The Midnight Pack

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Chapter 3

Alpha Jacob has made sure we are settled in and has left us to take our run. After we have come back to the pack house we plit and head to our rooms. I made it to my room and can still feel Luca on the edge of my mind. The run has only brought his energy down enough to hold him in. "Okay Luca let's shower and hope that our mate is here tonight." I can feel he is uncertain.

I've just finished putting on my suit jacket when there's a knock on my door. There stands Alpha Jacob's, Beta Sam "Hello Beta Sam what can I do for you?" said Cristian.

"We have everything set for the night, Alpha Jacob will meet you at the back doors to introduce you to the pack many have turned out even those who just want to me our Prince." says Beta Sam

"Thank you, have Anatolie, Boian and Stefen meet me in 5 minutes so we are all brought in together." I tell Beta Sam. Sam bows his head to leave before he makes it to the top of the stairs he turns back to me.

"Prince Cristian I hope you find your mate tonight it would be a great honor for our pack." Before I can say anything he is already out of site.

I close my done to get just a few more monents to myself before the gathering starts. Luca is starting to go on edge again I feel like I could lose control at any moment, but I tell myself it's now or never. I go to meet Alpha Jacob at the doors and find Anatolie, Boian all ready thre. "Prince Cristain I have sent Stefen out to join the rest of the security so we know whats going on and to secure the gathering." Anatolie is staying formal to show respect and make sure all stay inline while we are with the Blue Moon pack. I nod to show my acknowledgement of him. Luca starts to stir in the back of my mind it's like he knows something I don't. "What is it Luca?" he doesn't answer it's like he's mad at me for something but I have no idea why he would be. Before I can push anymore Alpha Jacob enters with his Luna Autumn.

Alpha Jacob turns to the doors as they open you can hear everyone go silent and wait for thier Alpha and Luna to address them. I look around and can see the love and admiration this pack holds for their Alpha pair. As i admire the pack Alpha Jacob starts the introduction. "Blue Moon pack it isgreat to have you all here we have gathered you tonight in hopes Prince Cristianfind his mate here among our pack. Please feel free to introduce yourself and make the feel wecomed." As he comes to an end I can feel all eyes on me but I feel no pull to anyone here. I plaster a smile on my face and try to make it through the evening.

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