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Humans perceptions in year 3050

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Sarah Wilson is living in 3050 in which she will see lots riots between those humans who want robots in their lives and those who think they are being unemployed because of these robots , and these riots will come to her work place to shut it off . But she will try her best to safe her job and also change people's perception of robots .

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I woke up in morning listening to some noises wildly coming from kitchen of things falling and spoons falling on the floor , i got out of my bed went to washroom and wash my face and brush my teeth after dressing up i went to my kitchen and saw milli sitting on the slip of kitchen , and i understood the reason of all those noises she was hungry and clearly i was hungry too i called out jeffer ( jeffer you again let my starved and went to take a bath ) ( sorry sis ! But i am getting late today ) then i gave my cat her favourite cat food and open my fridge to find some bread and eggs i found eggs on door side of fridge and found bread on middle tray of fridge i placed them on the kitchen counter and activated Markus my household probot and told him to toast bread and make omelette for me , he nodded his head and went to make breakfast for me .

I sat on the table after opening the smart t.v i sat on on the dining table i switched channel to number eighty which is a news channel , ( breaking news ! A robot just half hour ago attacked on the order taker of McDonald in south Korea ) ( woa ! How is that possible sis ? ) jaffer said sitting right beside me on the dining share , ( and this is not just one case reported right now at the same time the same case has been reported from China , Iran , Dubai and Japan , and it seems like robots have their target specificied restaurants and hotels.

All these hotels and restaurants have been attacked at same time by specific group of robots and on the other some aggressive people attacked a woman house because she was using robots for house care and if you ask the reason from these of doing this , they gave us this answer , watch this clip , we don't want robots in our lives because , because of them we are being unemployed we ! we feels like we are useless human beings why ? ) at that i switched off the smart t.v , i sighed for a moment then my brother asked ( why did you switched it off ? ) ( look i am neutral about this theory spreading over humans mind , why people are blaming these robots it's not their fault we humans made came to this conclusion to make these type of machines to help people not to make them lazy ) ( sis ! I didn't understand a single thing you said right now ) ( look ! count how many times have we used markus , voli , artha and zack in a day ? for our personal benefits ) ( ammm ! just two or three times in a week maybe ) ( see ! Usually they use these robots twenty four hours in there company and in industries and in their house why can't they make a rule that let humans work as much as they want and let them either they want to work or they want a robot to work for them what a robot gets of even doing nothing just a recharging cable thats all and where the money goes boom vanish from earth ofcourse human get those money , you know i work i have given my employees full choice and have made robots their personal assistants so its totally their choice if leave their work completely on the robots or they do it themselves but i think the the whole world is not working like that and about that robots attack i think humans have them helpful they can also turn them to violent ) ( i agree sis ! but for your information we both are getting late now your opinion was so deep that i didn't took care of time ) i laugh on that while grabbing my purse from room and getting my car keys from garage cabinet i set in the car drove off on the road with eighty speed cause i was getting super late.

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