Lost Kingdoms

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Chapter VIII

Hailey’s vision was obscured as her eyes fluttered open leaving her to blink a few times to get rid of the blurriness in them, the second thing that the petite girl noticed was that her head pounded and she felt like she had been hit over the head with a steel bat

The ground also felt hard like she was lying on a pillow of concrete

Rubbing her temple Hailey propped herself up on her elbows and was utterly totally confused by what she saw she was in a small room with steel bars going all the way around three of the walls and the back wall was made out of concrete

She was confused

Her head pounded and hurt as she tried to remember what happened only the harder she tried the more her head pounded

Don’t bother trying to remember it won’t do any good” A sinister voice said to her but she wasn’t sure whether or not the voice was one of her own making or whether it was for real “We drugged ya so ya cant remember anything that happened within the last six hours”

“Where am I?” Hailey asked her voice hoarse and scratchy

“Where thievin’ thief’s like ya belong” He boomed shaking the bars almost like he was trying to attack the girl behind the bars

Hailey stepped back slightly scared by the man in front of her and as the man has clearly stripped her of her weapons – she had zilch to defend herself with her head pounded as she stepped back though not used to putting pressure on her feet since she had been drugged

“Where are my friend and my mother?” Hailey asked sitting down on the floor once again because of her spinning head

“Oh don’t worry ya pretty little head they are also where the’ belong buggers the lot o’ ya!” The man said to Hailey hiding a cruel smirk in the corner of his mouth

“Where are they?” Hailey gasped panic flooding through her body as she tried to control her breathing but the more she tried to the more she panic she tried counting to ten in her head but that didn’t work so she moved onto pacing the cage all she could focus on was how panicked she was and she paced once more until someone stood in front of her

“Haile listen to me” A familiar voice commanded and Hailey stopped pacing abruptly to face the voice – it was her mother, Hailey nodded still out of breath and panting heavily as her throat constricted “Focus on the sound of my voice breathe in and breathe out”

Hailey nodded clasping and unclasping her hands to try and make herself calm down, when she was little this was one of the only things that calmed the anxious little girl down she unclasped her hands once more feeling much calmer however still a little bit on edge

“How did this happen?” Natelia asked softly her face void of human emotion “You haven’t had an panic attack since the incident” It took Hailey a minute or two but she finally caught on to the meaning behind her mothers words – she meant since her mom ‘died’ – but of course she couldn’t say this directly so she settled of ‘incident’

“I didn’t know where you and Sam were” Hailey admitted almost shy

“We’re here, we’re here” Natelia says softly and Hailey was so shocked as she was sure her mother would be angry at her

“I’m sorry” muttered Hailey chewing on her lip willing herself not to cry

“well thanks thief I’m pretty sure I would’v’ lost ma job if she had fainted” Interjected the man “But ya go back to ya self now run along”

“No, I don’t think so look I know your just doing your job but like you said she nearly passed out so I wouldn’t mind if you please put us in the same cell” Natelia says her politeness almost clouding her arrogant tone

“I don’t like ya attitude lady but I suppose I’ better not have this youn’ thief pass out before her trial so she can move cells” The man says unhooking a bronze set of keys from his belt and unlocking the bars that made them fall away – almost disappearing into ash --

Hailey threaded her hands over and over again to distract herself from the panic bubbling away in the pit of the stomach as the man gripped her arm tightly and led her across the hallway from the room that she was just in to a similar room that was an exact copy of the room she left behind

When the bars were back in place and the man had left the keys jangling from his large leather belt, Hailey stopped threading her hands and faced her mother all panic disappearing from her face as if it was never there

“So what’s the plan” Hailey asked coolly towards her mother

“We get out of here” Natelia stated simply as if it was as easy as waking up in the morning

“How?” Asked Sam who was sitting watching the mother and daughter duo in amazement as they continue to bounce ideas of each other

“It’s none of your business” Hailey snapped her voice and face void of emotion, very different to just a few seconds ago. It didn’t take the shaggy haired boy to figure out the midnight haired girl had been acting this whole time but what he didn’t understand was why did she have to act in that way also how did she put of a façade like that seemingly without any effort?

“Actually it is Hailey” Sam retorted a new found confidence lacing his tone “Elysa Grey requested me to bring you both back safely to the Isle of The Lost Kingdoms”

Hailey didn’t take well to this new found information and instantly balled her fists at her sides

finding it difficult to control her anger she turned to her mother so fast Natelia was surprised she didn’t get whiplash

“He’s visited your mother and I haven’t” She seethed her face an unreadable emotion between anger and hurt

“He is part of CSU and you are part of the KPP” Natelia explained calmly not batting an eyelid at her daughters growing anger

“What?” Both teens exclaimed outraged

“That’s right you two have been working together unwittingly” Natelia smiled a half smile

Both didn’t quite know what to do, CSU (Crime Surveillance Unit) and KPP (Kingdom Protection Program) had been working together ever since they were set up by Xavier five years ago it was his way to deal with the grief of what happened to his wife that night

Hailey knew the Sam was hiding things

What she didn’t know though was that he had been working under the orders of her father mother and her grandmother that she hasn’t even met yet because she was simply told that she died of old age but that however wasn’t the case

