Lost Kingdoms

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Chapter IV

Leaning back in her chair Hailey allowed her mind to wander to last night – none of what has happened in the past few days made any sense not until Sam was painted into her life and how could she believe him anyhow?

She glanced down at her untouched food and then back at the clock she was supposed to meet with her father in an hour and he wouldn’t be happy if she hadn’t eaten anything. Picking up her fork she stabbed it into the chicken swirling it around on her fork before shovelling it into her mouth, she had to keep in in her mouth as suddenly her food became much harder to swallow and tasted of ash

“Are you okay Hail?” Amie piped up looking at hr with concerned eyes “You’ve been quiet over supper and I mean more quiet than usual” Her face falls into a frown for it was true Hailey had been unusually quiet throughout the meal and hadn’t been concentrating on the buzz of the conversation in an effort to keep her thoughts from spilling out

“I’m just not in a talkative mood” She shrugged lamely in a half-hearted attempt to explain herself although nobody seemed to believe her and glanced at her with sceptical eyes before returning to the previous conversation and their meals leaving Hailey to pick at her food.

After a few more minutes of her just picking at her food, Hailey rose from her chair and threw her food in the bin before making her way back towards the table and picked up her water bottle and was about to leave when Allister stopped her

“Where are you off to?” He asked, his eyes narrowing

“I’m tired so I’m off to bed” She lied smoothly

Before Allister could say much else she made her way down the corridor walking aimlessly once around the circuit so that if she saw anyone she knew she had an excuse that she was just heading off to quarters

Once she was back in the main foyer she made a bee line for her father’s office, scanning her bracelet into the home built security system and she walked into the large room full of half glass windows and a fireplace on one end with a desk that stretched across at least half of the room making a space between Hailey and the man sat behind it, who only tore his gaze from the seemingly endless stack of papers when his daughter entered

“Ah hello glad you could join me Hail-bail” The burly man laughed a throaty laugh

“Hi dad how are you holding up?” She asked him even though she knew he wasn’t holding up well; he had ill looking skin pale and grey with some blotches of red from the hot angry tears and had bloodshot eyes, his hair was an equal mess sticking up in every direction – every year she saw him like this but at least he wasn’t drowning ten bottles of whiskey

“I’m doing just fine darling” He told her with an easy smile but Hailey could see through it there was no way he was fine – when her mother left Xavier took the hit hard and basically turned into a lifeless zombie and sometimes refused to eat that was actually the scariest time for Hailey since he looked so dead all she knew was that she didn’t want to lose another parent

“That’s fantastic” She gave him her best fake smile

It seemed the Director knew of this and shook his head a little before changing the subject “How are you, you seemed in quite a rage last time I saw you are you sure you are alright?” He asked her sincerity in his grey eyes

“I am alright yes” Hailey lied but this time not as smoothly as before as she was fiddling with her fingers

“I want you to know that I will always be here for you – and just because I run a secret operation like this institute - doesn’t mean I’m not your father and anything you want to tell me anything at all I will always be here and will always with an open ear listen to want you have to say” The director seemed to have felt the need to remind his daughter of this fact

“Thanks” She replied uneasily

“No issue,” He replied flashing her a smile before he went into work mode again “Well as long as you are okay would you mind leaving?” He asked her making her stomach drop no matter what he says about her coming first she always knew that work would come out on top

“Yes I was heading to bed anyway” She tells him before curtly leaving



That one name was went through her head last night not allowing her any sleep and for some reason whenever she thought of him, her stomach would twist and turn and make her want to throw up but in a good way? She didn’t understand it nor did she want to

Hailey rolled over and nearly fell out of the bed from how small it was but she managed to heave herself back in and looked at the clock; she had been trying to get to sleep for over an hour now and she hadn’t closed her eyes. Not once.

Sighing she carefully sat up being as careful as possible so she didn’t bang her head and accidently wake Amie and Athena up, carefully she rose from the mounds of sheets and dressed in black before decking herself out with weapons in any place where she could hide them

Suddenly she stopped in her tracks when she heard the sound of someone stirring and the sound of sheets being pulled back before vibrant (even in the dark eyes) met her,

“Where are you going?” Athena questioned quietly her voice groggy and laced with sleep and her red hair sticking up at all ends

“Couldn’t sleep” She answered vaguely, she didn’t want to lie to the girl who was the youngest in the institute; when Athena first arrived Hailey took it upon herself to become the sisterly role the scared little one was missing.

