The Midnight Pack

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Chapter 2

The morning went by so fast that in no time I was already boarding the plane to find my mate. I can feel my wolf Luca. He is getting more and more restless as the days go on. It feels harder and harder to control him the longer I'm without her. Luca is not happy about the 13-hour flight, but after explaning to him that it's for our mate and pack, he settles some not much though. As the flight drags on I can feel he wants out. We will have to go for a run as soon as possible when we land in hopes that he will calm.

"My Prince, are you okay? We can feel your power rolling off of you in waves. If we enter Blue Moon this way, Alpha Jacob may take it as a challeng." Anatolie says. I stare at him for a minute as Anatolie is never this formal with me. It must be his wolf pushing him to submit to the power I have to try and reason. How do you tell your supposed Beta that you can't control your own wolf? I try again to reason with Luca.

"Luca, we have to calm down. We can't challenge another Alpha when we are only here to find a mate. We could ruin us being here and have to leave without ever finding her." Cristian tells Luca.

"We need mate, mate has to be found she needs us find her Cristian we have waited long enough!" Luca says back to me. I can start to feel the power pull back. How did I not feel this? I see everyone around me ease into their seats. I have been so blind. How did I not notice how I was affecting everyone else around me? What kind of Alpha am I going to be?

"Thank you, my Prince we will be landing shortly and have a car waiting for us." Anatolie said. He is still staying on the side of caution until he knows whatever has happend has fully passed.

After almost another hour, we start to descend. I can feel us getting closer to the ground. As we wait to get off the plane, I am filled in on the festivities that will take place as soon as we hit pack lands. Boian has said that more then 50 of the packs females will be in attendance with hopes we will be mates. I have even asked that Omagas be allowed to join for I am that desprite to hope that maybe even a lower wolf may be my one.

The car ride from the airport to pack lands is sonthing more then 20 minutes, thank the Goddess, as me and my wolf feel done with all the small spaces. In the car, Stefan sits up front to help keep the ever watchful eye while the guard sent to get us. Anatolie, myself and Boian are in the back. I inform my Beta and Delta that before I am to meet with all the pack members a run will need to be taken, as now it has been almost 24-hours since our wolves have gotten to hunt and stretch.

As we enter the pack lands, the guard driving lets us know he has sent word to Alpha Jacob of our plans before meeting the pack. He lets us know it will just be the Alpha as we are greeted and shown to our quarters. We will be permitted to stay there anytime while visiting. I can't be more greatful at this moment for such a gracious host. I guess it does help when your part of the royal bloodline as well.

When we pull up to the pack house, I can't help but look around and see how diffrent it is to be back home. The pack house almost looks as if it could be a lodge for tourists just coming in for a vacation. The place is tucked into the side of the Appalachian Mountain as if it was carved from the cliffs edge itself. The forest around the area has Luca making himself known and wanting out more then ever.

"Welcome to the Blue Moon pack, Prince Cristian. I hope your travels were well." Alpha Jacob greets.

"Thank you, we are very happy to have finally made it. Our wolves are quite happy as well. Your pack land is a site to see, Alpha Jacob." I say with resolution.

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