The Midnight Pack

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Chapter 4

I spent the whole nighthoping that the next set of eyes I looked into would be my other half yet to no avail. Luca made no attempt to come out it was like he knew she wouldn't be here. Finally out of the crowed Anatolie came to me "My Prince our Alpha has asked for a word." I have the excuse to leave the gathering and not return. While leaving the gathering Anatolie hands me the phone I can feel Boian and Stefen all in behind us.

"Fiule, cum te trateaza pachetul?" [Myson how is the pack treating you?]

"Ei sunt mai multi, apoi au tinut chiar intalnirea cu pachetul de accesoriu, iar unii au venit din pachetele inconjuratoare." [They are more then accomidating even held a gathering with the entier pack and some came in from the surronding packs.]

"Din sunetul vocii tale nu este acolo la aceasta adunare." [From the sound of your voice she is not there at this gathering.]

"Nici un tata nu este, iar Luca nu ii ajuta sa incerce sa o gaseasca fie el ramane in afara mintii mele si ma are la margine cu tot ceea ce fac." [No father, she is not and Luca is no help with trying to find her either he stays on the outs of my mind or has me on edge with everything I do.]

"Trebuie sa-l controlati pe fiul toti anii de antrenament, va trenui sa-l utilizati tot timpul in care sunteti atat de departe de utilizare." [You have to control him son all the years of training you will need to use it all in the time you are so far from us.]

"Crede-ma ca tatal meu sunt, ma voi indrepta spre casa Millers pentre a incepe sa ma asez maine." [Trust me father I am, I will be heading to the Millers home to start settling in tomorrow.]

"O sa o suni pe mama maine inainte sa se termine noptile si sa ii povestesti despre calatoriile tale." [YOu will call your mother tomorrow before nights end and tell her abour your travels.]

"Da tatal promit." [Yes father I promise.]

After talking to Tata I want more then ever to find my mate and head back home to be with my pack and family. Anatolie stairs at me lie he is waithing for me to snap. I send them out for the night as I am done for the evening. I can't seem to shut my mind down. So many thoughts are racing through it , so instead head to take a shower in hopes to wash away the tenstion. Luca devides now he will talk of course just as I want to relax and not think.

"Cristian she is close I can feel it, we can find her."

"If she is so close why didn't you take us to her?"

"I can feel her but I don't know where just that she is close and lost."

"Luca that doesn't tell me much to go one here."

He dosen't anwser back. So with that he leaves me again no more information just she is close a growl excapes my lungs at the frustration of it all. After speaking to Luca the water is no longer soothing I shut it off and reach fir my towel. Stairing at myself in the mirror I see that my Alphas mark has grown and changed.

Being an ALpha we hace marks that show up when we come of age after our first shift, it covers from the back of the shoulder to the front of the chest. When my mark first showed up it was just out packs crest of a wolf howling at the moon, but now it looks like smoke swoorling around the wolf. It shows trees blowing in the wind, fire and what looks almost like a river flowing around. They say that when it changes it shows the mixes of the packs together of ours and our mates. I don't know of any packs with these markings. I will have to ask Anatolie if he recognizes what pak they may be from. After making a note of all the chanes I lay in bed and pray to the goddess that a dreamless slee[ takes me soon.

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