“Oh okay would you like me to cover for you while you go and find answers?” She questioned innocently making Hailey choke on the air how did Athena know so much? And since she was willing to cover for her showed how much of a sister she really was

“Yes” Hailey spoke softly before stepping swiftly into the night

For the second time that week Hailey found herself outside of the Airlet border and opposite Sam’s painted white door frame but this time she didn’t knock and carefully twisted the handle to find it unlocked and stepped in

The house was dark and almost dead as she was almost sure that everyone had retired to bed had it has not been for the single streak of light coming off one of the rooms in this fairly large house

Cautiously she tipped toed trying to get past the room without being caught but stopped dead when she heard the sound of sweet laughter, the same one that she had not heard since she was eleven

She pivoted around and froze when Hailey caught sight of the women sitting infront of Sam and another man the woman had the same curly hair as Hailey did except hers was a subtle baby pink and she had the same face shape as Hailey the same nose for that women was Hailey’s supposed dead mother, the famous Natelia Portsmyth, descendant of Elysa Grey

Hailey didn’t move she couldn’t get her legs to work and since her mother was to engaged in conversation to even notice her and that was fine since Hailey needed to get out of here

when she’d finally calmed down she was able to move and slowly tip toe away but she didn’t notice the vase slipping off the stand as she walked passed the tip of her sword clashing with it and in what seemed like slow motion the vase clattered to the ground and shattered attracting the attention on everyone in the room

Nobody spoke and nobody moved too afraid that if they did it would be the wrong one as they watched Natelia study Hailey with confusion before a slow easy smile parted her lips and she spoke confidently

“Daughter” She said striding over and cupping her cheeks but Hailey pulled away from her and glared at her she couldn’t believe it was her mother standing in front of after all this time nor did she want to, rage consumed the little girls body and all she saw was red as she took a step forward and held her hand up to swing on her but neither Natelia or the man who was sat there frozen it was only Sam who got up and made the effort to calm her

“Don’t do something you will regret later Hailey listen to me we need her I promise after we are done you are free to do whatever you please with her but please just listen to me” Sam begged and against her better judgement she listen to him and lowered her fist making her mum visibly relax

“Thank you Samuel” Natelia speaks out and in the corner of her eye Hailey saw how Sam winced at his full name although like her daughter Natelia wasn’t so as watchful and just continued “Now where were we. . .”

“We were talking about the four borders” The scrawny man pipes up before looking over his half oval glasses towards Hailey and giving her a long hard glare “Before we were interrupted by this stupid girl”

Like Hailey was expecting her mother didn’t defend her like any mother might do for their daughter she just smiled and put her palms up “Alright Thantos” and walked over to the chair she was sitting in without a further glance towards Hailey

Sam glanced towards the girl who was dumbstruck in the middle of his living room

and invited Hailey to sit with them and when both of the adults glared at Sam he shrugged and nodded his head towards Hailey

“It concerns her to” He said as Hailey froze mid step before Sam took hold of her hand and took her over to the leather chair where she sat still trying to process the words that Sam had just said and if she was completely honest with herself she had surprised herself that she hadn’t drawn her gun. . .Not yet anyhow

“Fine” Natelia huffs before showing a stern set of features towards her daughter “But you cannot repeat anything said here to anyone especially not the fact that that I’m alive that would give the enemy a chance to use you as a liability towards me and no you cant even tell Xavier”

“Doesn’t he deserve to know your alive?” Hailey screams tears falling down her face, she hasn’t cried since her mother left her and now she is crying because of her mother

“You were always naïve child” Natelia replies harshly, her words cutting through Hailey’s heart like glass “You think I cared about your father? I just wanted a child to carry my powers of water I wanted a big strong headed boy but all I got was you a weak girl and my mother wanted me to marry someone rich and Xavier was so it was a win-win situation” She admitted coolly and for the first time Hailey saw her mother for who she was and it stung

“Tell me then if you wanted ‘a big strong headed boy and not a weak girl’ then why does this concern me?” She asked as calmly as she could trying not to show how much her mother’s words affected her

“Have you listened to nothing I have just said? My mother was Elysa Grey protector of the lost kingdoms and you are my only child and so you bear with you control over water and some other power and you must find the lost kingdoms by the harvest blue moon” Natelia says waving an arm about to prove her point

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