Lost Kingdoms

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Chapter XI

Natalia glanced at her daughter’s unconscious form before turning to the queen and glaring at her “What did you say or do to her?” Natalia accuses with a heavy tone that made Sam flinch back but the old weary queen didn’t look fazed

“I only said she would take my position as queen in two weeks’ time” The queen says evenly with a dismissive hand gesture

“And she panicked why would you say that, you know that she panics really easily and she can only take information in, in small doses and the last few weeks of her life have been information overload” Natalia scorns her mother

The queens dismissive tone was switched off like a light and the queens cold grey eyes narrowed in on the women in front of her and her voice was as cold and as void of emotion than any “Do not tell me you have grown to care for the child?” She asks a single eyebrow curving upwards

Natalia felt guilty for the words that she uttered next and she shook her head “No mother I am not attached to her”

“Good and let me remind you she is not yours she never was and if I feel like you’ve gotten to attached to her I can banish her back to the streets”

Natalia’s stomach twisted itself with nerves of what her mother could do to the girl that she now considered a daughter. Hailey had to be no more than a few days old wrapped in a tattered blanket on the steps outside of the palace, that was where Natalia found her crying as small drops of rain stung her angelic face and without hesitation Natalia brought the wailing baby into the palace and presented the baby to her mother and it was quickly decided that since Natalia could not bear children of her own that if no one came forward to claim the child then Natalia would raise her as her own and she would when she turned seventeen take over as the heir to the throne and the child was name Hailey a tribute to how she was found in a hail storm

Weeks blurred into one and nobody claimed the child so Natalia stayed true to her word and raised the small child as her own and when she was around two months she was given the Udens injection to give her the powers of water.

Natalia despite herself and her mother’s warning found herself growing closer to the child and finally broke, on the night of a blue moon ran away with the child to a new place where nobody would know her as Princess Natalia III

She quickly settled into her new life and found love with a man name Xavier Cropper quite the charming man in his youth much different to how he was now, Natalia thought she had found her happily ever after

Years blurred into one and soon eleven years had gone by seemingly in the blink of an eye and all the fairy tale nonsense that Natalia got living a normal life where nobody knew that she was the princess of a wealthy kingdom came to a crushing stop when Elysa sent Malcom, Natalia’s personal guard out to track her

Malcom found Natalia on the same night that she got her heart broken, she had found love letters in Xavier’s coat pocket not addressed to her and so when Malcom came up with the plan that she fake her own death and return to the kingdom at once to continue her duties Natalia readily agreed not realising what a wonderful little girl that she was leaving behind; the girl whose heart would break upon hearing the death of her mother

Elysa was furious when Natalia returned home after all those years but she seemed to have forgotten of the child so Natalia went back to her Royal duties her heart longing to be with the girl she called her daughter however she was unaware of how strong the child had gotten and that Xavier had fulfilled his life goal of setting up a teen assassin agency and had recruited Hailey to be the first recruit and the five years after Natalia returned home it all went to hell

When Elysa first sighted the child it was on a mission – but Hailey didn’t know her grandmother was watching scornfully from the shadows or that her mother was still alive and when Elysa got home she demanded that her daughter tell her everything from the bringing up of the child to Xavier’s love affair

She then sent Natalia along with her new court Samuel to capture and bring the girl back to the kingdom, Natalia wished that her daughter was able to see Xavier for who he really was during the course of her absence – a cheater but it seemed that Hailey had placed the man on a throne and she would shoot everyone who tried to get near her or him but Natalia’s prayers were finally answered when the girl warmed up to her

Natalia was interrupted from her thought train by her mother “Take her to the infirmary Natalia”

Bowing her head once she picked up the child and brought her out of the throne room to the infirmary


Hailey woke up with a foggy head and it took her more than two minutes to piece together where she was and what was happening, only she didn’t know where she was not really all she knew was it must have been some kind of medical room due to the equipment scattering the room and the IV she was hooked up to

“Mom?” She croaked and that felt like a stab to Natalia’s heart

“Yeah?” Natalia let a little smile grace her lips despite the tugging feeling in her heart

“Where I am?” Hailey asked she knew it was rather a stupid question but she couldn’t help it – her mind felt like it had been filled with damp sand and she was struggling to focus on any one thing at a time

“The infirmary” Natalia answered and when Hailey’s eyebrows drew together in confusion she explain “You had a panic attack, don’t you remember?”

Hailey slowly shook her head, she didn’t remember having a panic attack but it would explain why her mind felt like it was full of sand and felt foggy – although it was starting to hurt less now

“It will come back to you eventually” Natalia eased on a smile she had dealt with Hailey’s panic attacks before and they do usually come back to her once her mind is clearer and she hasn’t got as bad of a headache so that was usually after an hour .

A soft knock at the large oak door interrupted the conversation between the two and Natalia’s smile dropped when she saw Malcom stood at the door a rather impatient look etching across his features “My princess the Queen requests your presence in the dining hall on the third wing”

“Alright Malcom, I will be along shortly you can leave”

But still Malcom lingering in the doorway of the infirmary an impatient look still occupying his features as he stood rigid in posture and Natalia turned to face him “I see my mother doesn’t trust me to make my own way” She remarked “Alright Malcom come along” and then they left the room

Sam peered over at Hailey from where he was stood in the corner of the room; a slight grimace on his face, she hadn’t seen the boy yet and he was glad, she had needed stitches because of the wound she created when she hit the floor, her midnight hair was splayed over the pillow in the hammock she was resting in like a halo fit for an angel

“How are you?” He asked finding the courage to speak

Hailey craned her neck at the sound of his voice only to be met with the same green eyes she had been met with time and time again “I’m fine” Hailey spoke in a small voice that slightly cracked towards the end

Sam walked over to the edge of the hammock and perched on the end “Good” he notes as he reaches out to grab her hand “I’m glad you’re alright” He adds softly

“Sam...Can I tell you something?” Hailey asked the boy hesitantly

“Yeah anything shoot” Sam says a grin on his face

“Is my mother really my mother?” Hailey asked her heart thudding loudly in her chest

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