The Midnight Pack

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A Prince Alpha looking for his mate will he find her? A girl looking for a life after everything is gone, will she get more then she wanted? A war all thought to be done and gone but, very much alive for one couple who just wanted to save the love and family they found. father killed in defending his family from his own kind, how to sacrifice ones self to save those you love? mother who dies from what was thought to be natural human causes? A daughter who grows up knowing nothing of who or what she is to find out on her 18th birthday that her whole life is gonna change for good or worse no one knows.

Fantasy / Erotica
Patricia Parrott
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Chapter 1

Just wanted to thank you readers for this is my first book I have ever done so any feed back would be great! there will be some thing writen in Romanian but translations are also given. Thank you so much again.

My name is Cristian Lupei I'm the Prince Wolf of the Midnight Pack in Moldavia, Romania. Being the next Alpha in line is the mos important thing in my life well next to finding a mate that is. With the last mate gathering of the year having come and gone with still no mate found I feel like I may never find her. I need to find her! Feeling desprite I need to find my Alpha and ask to be able to go out and find her. Feeling the pull I feel heading to the states my be my best chance at meeting my mate. To be without a mate means I can't be the proper Alpha my pack needs as to be with out a mate is to be without your other half.

After every gathering my Tata [Father] always says my mate is here in Romania but with yet another year come and gone I can't see her being here If she was I would have already found her. Most Alpha heirs find thier mate at their first gathering, I have been to three already and many are starting to ask if I'm fit to lead if the Moon Goddess has seen not to give me a mate. Going to the states is my last hope!

"Tata va rog sa ma lasti sa merg in state sa-mi gasesc perechea, va rog." [ Father I ask you to let me go to the states to find my mate please.] Cristian said. I can tell he can feel just how desprite I am.

"Fiu ce datorie ai aice daca ai plecat?" [ Son what of your duty's here if you are gone?] Decebal said. All I can think about is I know my mate is out there and I feel this undeniable urge to go, that she needs me. Now how to make my tata [father] understand? So I call to my mama [mother] trough the pack link hoping that she can help me make tata [father] understand and let me go.

"Mama te rog, fa-l pe tatal sa inteleaga ca trebuie sa ma duc sa incerc sa o gasesc!" [Mother please make father understand that I need to go and at least try to find her!] Cristian said.

" Oh, draga mea alfa, cum uiti cum a fost sa fii fara mine si nu trebuia decat sa astepti luni ca sa ma gasesti la adunre, dar fiul nostru a trebuit sa astepte ani, poti sa-i refuzi ceea ce cere?" [Oh my dear Alpha how you forget what it was like to be without me and you only had to wait months to find me at the gathering but out son has had to wait years can you deny him what he asks for?] Andreea said. This gives my tata [father] a pause I hold my breath waiting for him to answer, finally with a sigh he agrees.

"Bine, eu te voi lasa sa faci asta, dar trebuiesa faci aranjamentele cu ceilalti Alfa pentru a fi pe teritoriile lor si ai doar un an sa o gasesti si sa vii acasa sa-ti iei locul urmatorului rege Alfa inteles?" [Okay son I will let you do this but you must make the arrangements with the other Alphas to be in their territories, and you only have a year to find her and come home to take your place as the next King Alpha understood?] Decebal said. I can't beleive what I have heard he said yes now it's just trying to figure out where to start.

"Dar Cristian nu credeti ca doar pentur ca nu sunteti acasa, iesiti din studii, veti continua scoala." [But Cristian don't think that just because you are not home you get out of your studies you will continue school.] Andreea said. Man does my mama have a way of hitting home just how hard and busy my life is going to get this year, how am I to find my mate while still going to school? I can't give up now so what else can I do.

"Bine, pot fi de acord cu acesti termeni, va trebui sa fac altceva?' [ Okay, I can agree with these terms will I be needing to do anything else?] Cristian said. With this my mama looks at tat for a brief moment as they both say " toate cele trei de securitatea mea vor merge!" [ all tree of my security will be going with!] well I guess if its the only way to go no arguments will come from me!!

I now have to find out where to start my search, as I have never been to the states so I must find a map. While trying to find where to start my closest friend / Beta and of security Anatolie said " De ce sa nu mergi la pachetul Blue Moon din Blue Ridge, Virginia." [Why not go to the Blue Moon pack in Blue Ridge, Virgina.] Now that I have a heading it's time to pack my bags and inroll into school. Tata has made me a cover story with a family just outside of pack territory so that I am free to come and go as I please but to do so I am now an exchange student living with a human couple I hope this works as if it fails I may never find my mate.

Going with me I have Anatolie (Beta), Boian (Delta) and last but no where near least Stefan (Lead Sentinel). This is also a test to see if I have picked the right ones to be my ranking wolves when I take the King Alpha spot. Once I have finished all my preparations I head out to find mama and tata.

"Mama unde este tata, eu sunt pregatit sa plec dimineata si voi ajunge maine noaptea in Virginia." Cristian Said.

"Am sunat la tatal tau, el va fi aici in scurt timp, intrucat odata cu tine plecand, el trebuie sa aiba totul la dispozitie pentru a se asigura ca toate pachetele isi cunosc locul cu tine in vizita." [ I have called to your father he will be here shortly, as with you leaving he must have everything in place to ensure all packs know thier place with you visiting.] Andreea said. As we wait for tat to finish with the pack calls and make all the last minute adjustments mama won't leave me be. Mama keeps saying if she is to be without her only fiu [son] for so long she will take what she can get now, for I will miss her the most while gone but hope to find a mate who she can finally teach to be Luna and take up here mantle. When tata is able to jon us he wishes me luck and advises me to rest for tomorrow starts a long jouney to find my mate.

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