Lost Kingdoms

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Chapter III

“So . . . Are you going to tell me what the hell you think you are doing showing up at my house which by the way is across your boarder at one in the morning?” Sam asked fury was evident in both his tone and vibrant green eyes

Hailey let an easy grin fall upon her lips and she let out a sigh toying with telling him “no” and seeing how far she could push him before he snapped if she was to admit it was fun seeing him take the bait and squirm around on the hook “You know more than you your letting on” She finally taunts him as if she was talking to a five year old

“And please, pray tell what may that be?” He smirks and just like that with a simple sentence the roles had been reversed; Hailey was now the one whose body was consumed by rage and Sam wore a cocky self-arrogant smirk on his features his eyes sparkling with mischief

“I don’t know but what I do know is that you are going to tell me why you killed one of your own men who were helping you!” Hailey pauses and narrows her eyes into very thin slits before continuing darkly “Or at least helping you in some kind of smuggling act – which by the way is illegal”

The pink hair girl let out a gasp which made her presence known in the room again both of them in the heat of the argument had forgotten about the girl and both nearly got whiplash when they snapped their necks in her direction but before Hailey could say anything rude to her Sam spoke “Would you mind stepping out of the room?” The girl open her mouth to argue but with one sharp look from Sam her mouth snapped closed and she stormed out the room as soon as she did Hailey spoke up again

“Who is she?” She asked

Sam sighed before answering “Jasmine Olivia – my sister”

Hailey was stunned that he had a sister it mentioned nothing about any sibling in his personnel file and he also looked like the only child type “I didn’t know you had a sister” She found the words hard to get out

“You don’t know anything about me” Sam almost shouted before dropping his voice “Bar my name that is and that includes what you’re getting into if I tell you why I killed him”

“Let me be the judge of that” She stated calmly

“I can’t – ” He exclaimed and when Hailey quirked a brow at his statement he continued “Look I have only just met you and you seem like a nice girl not the kind of girl that gets involved with the kind of stuff that I’m mixed in with”

“You do realise what I do for a living right?” She asks actually amazed at the fact he thought whatever he was mixed in with was more dangerous than what she did for a job – obviously he didn’t know anything about her

Sam sighed “Of course I do it’s just that-” the rest of the words got stuck in his throat and he couldn’t find any way of telling her

“Just what?” Hailey snapped no longer finding this encounter amusing she glanced at him and when he looked like he did before just sighed “You know what it’s getting late am I’m exhausted”

She tried to walk away but Sam grabbed her forearm pulling her back to where she was. Hailey tried to rip free of his deadly grasp but stopped when it was evident she wasn’t going anywhere – no wonder he prefers shooting a bow to shooting a gun “No Hail wait let me explain –” He sighed again

“Don’t call me Hail its Hailey to you” She snapped but made no attempt to move

“Look Hailey I didn’t want to tell you because this involves you and the myth of the other lost kingdoms but it is pretty clear that you aren’t going to go away until I tell you am I right?” Sam finally blurts out with a pointed look

“W-w-what does it have to do with me?” Hailey stuttered confused yes sure killing was her job but not smuggling or killing her own that in itself was illegal

“Have you ever heard of Natelia Portsmyth?” Sam asks clearly pronouncing each word

Hailey froze at the mention of that name

“That’s my mother!” She yelled furiously at him “How did you get this information?”

“We have reason to believe that Natelia is still alive and hidden in a remote location to which we have been trying to track down the location but have yet had little luck due to the fact that she holds immense power – she is one of the last decedents of Elisya Grey the maker of the two free kingdoms and holds the power of water and healing” Sam stated evenly trying to break it to Hailey gently that she was a decedent of Elisya Grey

“How can this be possible?” She whispered barely audibly

Hailey felt numb, ever since her mother walked out on her and her father she was left trying to stich up a gaping hole in her heart and everything that Sam just told her whether it was true or not just unravelled the stitches she had sewn around her heart

“Quince wanted to kidnap you and hold you as a liability against Natelia not smuggle anyone into the second kingdom your institute got that wrong and that’s why he’s dead we couldn’t risk him infiltrating the mission”

“So that what I am to you what all of this is to you a mission?” Hailey screamed no longer able to control her ever growing anger, well she guessed she was able to get answers tonight but she wished she hadn’t

“No Hailey it’s—” Sam started

“Don’t, just don’t I wish I had never met you don’t try to contact me just...just stay away

" She was on the verge of tears now all that she thought she knew had turned out to be a lie and her world had been completely flipped upside down and she knew it was all down to one name. Sam Alexlin

And she couldn’t take it any more

A faint smile appeared on Hailey’s face as she rested the gun in the holster next to her and looked over at her work: Five bullet holes were ripped through the sheet of paper with ease two holes were found near the chest where the heart would be and the other were dead centre in the middle of the head in the middle of where the eyes would be

Hailey removed the yellow industrial headphones from her ears and shook her head to try and relieve the faint buzzing in them. She glanced at herself from the reflection she got in the glass that separated the stalls, she looked ill. Hailey’s face had an unhealthy grey tinge to it and she had even darker bags around her eyes, it was fair to say she didn’t get any sleep last night after almost burst into tears in front of Sam she stormed out of the house not even caring enough to bang the door behind her and walked back aimlessly to the border before breaking down into choked sobs and she didn’t stop until her throat was scratchy and sore her chest was heaving and her face was the colour of a blotchy red

“Wow who was insane enough to make you mad” A voice behind her said making her spin around to look him straight in the eye

“Nobody I’m not mad” It wasn’t a lie she wasn’t mad she was more furious than anything

“Hailey I’ve known you your entire life I think I know when you’re mad” Director Cropper answered, placing a hand on her shoulder he tried to study her features Hailey of course knew what he was up to and rearranged her tired expression into a blank one

“You’re thinking about your mother” Director Cropper said softly and carefully his eyes glazing over as he thinks fondly of the way her hair bounced around as she rode her horse Paint

“I guess I could be. . .” Hailey said not fully admitting this fact or revealing any unnecessary information to the Director

“It’s understandable you do realise the date today it has been five years since she’s left us” Director Cropper says his voice cracking as he spoke, Hailey’s heart only sank further into her stomach she hadn’t even checked the date and to make matters worse he still believed she was dead killed by an enemy rouge agent when Hailey knew there could still be a chance that her mother is alive and keeping it away from the Director is flooding her body with guilt

“I’m so sorry Pappy but I didn’t realise the date” She explains remorse and guilt shining in her black eyes

“No matter I think this was for the best anyhow you and I have work to do and I wouldn’t want what happened five years ago to stop us doing it” He mutters striking a hand through is greasy black hair which had a few grey strand weaving through them “Well come see me in my office tonight and we will talk” He positions himself so he stands up straighter giving his daughter a formal nod before turning on his heel and walking out of the shooting rage leaving Hailey to pick up the gun and send another round of bullets through the targets

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