Lost Kingdoms

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Chapter VII

2 moths later. . .

Hailey sat down on the pavement just outside the Brokert border it had been a tiring day and all she wanted was to lay down in a nice comfy bed and have a nap and maybe if she could wash away all the grime and the sweat from that day off too

But she couldn’t and she knew that

They had to get to the Queens Border before sunrise before they found a run down set of lodgings to stay in they weren’t the best but they were all the three of them had and she knew that her mother would slip the innkeeper some extra cash so they would keep quiet about the three basically crossing each border line

“Come on we need to get there before sunrise” Natelia called and it seemed to echo on the empty streets

“My feet are tired mom” Hailey complained

With a sigh Natelia made her way back to her daughter “You can have five minutes”

The stars were being chased away overhead by an early pastel sunrise and Hailey knew that if they didn’t get to the Queens border before the sun was fully up in the sky they would be in serious trouble for trespassing and disregarding the outlaws law but still Natelia allowed her five minutes that had to mean their relationship was mending over the past two months.

“What are we doing here, why did we stop?” Sam wheezed as he leaned against an alleyway for support trying not to let relief flood his features but he couldn’t help it as he leant over himself trying to assess the still bleeding wound

Only a short while ago just before they left their Brokert safe house they were ambushed by two men in ski masks carrying loaded gun fire and although the three of them managed to not only escape but kill the men as well one of the men managed to line up the target on Hailey but before the tin bullet could reach Hailey even before she could react a barrier had gotten in the way of the bullets path – Sam

Hailey managed for hours to take Sam’s weight as they wandered across the dark streets but eventually Sam’s weight along with her own became too much for the little girl to handle and she had to leave him behind so she could get some feeling back in the left side of her body

“We are just taking a breather for one minute and fifty four seconds” Natelia replied sitting herself down next to Hailey “I would advise that you Samuel stay stood because we shan’t be long now”

Again out of the corner of her eye Hailey saw Sam wince and flinch a little at the use of his full title but just like when they were back at the house he didn’t say anything and just nodded along before leaning against the wall for all of one minute and forty eight seconds

“We need to get going now” Natelia said shortly no room for bargaining an extra two minutes out of her then

Hailey nodded before standing and dusting off her pants and going over to Sam to help him get upright and if she can manage again hopefully take a little bit of his weight after all he was injured because of her well because the bad people after her wanted her dead so she couldn’t continue to find The Lost Kingdom of water and continue her mother and her grandmothers legacy to be honest all of it Hailey was still trying to get to grips with

They fell into step a few meters behind Natelia but it seemed that she was only focused on one thing and would not notice if the pair started talking to one another and so Hailey decided to ask the one question that had been ebbing away at her for the past four months “Why do you hate your full name so much”

Sam froze mid step and for a moment it seemed like he had fear in his eyes before he recovered and turned to Hailey wincing a little as he did “I was going to lie to you and say that I have no idea what you are talking about however I’ve seen the way you look at me after I do and they aren’t looks of sympathy so I’ll explain besides I know your past why not tell you mine?”

“You don’t have too –”

“No I do anyway my story starts off in the most cliché way possible and my mom died giving birth to me and my father was so grief stricken about my mother, Grace that he couldn’t take care of me so I was pawned off to Brokert’s orphanage for boys and young men”

“Sorry” Hailey mumbled feeling that that was the only thing that she could say

“No like I told you I don’t want your pity” Sam snapped hotly before continuing with a trip down memory lane “But this is where the cliché part gets even bigger the orphanage wasn’t just an orphanage even though I wished to The Lost Kingdom God Moony that it was”

Hailey sucked in a breath knowing that nothing good could ever come to what Sam had to say next “It was a kingdom mafia”

Sam lowered his head a little and said “They trained me from the age of three how to use different weapons on people who are bad in the world and at the time I didn’t know that they were the bad people anyway they trained boys like me to use different weapons like guns maces and knives but I was drawn to the bow and that became the weapon that I would use to make my first kill”

