Lost Kingdoms

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Chapter V

Hailey stood still trying to comprehend what her mother had just told her, she didn’t know of how to take it a million and one questions were buzzing around in her head making her head ache a little “So what I have powers now?” She finally asked one of the questions that was bugging her above all the others

“Oh my child you have always had these powers – you just haven’t realised it until just then” Natelia explains but it wasn’t much of an explanation to Hailey as it left her feeling even more confused than before

“That doesn’t make sense” Hailey disagreed shaking her midnight hair

Natelia walked over to her daughter and shook her with a little force “Think think child is there anything that you’ve made happen something unexplainable?”

Hailey thought back to see if she could remember such a time in her life but her mind was to far gone with new information to even remember what she did yesterday so she slowly shook her head and at that her mother looked just about ready to explode

“Well you have, you used to do it all the time when you were younger making bubbles appear out of thin air and so you had me running around trying to conceal it or making water spurt out of your hand” Natelia snarls at her as if it was her fault, Hailey couldn’t even remember doing anything like that so how was it her fault if she didn’t even do it on purpose

“Calm down Natty” Thantos soothes putting a hand on her shoulder and once again making his presence known to Hailey who had forgotten about him due to the spat with her mother “This useless brat isn’t worth it lets just get rid of her”

This angered both Hailey and Sam to new levels although Sam didn’t quite understand why he was so angry but he placed on the man’s idiocy and arrogance since he has arrived at his home but he also knew a part of him was disagreeing with that statement

They all waited to see what the women would do and what happened next was something that nobody was expecting with the most practised swiftness Natelia raised a gun and aimed it towards Thantos shooting him five times in the chest making him look at his chest and then towards Natelia with a fleeting glance and then drop on his knees; a strangled noise falling from his trembling lips before he crashed to the floor finally losing his balance as more blood seeped from his chest making his life come to a halting end

“He was annoying” Was all the explanation the women offered before she pocketed the gun and threw Hailey’s her which she confiscated before when she cupped her daughters cheek Hailey caught it sparing a confused glance it her mother’s direction who in turn shrugged “Lets go” She added before marching out of the room leaving a confused and slightly hesitant Sam and Hailey to follow

Heart beating so loud she could hear it in her ears and both hands wrapped around her gun which was pulled into her chest in a protective manor Hailey followed her mother through the dark parts of the Southside of the kingdom

Even though the pastel sky was rising on the Northside and all over the other parts of the Kingdom, Southside was left dark with a dense black fog covering that part of the kingdom not only was the black fog creating a premature darkness but every little noise was making Hailey jump sky high no wonder her father built the institute on the Northside although when he told her this Hailey did admit that it seemed stupid enough to build a secret institute near the government and where the king rules but she was glad her father for once took no notice of her begs and pleas and built the instate further north than was planned originally

“Do you know why my mother has sent us here?” She quizzed Sam who had his bow pointed towards the ground and his stature was protective as if to protect the women even know he fully well know that both could probably shoot him before he could say the word ‘fragile’ and not even bat an eye

“I would joke and say she is trying to kill us but at this point I don’t want to give Natelia any ideas” He shrugged looking as clueless as Hailey

“My mother wouldn’t kill us” Hailey snapped with venom lacing her voice and making her look ever so confident in her words but inside she wasn’t she thought she knew her mother; the kind of mother that when you are sad would give you a cookie but the mother that she once knew has changed or maybe she hadn’t changed at all and that scared Haile, did she really know the women her mother was

“Are you sure about that?” Sam joked jabbing Hailey slightly in the ribs but it probably wasn’t the time to joke or in fact touch the girl on high alert and carrying a gun because before the boy could even blink he yelped in pain as blood seeped through his shoe because a tin bullet lodged its way into his foot making him cry out in pain which caught the attention of Natelia who stopped and turned around to see that the pair was not keeping up with her quick pace and was falling behind

“What’s taking so long? Hurry up” Natelia questioned her voice carrying throughout the dense forest that they had found themselves in while following Hailey’s mother to only-god-knows-where

“Easy for you to say you didn’t just get shot in the foot” Sam grumbled under his breath but changed int a half jog in order to keep up with the women who could be lleading them to their doom. Hailey hung her head low and a small smile crept its way onto her face before she ran to keep up with her mother and the boy with the bleeding toe

The sun was now well up in the sky and Hailey was sure that everyone was up in the institute and even though Athena was covering for her and that they were using up all the resources in the institute to try and track her down and her father was probably pacing in his office sending out every available agent out to look for her

