Lost Kingdoms

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Hailey thought her mother was dead But on one strange night when she was completing one her missions a stranger with curly brown hair saves her and instantly she is drawn into find out more about him But while doing so she may find out things about herself and the others around her that she may not want to know including that her mother is alive And is expecting Hailey along with Sam and her newly found powers to find and save the forth kingdom in the world that is known as the Lost Kingdom

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter I

Two kingdoms hung shadowed by the rise of the blue moon, part of the kingdom had a blue shadow surrounding the high walls of the castle, the night was bitter and most had retired to bed early in a hasty attempt to keep the cold out. However one girl stood alone in an alleyway her numb grip tightening around the gun she held forcefully, her breathing was shallow and came out in a puff of air that clouded her features as she intently listened for the footsteps that would likely follow her.

One thud of a heartbeat passed.

A second passed and her heartbeat seemed to skip a beat as she counted the number of footsteps following her they were light but like always she could tell just how many people she was about to face and tonight she counted five.

Ripping through the air in the next few beats of the girl’s erratic heartbeat; were a round of gunshots and as the girl noted were all poor in aim: One slammed against the wall in its path to hit the girl denting the tin bullet and dropping to the ground with an almighty crash. Of course the people who were cosy in their four-poster beds were oblivious to the bloodbath about to take place under their very noses.

The girl moved carefully to the other side of the alleyway cautiously ducking the bullets that flew narrowly passed her head barely missing her skull, but she noticed one thing about the gang of five that she didn’t before they were firing desperately out of anger rather than aiming the bullet to actually hit her flesh and it was taking the gang of five at least five seconds to reload the magazine and start rattling rounds off again.

“Come out girl” One shouted and in the dead of the night with the blue moon shining over them it sounded like a sneer of an echo.

“Yeah come out” One other tried to mimic.

But the girl didn’t move, hell she didn’t even dare to breath she knew an everyday task could get you killed in her line of work that’s why she had to precisely plan her next move. In the shadows she could easily see a tall, lanky man his dark clothes not doing much to disguise his giant figure. Raising her gun she felt a pleasant calming feeling rush through her strange that in the face of danger she felt calmly in control and yet one false move and she could be left in the alleyway bleeding out under the blue moon and with that thought in mind she fired.

An ear shattering scream was heard even over the next round of tin bullets missing her – just barely and hitting the wall. The man slumped to the wall in a mangled heap, his limbs in a tangle sticking up in almost every direction. Sticky, scarlet blood oozed from the man’s wounds as his face went one of discolours and his once blazing green eyes were drained of life.

Even though she didn’t really have time to admire her crafty work she paused only for a moment to do so. A sense of achievement and pride boiled deep within her blood but that achievement was cut short when a bullet nicked her shoulder it didn’t hurt and yet the substance inside of her was already pooling out staining her black tank top.

But as always she just grimaced and continued rattling off rounds, her trusty gun moulded into her palm like she was never going to let it go and squeezed the trigger. The bullet finding hot and sticky flesh to sink its way into followed by yet another blood curdling scream .

The girl used the body of one of her victims to shield herself from the three men still trying to get her, this was her job believe it or not and she did everything she could to stop men who shouldn’t have even passed the kingdom’s wall she didn’t know what they wanted nor did she frankly care she just wanted to protect innocent people.

Piercing through the body of her shield and hitting the vital organs she knew her shield was of no use to her now he had too many small fragmented holes in his body and just as quickly as she saw the holes did she know it was no longer safe to carry a man twice her size round with her for protection she also knew that a bullet could fly through a hole and into her.

Her limbs were stiff and heavy from carrying the extra weight of the dead body. She tossed her shield aside deeming it useless, and ducked slamming her body against the wall taking cover from the angered shots although these shots were more apart than before and the girl presumed it was because she got rid of the man who does most of the heavy lifting on the team.

Suddenly there was a low growl come scream which made the girl draw her eyes together in confusion she hadn’t inflicted pain on someone. . .Yet. . .And yet someone is screaming with caution the girl peeked her head around the wall using her stark black coloured hair to help her fade into the night

To say what she saw surprised her would be an understatement of the century: Her eyes seemed to deceive her a man with shaggy locks and crystal like eyes determined features stuck out like a sore thumb on his face was holding a bow firmly within his grasp the point of it tipped towards the last one to fall.

“Who are you?” The girl call out curiosity lacing her voice as she blinked a few times to make sure the person in front of her wasn’t a fantasy from her lack of sleep, after all she hadn’t slept for 48 hours now and counting.

It seemed to the girl at least that the boy was in fact doing the same thing as her for he uttered the exact same three words the only difference was his held a bit of an edge “Who are you?!”

For a few moments the pair didn’t speak to each other and just focused their attention on the appearance of the other one and what weapons they were carrying, the man had brown hair that tumbled off his head in a shaggy mess of curls and his eyes never dulled even though he had just killed someone, he had a stone like face but not void of expression it just showed how determined he was and his broad, bronze shoulders with his height seemed like something to treasure his accessory was a cross bow with a sack of arrows slung across his right shoulder and in the top of his leather boots there was something sticking out probably a hunting knife.

