The Midnight Pack

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It's dark so dark that I can't see anything even with the wolf site it's just blackness not a hint of light anywhere. I don't know where I'm at, I call out for Luca with no answer. I calm myself and listen for anything that can tell me where I am or what is going on. Out of no where she speaks to me.

"Child you will change it all and make right what has been broken."

"Who are you?"

"The Mother of you all and you will right the wrongs that have been done."

"What wrongs do I have to right I don't understand, why me?"

"You are special in ways you don't even know yet but you will find out soon, trust your wolf he will lead you right."

With that she was gone and I fall into the darkness. I wake in the morning and don't know what to make of anything that happened last night. I have officaly lost my mind a dream why would the goddess speak to me just another Alpha heir in this would. Wrongs, things broken, I put it out of my mind and start moving for the day.

I link Anatolie to come to the room and wait for him to show. With a knock at the door I open the door knowing it's him.

"My Prince."

"Good morning Anatolie please come in." He comes in and waits for me to explain why I needed him first thing in the morning as most mornings I let him head out for training.

"Anatolie my mark has grown and I can't seem to think of the pack that it goes to, I was wondering if you do?" I take off my shirt to show him how it's changed. He doesn't say anything but looks like he is deep in thought and staring intently as if he doesn't understand.

" I'm sorry Cristian I've never seen that before, I know that Alpha has a book of all the packs and their crests. Maybe send him a picture of it so he can tell you?"

"I'm to call them tonight when we get to the Miller's so I guess I will ask them then what they think."

"When did you want to head out?"

"Well we are in a new place so what do you say to looking around before we head there?" I say this knowing how much he hates site seeing of any kind, just the look on his face almost makes me start laughing.

"Oh man really? You really are trying to torture me when we're he."

At this I can't hold in my laugh anymore. We grew up together he's like a brother to me and sometimes I just can't help myself.

"We have to at least find us a car to use while we are here." At this his mood brightens some for my best friend Beta is a car fanatic.

"Oh we can definitely do that."

"Alright let's finish packing up and we can head out." With him excited to go gock at cars he leaves with a smile on his face.

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