“You really don’t have to continue” Hailey said her voice weak and barely there she suddenly felt guilty and selfish for even thinking that she had a hard life when she had no idea what the people around her even went through

“I was eight and we had just injured an hour of torture from our gym coach when he called on volunteers to demonstrate how to fight in hand to hand combat using weapons if you needed to and when nobody stepped up he got furious and picked on a small boy trying to fade into the back row – that boy was me!” Sam spoke his voice wasn’t gruff and gravely like Hailey knew it to be it was far off and Hailey had to strain to hear the last little bit of what he said

Since nobody else volunteered coach had me fight him and I think he thought he was going to win because I stood no chance I was a little scrawny thing going up against a person thrice my size and who was trained to kill and torture boys who were simply not strong enough”

Suddenly the sound of a vehicle rumbling along the road cut short the rest of Sam’s story and Hailey turned to the teenager attached to her with a wild fear behind her eyes she knew she couldn’t yell for her mom that would give them away however she couldn’t run ahead and leave an injured boy to fend for himself

Luckily through some miracle that Hailey cant place the women who she needed to get to sprinted back to them her confident façade slipping and in place was a mask of pure raw fear and Hailey knew by that the trio was in trouble

“Hurry you need to get out of here I will take Samuel. Go” Natelia ordered through a shaky voice but she made a grab for Sam so that her daughter would be free to run and hide but when she didn’t move Natelia explained further “Xavier’s here, go we’ll meet at the border ”

The vehicle was now close enough that Hailey even in the dim light of the moon the familiar blue metal of the old familiar car though she couldn’t make out who was inside of the car she could tell it was more than one person

Hailey set off to sprint as fast as she could which wasn’t that fast she had to admit but it was better than nothing and when she turned her head to look over her shoulder she couldn’t see them anymore – she had lost them


She was alone in a kingdom that she didn’t know the ins and outs of and quickest routes of escape and worst of all if she didn’t get to the kingdom’s border by sunrise a) she wouldn’t be able to meet back up with her mother and Sam and b) she could be killed by public hanging just for trespassing into another kingdom without a licence

This was not good

She had no map

No food or water

And no sense of where she was

But that wasn’t the best part

No the best part was her father was after her killer not knowing that his daughter was alive and just running away from him, she knew that her father was a very cleverly witted man and as soon as he saw her would put two and two together and put everything together like a kids jigsaw puzzle but if he stayed clueless to the fact that Hailey was alive then he would be too swallowed by grief and guilt to put the pieces together

So she had to keep running

Five hours had past Hailey had been counting in her head and the sun was now well up in the sky and the first people to be up in the kingdom and at risk of catching her were the common folk people who worked in the mines mining oil and coal for their kingdom they often were up at dawn and worked long hours a day some often burning the midnight oil only to be up at dawn the next day

Quiet as a mouse Hailey sat on a fire escape just above a row of houses often having to ducking on and off the night to keep out of the way of prying eyes

“Mummy mummy there’s a girl on the fire escape” A child’s voice yelled causing panic to flow through Hailey

As quickly and as nimbly as her training would allow her to go Hailey swung her legs over the bar that stopped someone from accidently falling before throwing herself over the edge and disappearing from sight and out of the way of the curious boy

“There’s nobody there Keto” She heard the mother sigh from the fire escape above

Hailey let out a quiet sigh thankful that she had avoided that situation but now because Keto knew she was hanging around she knew that she could no longer stay out in the fire escapes because that would just be stupid

Hailey continued to go down each fire escape in turn, carefully trying to keep out of the prying eyes of other beady little children that hang out in the complex with a practised landing when Hailey reached the solid ground again pain shot through her right leg from an old knife attack injury

Slipping into the shadows Hailey blended in well and although she complained to her mother one to many times that her closes stunk and were rigid to wear she was now thankful that her mother didn’t listen to her and sighed tiredly “Hailey we do not have enough money to just throw around we are already running low and god knows how long we will still be traveling”

The midnight headed girl still didn’t know where she was

But she continued in the suns direction as she had been doing and even though she knew it might not lead to the border she was hoping that maybe one day it would lead home so she could see her father again

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