Lost Kingdoms

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Chapter II

Sun seeped through Hailey’s closed eyes forcing her to fling them open much to her distaste she just wanted to snuggle deeper within her covers and sleep all day – only she couldn’t and she knew it

Hailey groaned as she sat up, and she stretched out blinking a few times to adjust to the brightness in the room.Quickly she swung her legs over the comforter and stood up swiping a hand through her birds nest of hair

She quickly dressed into her normal attire when not on missions; black skinny jeans some combat green army boots a crop top and a plaid shirt that wraps around her waist topping it off with a hand knife a pair of scissors and a gun all of which she hid in her clothes

Walking past the mirror she spared a fleeting glance over her shoulder and saw that the bags under her eyes were heavy and a discolour of purple and a murky brown and her hair had several knots and tangles in and hung heavily on her waist the inky purple colour now a near ashy colour

There was a knock on the door that caused Hailey to jump sky high and draw out her knife as the door creaked open often as they do in a horror movie Hailey also knew that she shouldn’t be scared but couldn’t help being so when she thought back to her last encounter with a boy from outside the institute

He could be a spy was her sole reason alone but yet she couldn’t deny that there was a part inside of her nibbling away telling her that she did just save her life

Her heart hammered with in her chest so thunderous and so hard that she swore she could hear the faint pulsing of it in her ears with one last push back of the door it swung open revealing the confused features of Allister Faintheart

“Whoa! Easy girl” Allister chuckled his slim build shaking from trying to supress the laughter that was begging to escape “I am not going to kill you in your sleep. . .Yet” He jokily jabbed at her making her squirm away from Allister

Hailey shook her head her rich so dark it was almost black purple hair trying to get the image of Sam’s smirk out of her mind but she couldn’t suddenly she realised that Alliserr was blinking at her strangely and had to quickly cover up why she was shaking her head like a lune

“Sorry. . .DC had me up all night with a mission taking out one of King’s sleeper cells so I am a little tired” she admitted waving an arm dismissively

“He’s back out there?” Question Allister his voice taking on a curious tone

Hailey nodded her head in conformation and sighed “Yeah. . .I took out five men last night they seemed to be trying to smuggle over another criminal from Booker that’s three times this month”

“And Director has you out there chasing them?” He asks stepping forward after seeing that there was a bullet wound lodged in one of her shoulders. Allister opened his mouth to question the small girl on this topic but she just put her palms up in a silencing motion and shrugged her plaid cover up on a bit more

“I wouldn’t call it ’chasing ’when I know where they are going to be at what time and I can kill all five people in less than an hour but yes DC has me going after them” Hailey says with a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders as if it was nothing

Allister nodded his head shortly his greenie hair sparkling in the light and started to walk away just as he reached the door he turned back towards Hailey as if he had forgotten something “Wait you said you knew where they were going to be and if they were smuggling someone in it makes sense that they would be on the bordering side of the two kingdoms which only takes about half an hour to get to and you killed them in less than an hour so it would take two hours at most for you to get back here and yet Amie said that you came back around 5:00am so what kept you?”

Hailey froze

“W-what do you mean?” She stuttered nervously as she looked around the room looking for a decent change of topic but when she couldn’t find one she began to panic. It hadn’t been twenty four hours yet and already her plan was starting to unfold

“Where. Were. You” He repeated his voice low and slow as if he was speaking to a five year old who didn’t understand what they were being told to do

Suddenly a wild idea inserted itself into her brain “I interrogated one and when he didn’t give me any new info I shot him and killed him so he couldn’t tell King that we were onto him”

Allister seemed satisfied with the answer and nodded along but by the look in his eyes Hailey knew that this topic wouldn’t be completely dropped but for now he would go along with what she told him, with one more look towards Hailey he exited from the room

If Allister was onto her Hailey knew she didn’t stand much of a chance sure she was the best assassin but he was the best person the man who sat in the office barking orders at everyone would call if he needed intel on one on the operations King or Keller operation’s and he unfortunately had a nose for fishy business

The corridors ran into one at this part of the building as Hailey walked she kept an eye out for Allister who might have been intrigued enough to follow her after this morning’s conversation. Picking up the pace Hailey hurried down the corridor and towards a single silver door with a silver machine next to it

Holding up her wrist facing towards the silver machine a blue strobe light flashed out of it making a noise (Hailey really wished it didn’t) as it scanned the ID chip lodged into the bracelet that she wore giving her access to almost every room in the building, with one final click the door slid open granting Hailey access

