Welcome To Neverland

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Different individuals go through events and discover they have powers and are asked by a king to become protectors of Neverland.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Panda Taruko

I couldn't move. It felt as if I were paralyzed. I hated this feeling with a passion. It always reminded me of a certain time. No! An angry voice in my head shouted, telling me not to think about that time. It is a bad memory and it is a constant reminder of why I can never return to the place I once called home. Open your eyes and look around. The voice tell me. I opened my eyes and saw trees above me. I-I'm in the woods... but why am I here? I thought as I attempted to roll over, ignoring the exhaustion and pain that went through my body. I saw frozen bodies scattered about all around me. They were the bodies of soldiers.

I tried to stand up and looked above me to the sky and saw that the sun was beginning to set. I wonder how long I was out for.. I contemplated as I attempted to walk only to fall back onto the ground. All of my muscles screamed in pain as I laid on the ground. I heard shuffling behind me, but ignored it as I tried to get up once more with no luck. I was too tired to move. I tried so hard to remember how I ended up in the woods, but nothing came to mind. I barely managed a crawl as I inched towards a tree to lay against it. I heard twigs snap near me and I instantaneously tried to get up but was too weak to do so.

I heard footsteps walking towards me and I thought of what to do. I heard them coming closer to my right and I rolled over, swinging my arm out to strike the stranger with an ice blast with the last little it of energy I had. I looked around to make sure there wasn't anyone else nearby before letting out a sigh and passing unconscious.

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