My Chosen

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My sisters and I haven't been normal since we were born. We don't die, but rather are reborn, evidently ending the world and starting over again, but that's for another time I guess. The technical way to describe us would be elements. Serena controls fire. Avalon controls water. I control earth. We live among humans trying to blend in, while secretly training others with special abilities. Our horrible past has brought us to this stage. The more we help, the more our powers advance as well. There are many things my sisters and I can do. Everyone has a soulmate that they grow old with. For my sisters and I, we have our chosen. No matter what lifetime we live, our chosen follows the same path. It's confusing but it's like destiny that never goes away. Now we have to train not only a werewolf pack that happens to be linked with our past, but their alpha just happens to be my chosen. The one who drove me away so bad, he'll wish he was prepared for what I'm capable of.

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We can never die. We’re immortal.....Fuck!

I wish death would’ve taken me instead of this. My sisters and I are cursed to this hell of eternity, and we have nowhere to go. We have no place to call home from the horrors of our former pack. Their arrogant alpha kicking us out because of our parents, who we had nothing to do with. We’re not even werewolves after what we’ve become. I can’t hear anything remotely to a whisper from my wolf. She’s gone and I know it.

“What are we going to do?” Serena, my sister, asked. I could tell she was panicking, because she was always angry, never scared. That was Avalon’s job, who was pacing behind me. I was always the calm collected one, though I couldn’t do that very well with all my senses going off from the trees in the woods. It was weird to explain but it felt like I was one with this damn forest. I could feel them differently, even the first beneath me.

“Charm!” Serena shouted bringing me out of my trance.

“I’m sorry. I can’t focus straight with these abilities, Avalon pacing, you panicking, and the fact that we have nowhere on this planet to go. We don’t have the support of our family, we have no pack, hell we have no wolves! What do you want from me sister? Please, tell me what I could possibly do for you to feel better?” I asked, being very short with her. She stayed silent, as I turned to Avalon, being fed up with her silent lunacy. I unintentionally made the branches of the trees around her, grab her arms and legs, and kept her from moving. Avalon looked at me with panic; something I was looking for to make sure she was still sane, but chose to ignore her for I figured out my way around this ability.

“Anger. That’s what I use to control this...whatever it is,” I said aloud, more for myself than for both my sisters. “We stay here. This is uncharted territory, so no one will come looking for us. We learn to control our powers. We will never tell a soul of how we came to this power, and we move forward from there. Deal?” I didn’t really ask, it was more about controlling the situation.

Both sisters looked at each other and agreed, and the branches holding Avalon released her. We stood together for a second, before making the most of our “camp”, and prepared for the most miserable night of our lives. I laid down, focusing on the stars, trying to wrap my brain around what happened tonight. The pain and betrayal we’ve encountered. My life particularly crashing down to end. I pray my sisters never experience this level of pain.

“Charm?” I heard Avalon’s voice barely above a whisper, carefully trying not to wake Serena, who could sleep through anything. I turned over to my side to face her, responding to her call.

“Promise me one thing,” she said as she gave me a pleading look, showing me she was serious about something.

“Anything” I responded almost immediately.

“Promise we stick together. Promise we don’t do to our future kids like our parents did to us. Promise no matter what mistakes we make, we never turn our backs on them,” Avalon spoke with deep sincerity. If only my sisters knew there would be no future children for me. Not after tonight. I was so speechless, however, from her tone that I could only reply in the simplest manner.

“I swear on my life. We will never give up on each other. Go to sleep, we all need the rest,” I said, grabbing her hand as I spoke. That’s how our beginning started. our hands clasped together as we fell asleep, even with Serena, who was impossible.

I wish that night was the only horrific obstacle we had to face, for years to come later would certainly bite me in the ass.

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