Lost Kingdoms

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Chapter X

The inside of the castle was just as magnificent and as beautiful than the outside, concrete lined the walls so that the inside of the castle wouldn’t get destroyed by the water storms and heavy rain fall that they often faced as a castle made of green leaves and plant stems could hardly keep out the rain and little streams of water ran either side of Hailey as she walked down the massive grand hallway that she was informed by her mother led to the throne room where her grandmother would meet her

The feeling of water always calmed Hailey down ever since she was a little girl, even if back then she didn’t have the reasons as to why behind it, now she does and Hailey is still a little apprehensive about the whole thing but she is thankful that she can hear the rushing of the water, on either side of her, lap over one another as it makes her less tense and less likey to throw up all over the ruler of the Ūdens kingdom – her grandmother

“Mom, what does Udens mean” Hailey whispered after seeing the word repeated various times as she walked down the corridor although she didn’t know why she just felt like she should

“Water” Her mother replied stiffly “It’s Latin”

Hailey didn’t push the subject anymore she knew her mother was unconfutable with being back in the castle which she probably hasn’t visited in twenty or so years, it was thrilling for Hailey but for Natalia it probably brought back some dark memories and so Hailey felt like she should give her mother some space and just nodded before turning her attention back to her intertwined hands with Sam

When they reach the heavy oak guards two sleeping guards immediately woke up and their backs stiffened considerably as the bowed to Natalia and the shorter one exclaimed in an accent that Hailey hadn’t heard before “Welcome back Princess the kingdom has fell into darkness since you have left”

“I’m aware Malcom” Natalia pushed through stiff lips

“Yes and now you and Court Samuel are back, you will help us” He continued to cry, perhaps a little too eager about seeing the lost princess return to the Kingdom, and Natalia although she kept a blank face seemed a little bit nervous to be back here again especially in front of this man and the mention of the darkness what did it mean? He then seemed to notice Hailey “And is this Princess Hail the predecessor of the throne?”

“Y-Yes I am” Hailey replied unsure looking at Sam for comfort who gave her hand a squeeze in assurance, her stomach was doing flips and if she was being honest it made her feel queasy

“Well welcome to the kingdom Miss Grey” Malcom says to Hailey bowing slightly

“Thanks” Hailey responded shyly, her fingers playing with the cock of her gun as a way to keep herself distracted from the now real situation of when the grandmother she hasn’t me before dies she will take over a kingdom that she hasn’t stepped into until today as she bit down on her lip to stop from correcting the blonde headed man that her last name was Cropper and not Grey

“Well Queen Elysa is waiting for you” Malcom nodded towards Natalia who nodded back, her face slowly greying at the thought of standing at her mother’s throne after all these years

“It’ll be alright Mom” Hailey whispered softly towards her mother but she wasn’t sure if her words had that big of an effect to quench any nervousness left in Natalia’s body but Natalia gave her daughter a small turn up of the lips of the lips none the less – it was a small gesture – one that was barely noticeable but it was still there

Hailey may have calmed down her own mothers nerves but it didn’t do anything to stop her stomach from flipping at one hundred miles per hour as the double oak doors open outwards causing Hailey to take two steps back if she was to avoid getting squashed by the doors

Almost instantly Sam’s face darkened as he peered into the throne room, there was an old lady who was perched on top of the throne a twisted cruel smile apparent on her face lighting it up as if was a Christmas tree

Her greying hair was tied up into a tight bun and an ocean blue crown resting atop of her oval shaped head and her sea green eyes were calculating and they seemed to be judging everyone in the room and their moves until they landed on the three worn out travellers an her eyebrows rose as she scoped out Hailey

Sam bowed and Natalia stiffly followed suit having not done in nearly a decade but Hailey just stood there her arms folded across her chest until Sam’s hand found the small of her back and gently guided her down. Sam just hoped that neither Natalia or Queen Elysa saw what just happened but fate seemed to have different ideas

