Lost Kingdoms

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Chapter VI

The plan was set

Even though Hailey thought that the plan was not only stupid but downright unfair to her father she daren’t disagree with her mother looking into her eyes she knew that it would be unwise to do so especially seen as the look in Natelia’s eyes told her that she was about to explode if someone mentioned the plan or Xavier again

The plan was to fake Hailey’s death

It sounded impossible to pull off when Hailey first heard of the plan to see herself get shot multiple times in the chest but then she had to remind herself – that even though it may seem impossible it wasn’t because Natelia had done it five years ago

Two days turned into a blur of planning the precise timings of the detailed plan like what time it was going to go down and how much time they had before the local police of the Airlet force showed up

Hailey’s body shook as she thought about what she was supposed to do, she would wait by the entrance of the Airlet gates not far from where the institute was – her mother picked the location specially because the view from Xavier office gave him a crystal clear view of the gates surrounding the kingdom of Airlet and where he would watch his daughter get shot

That didn’t sound like a very friendly thing to do if you asked Hailey she knew her mother and father ended things on a more than sour note but they loved each other once so now why was Natelia so hell bent on revenge?

“Let’s go” Natelia ushered Hailey and Sam into the sleek black car that had pulled up moments before to take them to their destination, both Sam and Hailey tried not to stare in amazement as they glanced around the car

It was sleek and black with black tinted out windows so that you couldn’t see the array of weapons stashed between the seats and underneath the false floors and it appeared to Hailey that her mother took notes as to what kind of weapon the teens preferred as there was a bow near Sam’s half of the car and an array of handguns to machine guns and snipers to throwing knifes and a set of leather gloves for Hailey

“The leather gloves help you control your powers” Natelia explained as Hailey had her eyebrows furrowed at the pair of baby blue gloves

With a little apprehension Hailey slipped on the gloves and was surprised of how warm and silky the gloves felt and looked to her mother for another explanation “The gloves are also lined with fur and silk to feel a bit more softer and warmer on the hands” and then Hailey proceeded to fill her belt and waistband with the guns and knives

The silent car rolled to a stop and the doors were flung open by two clean shaven men in matching black suit and they both appeared to wear on their heads some sort of black sailor’s cap

“You have arrived Ma’am” The older one said

“Thank you Alberto” Natalia replied stepping out of the car

“And you?” He says gesturing towards Hailey to get out

Hailey thought for a moment about whether or not she actually wanted to go through with the plan but she knew if she didn’t she would probably end up with a bullet lodged in her arm or leg or stomach

“Thanks” Hailey muttered finally stepping from the car

“No problem and good luck” The younger of the two replied

“Now get in position” Natelia hissed to her daughter giving her a firm shove into the tunnel that night that she passed through after meeting Sam for the first time, her whole body seemed to disappear the further she stepped into the tunnel because of her black clothing and stark midnight hair

Hailey could hear the car engine rumble away as she crouched down at the far end of the tunnel supposedly looking out for something in the night her hand hovered over the ketchup mixed with a little bit of bleach packets that she had tucked fimly underneath her top and one in the boot of her leg

She didn’t want to this but yet she didn’t really have a choice

One moment later one shadow split into two cloaked by the darkness she knew her the figures were – her mother and Sam but if the plan was going to work she needed to act like she had no idea who they were so with a worried arm she raised her gun and aimed it at one of the figures whether it was her mother or Sam she wasn’t so sure


A sound like a gunshot rippled through the night air and for a moment Hailey’s leg stung as she tried to activate one of the two blood packets finally though she managed to step on it and squish the packet making it go all over her leg and seep out from her knee high boots

She managed to fake a limp like she couldn’t hold her weight anymore as she leaned against the wall of the tunnel and raised her gun to fire


Another sound rippled through but nothing came out of her gun and then –

Bang bang bang

The small disc that they were using as a substitute for the bullets came flying towards her chest and she moved carefully as if she was trying to dodge it just as her mother had instructed her to but the other disk that was fired from a gun ended up piercing her top and the blood packet underneath and this time Hailey fell onto her back because the pain stung so much