Inside were rows and rows of holographic computers but at the moment it just looked like an empty room with steel desks nothing special really to keep behind a locked door and only give certain people access too – only it was. These computers held everyone’s identity all throughout the world and not just in the kingdoms, it was supposed be used to find intel on the criminals or find out what punishment best fits the crime based on their record

However it was not supposed to be used for personal gain

But Hailey would not say it was for personal game but rather for confirming a suspicion that she had so she wondered to the back of the room to where the computers were hidden slightly and away from the door and sat down sliding her pinched together thumb and forefinger along the desk and pulled them up when they reached the end. A blue and orange coloured holographic keyboard was brought up and the computer with a swipe of the bracelet was now visible

Her fingers flew up and down the keyboard typing in a long username and password when it showed a greying blue long in screen, when the desktop loaded she didn’t waste time finding the information she needed Hailey could believe it or not find all of this on the e-net (an advanced version of the internet)

Suddenly a red pop up sign with a red and white cross through it flashed up showing her that she didn’t have access to the information she needed the small girl cursed in frustration and slammed her fist down on the desk making her whimper a little in pain

Think, think

A few attempts were wasted trying to gain access but Hailey considered what she did next a stroke of pure luck, she drew a shaky breath before trying to type in a username that she had once seen Xavier Cropper use and the same password , at the time – of course – she didn’t know what it was for but now if she was lucky might know indeed what it was for

After a few moments of impatient waiting a green access granted sign popped up, Hailey sighed as she shut down the window and began typing fastly the name that she remembered quite well

Sam Axelin

In the next passing second a profile popped up on to the three dimensional screen

Name: Samuel Jordon Axelin

Age: 17

Date of birth: 17th May 2000

Hair colour: Brown (curly)

Eye colour: Black, Green

Nationaliy: Brookert


Hailey had her mind racing as she tried to think what job the boy could be doing? He was carrying a weapon so maybe it could be similar to what she was doing but that didn’t make sense, there was only two institutes that had dealings with spies and all and since he was from Brooker that meant he was part of the Brooker institute but then why would he kill one of his own?

Suddenly there was another loud click and the door swung open as fast as the speed of light the assassin closed all of the tabs and shut it off to the long on screen right before Allister appeared with a curios bow arched

“Hi Hailey what are you doing here?” He asked sceptical of her behaviour

Hailey gulped swiftly thinking of an excuse as to why she was in here when she has only once before “Oh, I was just doing some rounds on the criminal’s that we have to catch and I estimate there is about 50 more sleeper cells that are still working for King” She says doing the maths in her head as she remembered from yesterday she had done this yesterday and the connection between the three smugglings was to obvious not to ask Director Cropper to stand on the border

“Oh well you better go tell Cropper then I guess” He deadpans obviously not believing he

“I will” Hailey scowls at his tone dismisses waving an arm in the air “what are you here for?”

“Nothing” Allister started he really didn’t need anyone else knowing – orders after all but after a short pause he decided she may be able to help him “Alright, alright I’m going to tell you but please don’t tell the big old man I told you, Director told me he couldn’t get into his CTS and he thinks a operative is trying to hack the system can you help me find the double agent?”

The girl flashed Allister a fake smile hoping to cover up her growing nerves she didn’t like this situation but had to roll with it if she was going to save herself and the mysterious boy with a bow “Sure”

Wind rippled Hailey’s clothes and hair as she stood there – in the dead of night – although she had to sneak out of the institute to get here she needed information and tonight whether he was willing to co-operate or not

One hand wrapped around her gun while the other reached out to knock on the white coated door in front of her, she knocked once and when she thought it was too quiet thanks to her trembling hands knocked again hopefully louder this time

Soon enough someone appeared at the door bright green eyes sparkling with question and curiosity much the same as Hailey – she thought someone else lived here? Although she had an easier time not showing this, her blonde hair hung heavily past her waist and at the end she had vibrant pink tips that add to the end of her hair

“Who are – ” She was quickly cut off by a voice that interrupted her before she could ask the rest of the question

“Jas who is it?” A familiar voice asked and seconds later footsteps followed by a figure who appeared at the door in a maroon tight fitting t-shirt and sweatpants “YOU” He bellowed when he saw who it was and collected his hunting bow from the coat stand and pulled out one arrow pointing it at Hailey ready to shoot

“You shoot we both die. You don’t shoot we both live” She smirked as she pulled out her own gun pointing it at the figure “Now why don’t you ask doll face to move out my damn way and invite me in”

Sam narrowed his eyes but gestured for the pink haired dumbstruck girl out of the way and Hailey stalked in looking at Sam like he was pray gun still raised

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