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What if you can change the time with just a sound of a tick-tock you never know it may open secrets upon lifes, or may start a new life. What would u do then?

Fantasy / Adventure
Don Young
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{A} dream store


Once cursed, yet blessed.

Everyone has dreams.

Reaching your goal may take your life.

But for a dream you don't care about the consequences, because you fly as high as you can.

And for every dream there is a story behind it, that completes it.

What if you can change the time with just a sound of a tick-tock you never know it may open secrets upon lifes, or may start a new.

What would you do then?



October 25, 2025

The cursed/blessed came back from his impossible-to-finish-at-time work, he is used to work everyday in his life, people may mistook him for a zombie.

His paled, yet hidden face shows emotions no human can understand, but to the matter he is deeply tired either emotionally or physically.

His eyes are deep like an ocean.

Ocean eyes, indeed.

Ocean is filled with unknown secrets so do his eyes, his unnatural exotic eyes.

I can't explain how worse the man's situation could get, but no words can't describe his situation now, he had fallen too deep to the unknown, indeed what a torture.

He just wants a night full of sleep.

Full of dreams, may I add.

Hunger?, well that feeling ditched him already.

Peace, is the night he wants to be like, to end like.

But the poor man never dreamed except for once in his life.When he was a little boy that's the last time he dreamed but he barely remembers it, other than the fact he just sits in a white endless void.

He is frustrated on the fact that he have EVERYTHING except the chance to dream.

Poor man he thinks he is cursed but others call him blessed.

Because dreams could be scary, and that's why they call him blessed, but he cared less.

The more loneliness the more he stares on his bed.

His outstanding made bed, it is not just any bed believe me when I say it's not any bed.

It is one of the kind bed that you will find it looking so simple, yet it gives that kind of weird, sweet home aurora.

The bed of innocence they named it like that because of how innocent it looks like, especially its white color that symbolizes innocence. You see the bed it is practically a kid looking bed, and kids are innocent which means they don't know the whereabouts of the real world they are clueless of the struggles and obstacles of life, that's why it's called like that, because every kid sleeps in any way but peacefully entering the dreamland of theirs.

Its really like any other bed if you saw it, but remember it's one of the kind.

He brought this bed from an expert, not scientifically more like magically. He payed them so much you won't even know, in some part of the story you will know how much he paid, or what exactly he paid.

Because the bed is connected to them, they give the bed more light, more innocence. Because that bed is like a memory card it stores all your dreams. Poor bed it never sighted a single dream from that cursed man.

He layed his head softly to the magical sheets, they hug him so perfectly, so gracefully, makes the feel of peaceness fill him. Closing his eyes for one moment he fell asleep.

Soft sounds of human breaths fill the air.

Makes it so quite, yet hard for someone to make any noise to awake the cursed man.

He sleeps so gracefully without any disturbance, sleeps like an infant.

His everlasting wish of dreaming, how enchanted life could be.

He fell in a deep-deep sleep

The clock ticks and he falls in a white void.

Imagine being in a white endless void, looking around hopelessly.

He knew this time he isn't dreaming, he is just thinking, but today is his lucky day .

He saw a door, joy filled him up and his lips quiver to a smile that his lips could tear any moment, from the sudden smile.

And at that moment he knew he could dream again for once.

He turned the door knob, leading to a simple but exotic store.

He was in a store called dream store, the confused man questions in why is he there.

Passing by a foreign, yet outsandish things.

The strange store was filled with colors the cursed man never ever saw in his life as if each color has it's own meaning.

Reaching to the near end of the store,

he saw some glowing at the end of the store, he turned around to see if someone was there, but loneliness was there with the blessed man, but decided to ignore this unpleasant feeling of confusion digging inside him.

Reaching to the glowing part of the room, found a watch it was written on it......

.......Try me

With a black dark ink, it was the darkest ink u could ever possibly saw.

He tried the soft black leathery watch, surrounded with purple crystals.

In the middle there was an indigo colored diamond, which slightly itches his eyes, as it shines in the sunrise.

And when he placed the foreign, yet beautiful art around his wrist suddenly he woke up.

A sheet of sweat glistening in his face, glowing in the moonlight.

He woke up feeling so overwhelmed, but felt something itchy in his left hand he found a watch. Questions where did that watch come from which was attached.

Most of people would forget what they dreamed of, you see unfortunately he was one of those people. How unlucky could cursed man's fate get.

But he was sure he dreamed, and happiness showered him, he felt so lucky for a moment.

But the feeling of unsureness came back, because he thought he may never dream ever again.

He felt so clueless for a moment wanting the moment back wanting to know so bad what did he dreamed.

The same feeling showered him, the feeling he dreamed as a kid that same confusing feeling, but it made him feel like he wants more from that feeling.

He was selfish for this feeling, but his conscious kept telling him it was just a feeling, nothing else, but all of us knows it wasn't.

He felt sick of his conscious wanting to imagine just for a moment, but he can't, afraid of these feelings wanting to escape himself, afraid of himself, his conscious, his fear, his feelings, his everything.

He wanted to be set in free, wanting to change the time, to vanish his regrets, vicious feelings he hold.

He want to feel being a kid again, where this kid could do whatever he wants, in where a kid's mind doesn't think about the future, just lives the moment,wanting to feel it again but scared that if he imagined the unknown feeling, his conscious would strike at him telling him lies maybe the awful truth, as nature as it people leave life, people dieing before him started to be come more as a normal thing in a way.

Everyday he questions when will his turn come by he questions it too much, but he doesn't know who exactly the cursed man questions.

The blessed man fell deep in a hole of despair, a hole he can never ever escape.

He wants to know WHO he questions all these years that goes by, he is sick for waiting for his fate to come which seems to him is never, as if he is an immortal man.

But he is sure for something, he is all alone by himself, no one to help him, no one to love.

His experience made him, having some trust issues, lacking human feelings.

He knows that what he lacks humanity, he just hear voices of them when he makes multiple phone calls but stopped encounter them.

Which makes him famous for his exotic self.

Feeling weakness is the last thing he want to encounter, for him it been a long time since he saw a human being breathing, sneezing, or doing anything else.

He started to think,

Am I sick?

Do I need to go to a therapist?

But the thing he doesn't know.

Peculiarity defines him.....

He sighed while walking from the bed, the feeling of knowing that work is waiting for him is nearing.

He just pushed or ignored all his thoughts.

He just hopes his day gets interesting for once, it's all boring to go through the same routine, that he want to kill himself.

Well he thought going to a vacation but his work has other plans.

Let's just say he gonna rot in that routine of his.

Poor the blessed man he wishes to have a decent day for once in his life.



Pardon my errors.

Have a good day ..... :)

If y'all liked it in a short amount of time I will publish another chapter.

And please vote, and share with your amigos IF they are interested.

And comment whatever you disliked or liked or if you want to understand this chapter and thank you.

I hope all of of you love my story, and its FICTIONAL.



If you saw this story in wattpad I am the same writer that wrote and thank uuu

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