My Chosen

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Chapter 2

"No!" I shouted without looking at her.

"As much as I agree, I don't really think we have much of a choice," Serena said, speaking to Avalon and I, though looking out the window. I didn't need to look with her. I could sense the presence of around 10 pack member wolves. The strongest presence I could sense would be the dickless alpha I dreaded.

"Then we make them leave. There's no way we're giving them a moment of our time," I said, as I got off my bar stool and started generating electricity through my palms. I went to the window and focused my energy and aim on the one and only alpha; only to stop feeling my fingers. The cold seeping through my veins and bones were too great.

"We made an oath, no innocent people. We will never be as cruel as they were to us," Avalon said. I knew it was her that made my fingers freeze, knowing using our powers out of anger hit a little more personal for her. It was annoying but I still understood, though it didn't mean I wasn't pissed now. I stayed in silence looking at my feet, trying to calm down, as Serena slowly heated up my fingers, giving them feeling again.

"I'll handle this," Serena said, offering herself to deal with the dick and his clan, while Avalon and I watched from the window.

"The beta must've followed me. I don't know why I didn't think about that. I certainly would've toyed the crap out of him," Avalon babbled, annoying me.

"Avalon! I could care less about what you felt, what you would've done, or how you would've done it. Right now we are facing this atrocity and it looks like Serena is having no luck, which is only fueling my anger more," I yelled. It was insensitive because Avalon's form of stress is rambling, but I didn't care. Serena and one of the guards were arguing, and that's where my focus was. If there was anything worse than me getting angry, it was Serena; who couldn't control her powers when she's beyond pissed.

"I'm sorry, but I don't understand why this upsets you so much. Sure we all have our opinions about dipshit over there, but you were about to kill one of them, and Serena looks like she's about to do the same," Avalon spoke. I figured it was time to tell her the truth.

"Avalon there's something you should know. The reason we got kicked out was..,"

"How can those jackasses think that they can just show up and demand our presence like their over righteous alpha still leads us. I explained that we don't even have our wolf abilities and Alex said I was lying. I asked how on earth he would know such bull and he said to ask you Charm. What the hell is he talking about?" Serena yelled burning things with her powers and smashing things on the ground before turning to me at the end.

I could only tense, knowing that it would come to me having to face Alex's wrath. He was a powerful man and the most powerful alpha compared to other packs. Even though I was about to spill a very important secret, I couldn't let them find out like this.

"I'll handle this," I stated, walking past both sisters, swallowing up anger and pride, and facing the man that I swear would pay the way I dreamed fit. As I walked outside, I could still smell his strong husky smell. I paused in my tracks for a spilt second, mainly from confusion on how I was able to smell him like this and how much it still had such an effect on me; only to keep moving till I was at bearable distance from Alex and his pack of idiots.

"Alexander," I stated blandly.

"Charmaine," he returned, slowly while smirking. I could tell he was trying to get a rouse out of me, though I was strong enough to not let it get to me.

"You are still very feisty and independently fierce as I remember. It's why I had Jackson track you down, though interestingly enough no one has heard from you or your sisters for a whole century. It's a great thing we don't age or we may not have been able to find you at all," Alex continued, trying to get closer to me, as I moved back every time.

"Flattery and sweet-talk won't get you anywhere my ugly love bug," I said sarcastically, while smiling with love and adoration like I actually cared about him.

"Look if you would like to talk, fine but we need to talk alone. And tell your pack of dogs to heel and not bother my sisters. Trust me they're the ones who will regret messing with them, deal?" I asked, caring less and less I offended his tribe of followers. He sure didn't take the insult lightly but still nodded in agreement, so we ended up walking towards the forest behind the house as the pack members stayed sitting in the back yard.

"Do remember you still have to obey me, for I am still you alpha," Alex said as we walked further in the forest. I couldn't help but die laughing at his sad pathetic attempt of putting me in some invisible place.

"Oh please you mean nothing to me, Alexander. You stopped being my alpha after what you ever so claimed that night in front of my face. I've changed and if you keep testing me, I'll make you regret that night and every day since," I said, stopping dead in my tracks to face him and lay my record straight. It caught him off guard, seeing me defiant and stronger than him, but I could tell it turned him on much more than I thought.

"So why tell me that you wanted to talk to me alone? Why not just tell me in front of the pack at your house?" Alex questioned. Truth was I was trying to get him alone so that I could shove my hands through his golden dreadlocks, reach his scalp, and shock him with 5200 volts of electricity from my fingertips till his brain was a pool of fried nothing.

"I needed to do something that I just couldn't do in front of your pack members," I started to say, trying to lie my best for my plan to work when he grabbed me by my waist and shoved me against a tree, while passionately kissing me.

It felt like my body gave up on me. My lips found and matched the rhythm of his movements. Instead of killing him, my hand found my way through his locks and gripped tight with everlasting passion. I felt one of his hands gripping my breasts and squeezing so tight I moaned loud within the kiss, while the other made their way into my jeans and rubbing me hard against his palm.

He moved from my lips, giving me time to finally catch my breath, while he sucked so hard against my neck surely giving me a hickey. I know someone heard me moaning loudly as Alex continued mercilessly groping me, with my hand gripping his wrist to keep him from touching skin. It was no use, for his hand finally made contact, while he was still sucking at my neck, and inserted two fingers, making me super weak in my knees.

"Tell me what you want," Alex breathed against my neck, going back to sucking, as he started pumping his fingers at top speed. The only thing I could do was moan. My mind to clouded to try and push him away. What did I want? I know I wanted him to pay for what he did. nothing can make up for that night. So why was my body resisting so much now. It was like I had absolutely no control over any portion of my body.

Alex went from gripping my nipple to straight choking me with the dominance I needed.

"Tell me now, or I'll stop," Alex said breathing hard in my face; me matching him. I wanted my mouth to say stop a thousand times but nothing exited my mouth. I didn't even say I wanted more of this punishment. Alex got tired of no response and slowed him fingers, making me close my eyes and whine.

"TELL ME!" Alex shouted in my face.

"Make me come please!" I finally begged, wanting to feel my release. He answered my plea but removed him hand. He forced both our bottom clothes off our bodies and threw me to the ground. As he entered me, ever so painfully so, he began chocking me again while pumping faster. I couldn't explain the pure bliss I felt after I adjusted, lifting my legs to just reach above my head.

We made intense eye contact as I could see that his eyes changed color. I on the other hand couldn't keep my eyes open as I reached my high; screaming out in a cloud nine orgasm, crumbling in his arms with him catching me. It took a minute to reclaim myself and return to the reality that what happened was real. As I pulled myself together, Alex gripped my chin, kissed me, and looked me straight in the eye as he spoke.

"Our pack, Charmaine. I request you and your sisters to return to our pack and take your rightful place with me," Alex spoke, causing me to gasp in disbelief.

"And why would I listen to a word you say," I challenged, even though I lost completely just before.

"It's your father. He's dying, and you're the only one who has the top combat skills to help protect the rest of your family and the pack," Alex said, showing he actually was serious. He sounded like he was practically begging. Knowing he spoke truthfully had me quickly accepting his plea to return to the pack for my father.

I knew one thing; Serena was going to kick my ass

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