Lost Kingdoms

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Chapter XII

“She needs to start her princess duties,” Elysa said to her daughter sternly who was pacing around the room in a state of panic “In two weeks she will be the queen of the kingdom and she must be ready”

Natalia stopped pacing and faced her mother, her pink hair dropping from behind her ear but she made no attempt to move it as she started to argue with her mother “She isn’t ready yet mother, she has barely got around the fact that I came back from the dead – she cannot do this”

“Well she has to” Elysa muttered

But Elysa didn’t get what Natalia was on about – nobody did – even if Natalia left her daughter and the tender age of eleven Natalia would still know the most about Hailey than any other person and even if her DNA didn’t match Hailey’s exactly. In Natalia’s eyes, Hailey was as much her own daughter than her mother was to her and that was because when she was born it was Natalia who gave the abandoned baby a name and when thunderstorms frightened the poor child it was Natalia who calmed the girl down

That was what made a mother, not blood

Natalia sighed she would never get her mother to see her side of things no matter how persistent she was, her mother was a stubborn creature and once she has her mindset nothing would stop her from carrying out an idea

“What are you talking about?” Sam voiced he didn’t sound like he was judging her he just wanted to know what was in her mind

On the other hand, Hailey felt as if she had gone crazy her mind racing with so many different theories that it was hard to grasp on to what was real and what wasn’t, after all, there was a thin line between real and imaginary “Is my mother really my mother?” She repeated a little clearer this time although she still felt as though she was in a fairy tale mind

Sam hesitantly says with cation edging his words “what do you mean?”

Hailey tried her hardest to construct her words though her mind felt like lead “I don’t know...It was weird before I fully blacked out I hear my mother and my grandmother arguing about me and then grandmother dearest said something about my mother not actually being my mother”

Sam’s heart thudded as he tried to keep his cool “Hailey, you did hit your head pretty hard maybe you were just dreaming that is quite possible I asked your mother whether it happened when you were little and she said you woke up imagining all sorts of tales” The lie rolled off Sam’s tongue easier than he expected it to and he was kicking himself for it as guilt flowed through his veins

“I feel like I’m going crazy” Hailey murmured

“Aren’t we all crazy” Sam tried to play off but Hailey didn’t feel like joking

“This isn’t funny” Hailey snapped her voice rising “My who life has been a lie”

“Hailey we don’t know what happened,” Sam said softly reaching forward and trying to grab a hold of her hand to which Hailey moved her hand away in no mood to be comforted. She just wanted her head to be clear so she could find out the truth

“No, I don’t but you do!” Hailey yelled, “Don’t you dare deny it!”

“It isn’t my place to tell” Sam admitted guilt flooding through his veins, he wondered if Hailey would ever forgive him when he became Court for The Kingdom, he was sworn to absolute secrecy and if he found out any secret then he must not tell another living soul even if it meant losing his life, (if he was ever captured for government intel for another kingdom)

Hailey wanted to be mad at the older teenager she wanted to scream and yell with rage but when she looked into Sam’s guilt-ridden eyes she no longer felt the resolve to be angry and instead felt sorry for him, he didn’t ask for this life just as Hailey didn’t ask for hers

“I know” She stated finally giving him a small smile to show she wasn’t mad, it wasn’t his fault just like it wasn’t her

Sam’s heart started to race at the little gesture and it felt for a moment that there was a galloping stallion in the place where his heart should be making it beat faster and faster with every passing minute but finally, he swallowed and replied “Thank you”

“For what?”

“Not being mad...I guess” He fumbled over his word

“Your welcome then...I guess” She replied with a hint of a playful smile

It was the first time in months that Sam had saw Hailey smile and it may have been at his expense but at least she was smiling and not crying or looking serious all the time so he would take the mockery if it made her smile

“C’mon I should go,” Sam says slightly sill stumbling over his words “and you...you should rest” Sam then stood up from the hammock that he was sat in next to Hailey and made his way over to the door and before he left he offered he a gracious smile before slipping out of the room and headed towards the princesses quarters he needed to talk to Natalia

“So she knows?” Natalia asks slowly looking more and more sickly as time went on since Samuel had come in and explained with carefully chosen words what Hailey had said to him, all colour had drained from the princesses face and the more he spoke the more paler Natalia became

Sam shook his head “No, she thinks, she doesn’t actually know, I managed to convince her it was one of her dreams like you told me she gets from time to time after a panic attack”

“But she might know?” Natalia looked utterly hopeless “Look, Samuel, my daughter is not stupid and sooner or later she’s going to figure it out” The princess then spewed out a bunch of words in Latin that was directed towards the queen and judging by the facial expression of the princess he only figured it was not singing the queens praises

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