Deep waters

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Fangs, tough skin, and cold eyes... could this old folk tale be true?

Fantasy / Adventure
Cady Elsharkawy
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The tale

This village is the home of a young boy...
He is called,Alex...

“Grand dad, may you please retell the story of the sea monster?” Said Alex. “ eh? Oh! The story? Well- aren’t you a curios little skim.” Said Alex’s. Grand dad. (Grand dad)“He he... you know, at one point your going to get bored of this story?” Said Grand dad. “Whaaa- NO! Never! It’s to amazing to be boring, pops!” Said Alex. “Alrighty then, come close, and grab a seat- it’s time for the tale-“ “Dad! Stop telling Alex fake stories, he needs to focus on reality!” Said Alex!s mom (mom) “b-but mom?” Alex whimpered “No- buts! Help your father with fishing! While I cook dinner.” Said mom. “Alright... m-mom” said Alex, ashamed...
“ don’t you think your being a bit harsh? He’s just a kid- let his imagination grow!” Said grandad. “Ugh! Your right... maybe this is too much,” said mom .

As Alex, slowly gets his fishing rod! Disappointed he
Couldn’t listen to the story, walks across the beach.
He then begins fishing with his dad...

Catching many fish- big, small, normal sized...
Colorful, colorless... and wish that had patterns on them...

“We caught all of the fish...” said Alex..
“ well, not al, of them” said Alex’s dad (dad) “we even got this really small one- dad says I can keep him” said Alex...

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