Hailey resisted the urge to strangle Sam with the paper clip she found in her pocket

“So how long have you been working for Xavier” Hailey spat

“Since I was twelve he rescued me from the mafia and I guess he saw use in my talents” Sam replied guilt and a sense of remorse flooding over his face

“What about my mother and Elysa?” Hailey shouts in a low tone crossing her arms and arching a black brow

“A year ago – they approached me” Sam admitted his stomach tying itself in knots at the look of pure betrayal on the broken girl’s face and he couldn’t stand to look at her anymore so turned away from her

Hailey couldn’t think – all this time -- they were scheming behind her back trusting a stranger more than they trusted their own flesh and blood – that part was the most heart breaking part she could take the lying and the cheating because they were all pawns in a master game trying to win and Hailey must admit she had played that game herself in fact she had been close to beating the game

The thing that stung that made the knife twist even deeper was the fact that this all had been going on longer than she thought and it was all about her and nobody even thought to include the girl in their plans they only did when she accidently stumbled upon it

She felt like crying for a week as all the pieces slotted together in her head “I didn’t stumble upon Sam that night by accident did I? There were no people after me was there? You set this up didn’t you?” Hailey croaked

The look of her cellmate’s faces was all the answers she needed

“I can’t believe you no, I won’t I want to go back to dad even if he was a cheat he was still better than you!” Hailey screamed at her mother before breaking down into sobs and ignoring the look of hurt and pain on Natalia’s features

“You cant go back your father thinks you’re dead!” Snapped Sam

“T-Then I’ll admit to everything and pray that t-they put me on the d-death row” Hailey stuttered making Natelia and Sam exchange an uneasy glance at the sight of Hailey literally announcing that she would rather be dead then help the two

Sam was the first to speak and tell her that it was going to be a bad idea “Woah Hailey do you think doing that will be a good idea? I mean it might get you death penalty however it might also get me and your mother the death penalty as well and do you really want our blood on your hands”

“I don’t care death is better than living!” Hailey sobbed now breaking down “You two deserve much worse than death”

“Come on” Sam urged “You don’t really believe that do you?”

“Yes I do” Hailey rebutted

“Fine die see if I care” Sam exclaimed now fully fed up with the assassin attitude, of course deep down he didn’t mean it and now as the harshness of the words sunk into his brain his only wish was to take back his words and somehow change them – but alas he couldn’t for the damage had already been done

Hailey stared back at Sam shock horror filling her black eyes as they widened for a minute all that could run through her head was the words “Fine die see if I care” and she wondered what had possessed him to say such a thing? Did he really think that little of her?

Sam went to press a hand to her shoulder but Hailey flinched away before he could and hissed “Don’t you dare touch me” and in that moment Sam could only describe the girl as snake like the way she rolled the endings of the words when she hissed and the way her fiery coal eyes narrowed into slits and a split second later a fountain of water spewed from her palm making Sam jump back in surprise and shock as the water made a little puddle on the floor

Deciding that enough was enough Natelia stepped in “Hailey that is enough the man has heard enough you can stop”

Hailey let out a thankful sigh of relief as she let her shoulders drop and her eyes return back to normal as she drew one long breath “Did I scare you both?”

Sam let out a nervous chuckle as he raked his hands through his unruly brown hair “Yeah you did I thought it was real for more than a couple of seconds”

“We have about twenty minutes until the guard control crashes the party” Natelia inform scanning her eyes over her 3D modelled holographic watch

Hailey pulled a knife from her boot “Let’s get going then”

Gunshots fired as Hailey ran through the now busy streets of Queens she was leading the pack although where she didn’t know – all she knew was to keep running – that was at least until it was safe

Sam lagged behind mostly due to his stomach wound but also because of his height and build, Hailey small and slim frame allowed her to be nimble and quick and for her to be able to weave in and out of the crowds however Sam didn’t have that luxury (if you call running for your life while being fire at somewhat of a luxury)

Natelia had stopped running with them and had thought somewhat smarter because as she knew that if she was caught they would find out she didn’t really die all those years ago, when she saw the chance to split off from her daughter down near the coal mines she took it running down back alleys instead of on the main road

She dared to look over her shoulder and instantly regretted her choice a man in the colours of the Queen kingdom was hot on her trail and he was getting faster as she was slowing down somewhat exhausted from all of the running

Natelia knew it was the easier option to use her powers to overpower the guard but she didn’t want to, her mother had always taught her to survey her surroundings before using her powers and outing herself as a water weaver

Overhead was a small fire escape that allowed her to climb up to get out of the fire of the guard control Natelia jumped allowing herself to hook her arms around the ladder before crouching down and pulling the ladder with her before she began to climb

When she reached the top only then did she noticed the startled and excited seven year old boy leaning half out of the window, she put her finger to her lips an indication to the boy that he needs to be quiet

She sighed when the footsteps below her grew quitter and she removed her fingers from her lips of of course the second that she did the boy yelled out “MOM THERES SOMEONE’S ON THE FIRE ESCAPE”

Panicked Natelia fled the fire escape and disappeared into the shadows but not before hearing “There’s nobody there Keto maybe we should visit the physician” Another voice said and Natelia heaved a sigh of relief thankful she had not been caught

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