“I would have suspected that you were taught better than that girl, you must always bow to a royal” Elysa snapped but her words were long and drawn out like she had no need or rush to say what she needed to say quickly

“And I would have wanted to know you were alive sooner,” Hailey snapped hotly she didn’t mean to it was just that her patience was already thinning and what Elysa had said had hit a nerve “I watched my mom die when I was elven and have been raised my Xavier Cropper for the last five years and he taught me everything I needed to know but then my supposed dead mother came back from the dead with this boy who was annoying and egotistical when I met him at first it was just after a mission that turned out to be a decoy and my mother told me I was a heir to some Lost Kingdom so excuse me if I don’t bow but I don’t even know who the hell you are”

Elysa struggled with finding the right words to tell the girl off with, her mouth opened and shut about half a dozen times before the Queen sighed her granddaughter was right she didn’t know who she was

“I am Queen Elsya Grey, ruler of the water kingdom now titled the Lost Kingdom due to some myths that suggested that the place wasn’t real and was destroyed after the Great war but we have used this to our advantage and have recruited promising youngsters that have been unfairly treated by the system in their own kingdoms and brought them over to us, assuring their safety”

“Well that’s a great history lesson and all” Hailey drawled sarcastically “But you have yet to explain what the hell I am doing here”

Natalia was about to reprimand her daughter for using such language but she found herself being cut off by her own mother “You are right” The Queen sighs sharply

Natalia tried not conceal her surprise but failed in doing so as Elysa just raised a single eyebrow in her direction and if knowing what that meant Natalia stepped out the room, she then glanced over at Sam raising a single eyebrow like before Sam knew what the look meant leave us but the young count was reluctant to leave Hailey’s side

Elysa noticed this and the corners of her lips turned up in a crude smirk “Samuel please leave us, that is an order”

Samuel bowed once and moved off to the side of the room and just as he reached the door he gave Hailey one last lingering glance, -- a warning – that seemed to read be careful before he stepped out the room completely

“Now how much do you know?” Elysa questioned the girl

“Not much I know that my mom faked her own death when I was eleven and distanced herself until I was old enough to come here for whatever reason leaving my dad after he cheated on her” Hailey paused for a moment, thinking back “and I knew mom and Samuel set up a fake mission to lure me into whatever they were planning”

“So you don’t know you’re the heir to my throne?” The Queen asked slowly

Hailey nodded “I do know that and I also know that I possess the power to control water”

“Ah yes you are the only one of my grandchildren to poses that ability to wield water from the air and therefore when you hit seventeen in two weeks you will take over my position as ruler”

Hailey’s jaw struggled to stay closed no matter how hard she tried to keep it that way she couldn’t believe it and first of all she thought it was a joke but quickly realised that by the stern features on the queens face that there was no such thing as a joke in the queen’s books

“I’m supposed to be a queen in two weeks!” She exclaimed, she did however find it rather laughable by she stifled her laughter into a mask of confusion and outrage it was almost laughable to her as she stifled her laughter into a mask of confusion and outrage

“Well yes, you will learn the proper etiquette to be a royal for two weeks visit other smaller kingdoms and recruit your personal security before you are crowned on the 16th July 2056” Elysa explained and once again the jaw that Hailey had just put in place had now dropped again

“No, no I can’t be a queen” Hailey panicked her throat was tightening and the walls were closing in, making her feel dizzy and lightheaded she knew she had to focus on her breathing but struggled to do so

She was too far gone in her state of utter panic to realise that Elysa had called on a servant to call Natalia and Sam back in and she was too focused on calming down to realise that Sam had rushed in following Natalia who had worry carved into her face

“Breathe Hail” Natalia

“You got to breathe for me Hailey” Sam

“What is going on?” Elysa

“She’s going to pass out” A servant

Hailey could her what people were saying but it sounded too much like an old radio with static and no matter how hard she tried to get control over the panicky feeling building up inside her chest and squashing her lungs she couldn’t and eventually she found herself fighting off black in her line of vision by then though she was too weak to fight them off and collasped

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