Untold truth

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Teresa is fifteen when she gets to spend her last vacation with her grandparents. Her mother only allows her to have contact with Lena, who also comes to visit her when grandma en grandpa come to visit her. After her grandparents passed away, her mother decides to give the cottage to Tess. Will Tess find out about her real ancestry?

Fantasy / Romance
Jacqueline Visser
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Untold truth

Chapter 1

Ever since i could remember i loved the forest, i could wander around in it for hours, my grandparents lived in a cottage in the forest near a river, my mother had grown up there.I remember the holidays i spent with my grandparents and sometimes with my mother.Both i and my mother are an only child, so unfortunately i don’t have a large family, although i would have liked a brother or sister a niece or nephew, but as grandma always said, you don’t always get what you want and you should be grateful with what you have.
Still i have never felt lonely because there were always friends allowed to come and play, so in that way i had a very nice childhood. The fact that my mother was still very young when she got me and that we practically grew up together must be something to do with it.
Unfortunately my grandparents died in a tragic way, the police had contacted my mother that my grandparents had been attacked by a bear here in the woods their bodies were found near the main road by Jeremy the brother of my friend Lena.
My mother had insisted that she would only go to the police to take care of the formalities and that it was not necessary for me to go, at that point i knew there was no point in going against it. All that was now five years ago. In the meanwhile i have succesfully completed my studies.
I’ve written a book that is doing well after all expectations and i’m working on some drawing projects for children’s books of fellow authors.
So i usually work from home, i only need internet connection, so that’s why i decided last year to live in my grandparents cottage, but it turned out that it needed a complete renovation.
Today is finally the day that everything is ready and i can move in.My mom June had great news when she called, i could to start working two half days in the local library and it was good to combine with my writing and drawing work and it provided some extra money that i could put aside when i have no inspiration to write another book.
After i finished the phone call i sat down on the bed of the room where i had been staying for a few days above the diner of uncle Bill and aunt Viv who knew my mother June very well and they immediately suggested that i could come and stay with them.
Aunt Viv is my mother’s best friend and in her eyes i was the daughter she didn’t have, aunt Viv and uncle Bill had two sons, twins. They always came to play with Lena and Jeremy at my grandparents ‘ house when i was there.
After i packed everything i went downstairs, Jack suggested he take me to the cottage. “Lena will be waiting for you” Jack smirked and i nodded.I said goodbye to uncle Bill and aunt Viv with the promise that i would jump regularly.After about forty minutes Jack parked his truck in front of the fence of the big mansion where he lived with Lena and Jeremy.
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