Wolf Refuses To Claims Dove: Dark Rider MC Series Book 3

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I leaned my head back against the wall and closed my eyes. I finally realized that I fucked up. I had the best thing in my life for three years and now she is gone. I fucked up big time. I might never have her again. I was so stupid. I love her. I really do love her. I have to find her. I stood up and went to my bedroom. I locked the door. I lay down on the bed and rolled over and smelled her pillow. It still had her scent on it but not for long. I am the president of the Hell Bound MC my name is Cutter. I am a friend of Wolf's and I owe him. I found out that the sexy little woman living across from the club left him because after 3 years he has not claimed her and she left taking his child with her. I know his fear of claiming his woman. I went through the same thing. The reason I will help him is because before I could claim the woman I wanted she died. I will get him to my club for a meeting and BBQ and hope that she is out side when he comes to my club. A week later I and my VP saw her at the store. She glared at me and I asked her what she had against me. She said you are a president of an MC and a man. Then she walked away.

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Chapter 1: Dove Has Pictures Taken

I started crying because I missed Wolf and the club members. I then heard the sound of motorcycles. Well hell, I said standing up and walking out the front door. I watched as they rode by and turned into a road hidden by bushes. The president looked at me as he drove by. I turned and walked over to the porch and threw the chairs around. This is just what I did not want. Living anywhere near any fucking MC’s.

I walked back into the house and slammed the door shut. I did not realize that at least five bikers had stopped when they saw me throwing chairs around. We laughed at the woman who was madder than a wet hen at seeing bikers living across the street from her. She sure is a feisty little thing.

We then watched as she stormed into the house slamming the door behind her. "Well, that was interesting we said looking at each other."

" Yes, it was wasn’t it."

Now, this is a mystery. We knew that a single mother bought the four-bedroom house across the street because our VP Hammer’s woman Sandy sold it to her.

"I guess she forgot to tell her about us."

" She also forgot to tell us how tiny she was and beautiful."

We rode on to the club still laughing. The woman has a fire burning in her veins. And one hell of a temper.

"Hey, Temper you all missed it."

" That woman got fucking pissed off and threw the chairs off her porch and then walked into the house slamming the door shut when she saw us."

" She has fire in her veins. She is short and beautiful. Sandy never told us that."

"Leave her alone."

" Sandy said she has gone through a load of shit."

" She doesn’t need any more piled on her plate."

" Do not let anyone bother her in any way."

I sat down and started drinking. I knew the woman. I never thought I would ever see her again. I don’t want her bothered. I heard her brother killed Ryan and that when his daughter turns 18 in 15 years she will return to Ryan’s club and become the president. In the meantime, his VP is running it. He does have phone conferences with Dove monthly.

I was still pissed off but I took the pool out of the box and aired it up for Rain. I had the water hose in it filling it up. I picked up the chairs and put them back on the porch. The pool is 4 feet deep and 25 feet round. While the pool was filling Rain was in it having fun. I sat in the rocking chair drinking coffee we had the radio playing.

I was also drawing new tattoo’s and adding them to my three-ring binder. I heard my cell phone ring and noticed it was Donna.

"Well hello, Sara she said."

"We had decided that Donna would call me Sara when anyone was around so they did not know she was talking to me"

"Sara, how are you?"

" I am fine and you?"

" I am glad to hear that."

" So your plane arrived safely I take it?"

" Yes, it did."

"The house is beautiful with one exception."

" What is that she asked me?"

" There is a biker MC across the road."

" I did not know that because it can’t be seen and the driveway is hidden."

" I threw a temper tantrum when they road by the house and turned not five feet from my driveway."

" What did you do?"

" I threw the chairs from the porch out onto the ground and they stormed into the house and slammed the door."

I heard Donna laughing.

"That is so funny."

Wolf was listening to my conversation.

"Sara, you and Dove would make a pair."

" Maybe I should find her and send her to live with you."

" Right now you both hate MC’s and want nothing to do with any of them."

" I said I hope that wherever she is she does not buy a house with an MC hidden from view."

I laughed and said. "Most likely where ever she is she probably did buy a house not knowing an MC was down the road from her."

"I will call you next month and let you know how things are going."

" I can’t wait to talk to you again Sara."

" You make me laugh and I need that."

" Talk to you next month I said hanging up the phone."

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