“Nat – Mom what is going to happen because dad will be looking for –”

“DO NOT TALK ABOUT XAVIER” Natelia roared making the two teenagers jump in surprise and fear, Natelia noticed the fear spreading throughout her daughters eyes and sighed “Now hush child your father will gets whats coming to him in due time”

“O-Kay” Hailey muttered under her breath not fully understanding the resent that Natelia held deep within her for Xavier Hailey thought that her mother and father loved each other like every other child thought their mother and father did but clearly they ended things on a sour note

“Stop” Natelia orders firmly her voice traveling backwards to the teenagers who were trailing behind for every one brisk step them she took they dragged their feet along the dirt road and now because they knew Natelia would be furious with them if they didn’t catch up they propelled their bodies into a run

When the pair caught up to the women who now had a scowl engraved on her face they were doubled over and panting Hailey was not the worst runner in the world but when she sprinted she felt like she was going to pass out

“Oh get a grip child I see that your father didn’t teach you how to run” Natelia spat to her daughter

“He taught me everything I know when he opened up the institute after you supposedly died I guess it was his way of dealing with it all afterall he did just lose his wife who he thought loved him with everything but no you just wanted a son to carry your powers” Hailey snapped back her tone matching her mothers

“I knew Xavier didn’t care about me or at least he didn’t care enough not to cheat” Natelia said firmly and for a second Hailey saw her mother’s strong façade fall “and Elysia your grandmother wanted me to come back to her so after I found out Xavier cheated I couldn’t carry on pretending everything was fine so I died ... Well faked my own death although it did break my heart to leave you behind and I know you have every right to be angry and not forgive me but please stop treating me like some sort of villain”

Hailey didn’t know what to say to make the situation any less grim she knew her mother wasn’t lying because of the cracks in her stone masks however she wasn’t ready to say anything against the man who loved her even when her mother supposedly died so instead she just nodded her head before going inside the little run down house on the SouthSide border at the very edge of the kingdom followed closely by Sam leaving Natelia to her own thoughts -- outside alone.

Hailey ran up the old wooden staircase that seemed to creak under even her light footing (it was habit now that even when she wasn’t chasing down illegal criminals that she just over time learn how to walk lightly) and she found two single beds in a small room that was a similar size to that of a shoebox but she didn’t care Hailey just flung herself on a bed unaware that Sam was watching her as tears pooled out of her black glassy eyes

It was a strange sight to see the tough girl with the gun cry that much Sam knew and he was right Hailey didn’t view crying as a sign of weakness but she knew after her mother passed she had to be there for her father and so she vowed to never cry again

“You okay?” Sam asked after a moment pause bringing Hailey with her pinked puffed cheeks to look up at him and roughly wipe the tears away with the heel of her hand as if crying in front of someone was the worst sin of all

“What do you think?” Hailey hiccupped in between the occasional sob she couldn’t believe that someone who not only knew her better than anyone else besides her father and maybe her mother now that she was back in her life would ask such a stupid question because of course she wasn’t okay because a night ago she thought her mother was dead. . .and now she’s alive and to top it all off shew has just found out she has some sort of water powers and is the decent of Elysia Grey the founder of the water kingdom herself and if that wasn’t enough found out from her mother that her father cheated on the women he once elt in love with and lied to Hailey about it

To get the message across Hailey sent a burning death glare to Sam who shrugged and nodded “Guess not” he then went over to her and sat on the bed next to her before he continued “Look I know you feel alone and that all of this came at a bad time and I 100% believe that you aren’t trusting a word I have said so far but believe me when I say that your mother loved you yes she did want a son but she did love you and yes she did lash out at you but seeing you brought back memories of Xavier that she just wanted to forget

Once again Hailey didn’t know what to say Sam made sense but why couldn’t her mother tell that herself and the fact that Sam knew Natelia better than she did that did upset her as she didn’t know how much more Natelia told her company that she didn’t tell Hailey

Finally when the girl trusted her voice she turned to Sam and said “Look your right I don’t trust you and I don’t know whether to trust my mother or not and while I do believe she has told me the truth trusting her takes effort however I am stuck with you both until I can find a way out of this whole mess so I need you and my mother to stop acting like you know me because you have no idea what I am capable of”

Before Sam could even let the words “You don’t know me either” roll of his tongue Hailey had gone and huffed back down the stairs

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