WATERS. A story that will thrill you, scare you, make you cry and teach you that you must follow your soul, fight with your mind and love with all the power of your existence.

Fantasy / Romance
Elen A.
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

~ Jacques Cousteau

It was a sunny day.

There was peace and love.

Or so I thought...


《 Ian come back here immediately! 》

The old elf woman shouted at the little boy running towards the sea.

He just ignored her. He wanted to swim and feel the sea surrounding him. He knew she was right, the king himself, his "esteemed" father had ordered that noone is allowed near the ocean, but he did not care.

《 Ian, listen to me and stop running! 》

There was no response.

《 That child . How can an eight year old run so fast ? 》The woman was furious. Sand was dirtying her dress and getting inside her shoes.

One minute later he was at the sea letting himself dive in its warmth.

He swim and swim wishing that these moments can last forever.

Although, he is a creature of land, a werewolf, he feels that he has a deeper connection with the sea.

He waited until his precious friends, the sea creatures show up.

Colorful fishes and other ones.

Although, he was a little surprised that there was no fish around him. He has gotten used to their presence.

There was not water plants either.

Something was wrong.

Suddenly, a red drop landed in his cheek.

He touched it and from its texture he knew what it was.



Like the one that comes out of his leg when he falls down and hurts himself.

There was no question.

He looked around him and saw no-one.

Fear, he was feeling fear. The water became cold and the crystal colour of blue started turning into a dark red.

What was happening?

At this moment, two hands grabbed him and got him out of water.

《 I told you Ian not to go, didn't I ?》

《 Lily, let me down we must help her! 》He was struggling in her arms but his efforts was in vain.

《 Who? 》

《 The sea! 》Ren , at that moment , knew that she was in pain. He felt her crying. It was like a mother's who was losing her children. 《 Someone is hurting her! 》

For a moment he heard a little kid's voice asking for a savior. A distant voice that seemed to come from the depths of the ocean.

《 It is very late now. Its destiny is decided. 》Said the woman with a broken voice. 《 Now sleep. 》

She casted magic with her hands upon his face and he felt his body paralyzing.

But before his eyes close, he was sure that smoke was coming out of the sea.

Black and terrifying.

How can a fire light up in the sea?

By then he realized that the one thing he loved was never going to be the same again.


The next morning, gazing from his window he saw the blue colour of the ocean but it was lifeless. It's magic was lost. A part of him was lost.

He started shouting again and again, it didn't answer him. There was not even a single wave.

If someone had seen this for a first time, he would have thought that the sea was sleeping, that it was peaceful.



Hello Everyone ! 😀

I hope you are doing well !

Here is my new story !

Forbidden waters !

Hope you like it ! 💗💗

Till next chapter ,


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