My Chosen

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Chapter 1

“For the last time, you can’t bring the trainees from Criammenem. We train these young kids in our own realms for very serious reasons. Why would we risk bringing them here, where they know nothing about the severity of keeping their secret from the human world?” I argued with Serena, who was in the kitchen of our house here in the human realm.

It has been years since we have not only mastered our abilities, but also managed to help others reach our most powerful level of ability, as well as possessing our enhanced powers. For me, there is more than just playing with dirt and branches. I control the wind, weather, I communicate with animals, and my most special ability is power over the body. I’m not the only one; both Serena and Avalon have mastered more than I for sure thought they could handle. Once we figured out how to master our simple powers, we learned that this wasn’t the only realm out in the universe. Even though I kept my promise to Avalon, we did go our separate ways for the longest time to discover different realms.

When I found Oselyn, I found a gather of people who were in my situation. A people not knowing how to control the gifts they were blessed with. I showed what little I could do and evidently became their teacher; even though I knew jack shit what I was doing myself. I found the more I helped them, the more my powers grew as well, being able to help more people. It came to five years before everyone treated me like their queen; insisting that I rule the realm with them to protect. It to no time to say fuck no, but I taught some sneaky bastards. It came down to the children that convinced me to become a queen and make what world I could, teaching, leading, and learning myself. I even became skilled in dangerous combat skills and ended up with my own army, with guards and even servants, though I objected to everything. While ruling, I learned about the other places and, with months of practice, I found and traveled to many different realms within a year. While traveling, I left my two best combat guards Roan and Azera in charge.

I learned that what I did, my sisters followed, and found their way to “royalty” I assume. Learning about their whereabouts showed me that we all rule in different conditions. Serena found her hell to rule; Criammenem. It was a burning realm before Serena showed up, contained it, and thus saved the people dying there. Avalon lives in Kredesia, a fortress of ice and water. Everything frozen; her thinking there were no signs of life, only to discover that not only could she withstand and control the harsh conditions of ice, snow, and water, but that there were others had been surviving as well.

Looking back, I guess I picked a realm that just sustained the right temperature and never thought twice. The best to describe it would be a everlasting woodlands that reached as far as endless mountains with majestic waterfalls; maintaining a fall like temperature. My people would never know the heat, like Serena’s people would never know the cold, as Avalon’s people would never know warmth. Each realm apparently different in its own way.

I wondered why and how we found all of this and why we were meant to. I questioned on how these three realms had people that were a dying race; why they couldn’t defend themselves. I still question it to this day, but the only way for any answers is to reach the Ancestor World. However, we need flesh of any of our previous relatives before my sisters and I, and we left that history far behind us. Even the people my sisters and I rule over know never to ask about our family. The last time one of my guards pestered and I nearly killed him from generating lighting from my hands; aiming at him, though luckily I missed.

I later returned to my people ruling with the five years I had, before wanting to connect with my sisters again. I traveled again, deciding things were safe enough to leave for a while again, to visit my sisters. I immediately learned that not only could our people not withstand other realms conditions, but I could barley handle it myself. My sister were quick to learn the same, and thus we decided the only way we could spend any time together was to return to the human world. We left behind only a house that we could stay in, should we even have wanted to return.

When we did return, we learned the hard way that time worked differently in the human realm than our own. What was five years in other realms, was a whole century in this world. We learned we had once again in many years that we found ourselves without a place to go. Luckily we traveled with all our “humanly” possessions, making it easy to get another house; bringing us to the current situation with Serena and I in the Kitchen. We all miss our people, with them being better than any single human. It was like a family there instead of here, and I could understand her want to bring some of her people here with her. It was and is, however, the worst decision she could ever generate in her tiny little pea of a brain.

“I’m just saying they could benefit from traveling like we do. It may even give them more and new adaptable powers, like we did,” Serena argued, while she washed fruit. I sat at the bar counter watching her babble, while Avalon was out shopping.

“The answer is no. Thelonious can’t control his temper, Azera and Roan aren’t capable of understanding new ways, and who knows what Taja and Tala would do,” I spoke about our best guards, knowing they would be the first to insist they travel to another realm; not that they didn’t put up a good fight before. I don’t know what my sisters said but I had to convince my guards that they loyalty could be proven by guarding the children of the realm while I was gone.

“You know I’m older than you,” Serena challenged me, referring to the fact that she is about 45 minutes older than me. Did I also mention we’re identical triplets?

“You know I’m more powerful than you,” I challenged back. I learned a lot from traveling to different realms, each with their own set of information to learn. I planned on sharing that knowledge with my sisters, but we decided on the human realm before I could make the suggestion.

“Always throwing that shit around like we need to hear it every time,” Serena said dramatically, as she dried the fruit, now turning to slice it for the both of us.

“Hey I offered to show you guys what I learned. You both insisted on here,” I said. Serena was about to rebuttal, even starting to turn to me, when Avalon busted through the door like a maniac, causing Serena and I’s conversation to halt in concern.

“What in the hell happened to you?” Serena asked, now deserting the fruit altogether and was now facing Avalon along with myself. Though nothing was physically wrong with her, Avalon gave the impression that there was something very important.

“You’ll never guess who I ran into while food shopping” Avalon said, while placing the newly purchased groceries on the counter. Before we could ask who, she bolted out the open door, cause Serena and I to look at each other.

“I hate when she does that,” Serna and I both said in unison, as Serena rolled her eyes at the coincidence of the statement.

“The beta of our old pack said he and the alpha have been trying to track us down,” Avalon said, as she reentered with more groceries. Serena tensed at the statement and I crushed the mug in my hand with my strength. Both sisters focused on me, while I eyed Avalon.

“What do they want?” I asked dangerously slow, afraid of what would come out of her mouth, and she knew that.

“The Alpha wants you,” Avalon said, barely above a whisper, treading lightly with my emotions. My sisters and I have become very different since parting ways to our realms, though there is one thing that we have in common and many of our people fear it.

Our powers generate from anger and I have more than enough for the alpha who destroyed every inch of love in me. My sisters may know that there was a guy that rejected me but they never knew that the alpha was and still is my chosen.

Hey, to those who read this. I’ll make more chapters but there is no use unless you guys think this story is worth reading so let me know.

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