And the two figures ran away

Hailey didn’t know how long she lay there – she didn’t want to count before shouts of her name were heard and she dared to peek a look at Sam who was towering over her looking at her one and a half closed eyes and he must’ve have been a really good actor because he actually looked panicked

Next to him stood Xavier

Xavier was a picture of self-destruction he had tears streaming out of his eyes and his face was panicked and grief stricken as he had checked for a pulse but to no avail since Hailey had taken some medicine beforehand that slowed her pulse right down so that it seemed like it wasn’t there

Her father sobbed loudly clutching to her lifeless body tight enough that it ade the poor girl wince until Sam – thankful – managed to pull the man off

Sirens blared in the background as Hailey was lifted onto a stretcher and was pulled away from that of her father who was threating every official that if he didn’t see his daughter just one last time then he would force his way in and her mother who was observing silently as she smirked at the state her ex-husband was in in the dark

Sam was the only one allowed in the ambulance since he was the only one there that was as calm as he could pretend to be but he made sure not to look to calm as someone could easily pick up that the girl who was pronounced dead just a minute ago was in fact still alive

“You are doing well just a few more hours alright?” Sam said when the big emerercy doors closed shut Hailey could hardly breathe under the thick white sheet that they covered her in but somehow she managed to move her head just a tiny bit to let the boy with the boy know that she was alright

It was a long and slow few hours and the next time that Hailey saw someone was when shad had been moved down to the morgue and she was pretty sure her sense of smell had be damaged due to the length of time she was forced to breath in rotting flesh

The two glass doors slid open and Hailey quietened down her breathing like she had been doing every time someone walked in and out in the past half an hour though she could tell by the footsteps that this person was coming to see her and she hoped it was Sam or her mother but just in case it was her father (who had previously almost got to her body before getting escorted out by the kingdom’s security bots) or anyone else she closed her eyes tight

“We have a window of half an hour get up” Natelia hissed

Hailey clumsily fumbled to grab hold of the white sheets and pull them off of her before unsteadily standing on her two legs and after hours of just lying there when she stood she almost fell over

Her mother pushed a coat over her head before padding the autopsy table with a dummy and pillows and threw the blank sheet back over the dummy that was a replica of Hailey before they set off to get out of the infirmary

“Samuel will meet us out front” Natelia informed as they waited for the elevator to take them back up to ground level

The elevator came and Hailey walked inside cautiously having to resort to lifting the hood up a little so she could see where she was walking but when she was in she realised that you needed a key although she was hardly surprised when her mother produced a key out of her back pocket and slotted it into the key hole

The elevator woke up with a jolt causing Hailey to grab ahold of the bar fixed into the wall to stop herself from tumbling to the ground, there was a small ding barely a minute later and Natelia walked out seemingly confident as ever leaving her daughter to scramble after her

“Mom I can’t see remember you need to slow down” Hailey remembered her mom

“No time for that I am afraid come on” Her mom whispered back a response not bothering to turn around and help her struggling daughter years ago Hailey was sure that she woul’ve done if they ever found themselves in this situation but it wasn’t years ago and it wasn’t the mother that she once knew if Hailey could get that through her head then it would be a lot easier to sleep at night

It wasn’t until they reached the front desk that Hailey’s heart leap into her front in front of the desk was Xavier his face full of rage and grief as he demanded to see his daughter once more Hailey tried not to stare she really did but she couldn’t help it and she stared at her father until her mother pulled her away

“I’ll never see him again will I?” Hailey pouted

“Try not to think about what or who your leaving too much if you do it’ll drive you mad” Natelia suggested softly noticing the saddened look on her daughters face besides she knew from experience that if you think about something too much it will slowly and surely turn you insane

After that they met up with Sam Axelin and they were going on an adventure to find a mystical kingdom; two dead people and one alive and together they would find the kingdom

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