Untold truth

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“Tess wake up, soon it will be noon and then you still be in bed.” Lena opened the curtains and the sunlight shone in my eyes which almost blinded me, my throat was dry and had a throbbing feeling in my head.

“The light is too bright.” I said in a cracking voice that startled me.
Luckily Lena had brought me a glass of water and some aspirin.
“ Here for your hangover, and then take a shower because you look like s••t.” I nodded and drank the water together with the aspirin and then I walked to the bathroom and saw that Lena had put clothes out for me.

The warm water made my body relax and that was exactly what I needed and I heard my stomach growling so I went for breakfast after the necessary things.
I already smelled the coffee when I came into the kitchen, I grabbed the cornflakes and started to eat i was glad I was alone in the kitchen because I didn’t feel like talking and wanted some rest.
After about an hour or two and feeling a bit more human I decided to take a walk in the garden but it didn’t bring me the peace I needed so I decided to shift and give Lexi her pleasure.


Lexi had the time of her life running through the woods for several hours and hunting some rabbits.
It was a pleasure to see Lexi so happy when we arrived at the pack house and shifting back. When I entered i saw Anthony and Marit coming down the stairs hand in hand.
“ Ah Tess there you are, i heard from Lena that you wanted to take it easy today?” Anthony grinned.

“ Yes, that’s right, I’ve had quite a rough night.” I answered nonchalantly, while Marit was studying my face, but fortunately she didn’t say anything.
And then I walked to the kitchen to prepare a sandwich.
Liam was also in the kitchen with Emma and little Vicky.

“ Don’t mind me, I’ll be gone in a minute.” I said while cutting some tomatoes for my sandwich.
Liam looked at Emma but she shrugged her shoulders.
“ Are you all right?” Emma asked suddenly.
“Yep , I didn’t get much sleep last night so hopefully I’ll catch up and be fit tomorrow.” When i took a bite of my sandwich. It didn’t take long before I finished eating and went to my bedroom.

After doing my essentials in the bathroom, i went to bed, turned off my phone and fell asleep like a log.
To be woken up a few hours later by Lena, who was madly walking back and forth through my room.
“ Why is your phone off?” She called out.
There went my beauty sleep and when she had finished it we were going to be a few hours further so i had to come up with a good explanation again.
“ Battery empty.” Was my short answer and I didn’t feel like wasting any more words on it.
“ Don’t you know how many times Jeremy tried to call you, he was all over the place and I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes home.”

Fortunately, Lena quickly calmed down and sat down on the bed and handed me her phone so I could call Jeremy and explain the situation to him. After the phone call, I handed the phone back to her.
“Can i finally sleep now?” I asked her slightly irritated, but she didn’t seem to notice.
Lena nodded and got up and left my room.

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