Whereas the girl was smaller but it made her nimble and quick and with hair colour that resembled nightfall it made it easy to camouflage in the night, her eyes were pools of darkness but yet carried a speck of light to them no bigger than a grain of sand, her expressionless face was hidden well behind her caramel skin and the girl carried with her a small pocket 9mm gun and a large, jagged knife which in turn was hidden behind the dark clothing that she wore and her knee high black boots

“I am Sam, Sam Axelin” His voice was deep and gravelly as he pronounced each word in turn

“Hailey” The girl spoke trying to keep her voice smooth and steady.

Hailey was the first to recover from her state of premature shock and took two strides towards the figure holding out her palms upwards towards the sky which was now turning an early rosy colour.

“What are you doing here?” She asks only now moving her arms down to gesture to the mangled heap in front of the brick wall that moments ago she was hiding behind.

“Business” Sam spoke curtly, clearly in no mood to further elaborate with his lips pursed into a tight line and the way his hands wrap tightly around his bow – tight enough to make his knuckles turn a white shade. “What are you doing here?” He countered narrowing his crystal blue eyes

“I do not see fit how that is any of your concern” Hailey smirked with her sly reply and ever so slowly raised her gun and pointed it towards the boy who was getting on her nerves and frankly knew more than he should “Now if you excuse me. . .”

Recognition flashed in Sam’s eyes, as he caught onto what she was going to do, and as fast as the speed of light he too raised his weapon of death giving the girl his own sly smirk as he spoke “You shoot we both die. You don’t shoot we both live”

He spoke as if it was simple enough that they could both just live their own separate lives and forget about what went down tonight but Hailey knew differently she knew that they couldn’t just pretend this little meet up never happened and that this boy didn’t just walk into something he knew very little about.

“It’s not that simple” Were her next words which were true in their own entirety – it wasn’t as simple as he was making it out to be.

“And why is this?” Inquired the boy a slender eyebrow cocked skywards

“None of your damn business” Snarled the girl in a snake like way pushing the gun she held back into her leggings waistband and turning on her heel sneaking away into the darkness of the strange night.

Darkness chased away any signs of life and Hailey light patter of feet echoed and hung in the air before being replaced by other ones, she cursed silently having known she shouldn’t have worn shoes with a heel.

She knew what she must do; she must go back to the institute and warn the others about the boy who coincidently knew more than he was letting on – but she didn’t want to, Hailey had all her life followed the rules that were given to her could she break just one? Besides Sam ... Or whatever his name deemed to be ... Was holding onto more than he was showing, Hailey had a feeling and her feelings seemed to never have misguided her in the past

Her mind was conflicted as she continued her way to the institute, only looking behind her shoulder a mere few times to check if someone was onto her; for once the small fearless girl didn’t know what to do

It took ten more minutes to get to the institute the lights and a million things were going through Hailey’s mind as she walked through the big glass doors of the building and straight through the lobby. She knew that people were staring at her like they always do but she carried on walking straight to the big oval door at the end of the corridor.

“All targets dealt with sir” She reported walking over to the big oval desk that separated her from a burly man who had grey eyes that were glued to the messy stack of paper work in front of him.

He tore his gaze away from his paperwork rather reluctantly and sighed tapping his long grim fingers on the desk “Very well, did you note who they were?” He asks and with a good dig in her pocket Hailey managed to find a torn piece of file paper and tossed it upon his desk.

For a few minutes no words were passed between them and the man slid the piece of paper towards him, finally picking it up and scanning his eyes over it his expression stayed the same blank one as he read through the list with one final glance the man pocketed the paper and spoke again “Is this all to report?” he asked looking down towards his paperwork again.

Hailey thought for a moment was this all to report or did she have something else to say?

She shook her head before realising that Director Cropper was too involved in his work to even notice and she was too tired to speak anything else after all the golden sun was now low in the sky slowly rising with every other second spent in the large office so with one heavy sigh she turned back towards the door.

Quickly she walked out allowing her legs to guide her back towards the lobby and towards her quarters but all hope of that happening was lost when Amie bounced up to her.

“Hey, Hail” The perky blonde waves making Hailey even wonder why she was out of bed at this ungodly hour of the morning. Hailey tries to give back a just as energetic smile and wave but failed due to her eyes slowly dropping closed.

I just want to go to bed is that so much to ask?

Her question was soon answered when Amie decided to ask but another question “Hey, have you been out doing dirty work for ol’ Cropper again?” her face contoured into that if you had accidently eaten something sour. It was well known that Amie didn’t like what the institute stood for even Director Cropper knew of this but she kept her mouth shut and did the work so she can get paid -- she needs this job to pay for her family.

Only problem was with Amie she wasn’t good at hiding her feelings, and with one shift of her eyes Hailey could tell that she was inspecting her dried up blood stained tank top and quickly she moved her hand up to cover it up.

“Yep now if you excuse me I will be going now” Hailey rudely excuses herself but she didn’t care how it came out she had done with tonight’s mission and just wanted sleep.

With a quick side step around Amie, Hailey once again allowed her legs to guide her to her bunk and she made it there swiftly while all of the others in her bunk were surely just getting up to go and have breakfast Hailey was going to dive under her covers and snuggle into them before darkness took her over.

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