The Assistant of God... or Something Along Those Lines

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What might happen if a higher being, like a god, for instance, were to kill someone? It seems he/she seize to exist, erasing all memories and traces that prove he/she ever existed. With that in mind, his soul is transferred, without any recollection of who he/she was, to where that god lives. And not just that! This god happens to need an Assistant, which means that he would offer that job to the person he just killed, as a form of apology of course. Being erased from existence, the new Assistant created a body and since he doesn't remember his name, he chooses a new one before going to his first assignment, a fantasy-like planet called Ditia.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

"What should I do?" I said as I walk out of my house.

The day was quite calm for a normal day at the start of the week. The usual would be busy streets with people and cars coming or going from their houses. Instead, the ever-burning sun, which is, for some reason, hotter than ever, has clouds keeping it company while hiding it from time to time.

Without giving it much thought, I start walking down the street streets since staying at my house could become eventually boring. Some meters ahead, I felt something fall on my head, and not long after it started raining. While cursing my luck for not bringing an umbrella, I take shelter from the rain on a nearby store.

Sometime after, the rain stops. Unfortunately, my clothes got wet, giving me something to do today, dry my clothes. Before turning towards the direction of my house, I spot a flower shop in the next corner.

"I think that..."

Suddenly, all I see is black.

I opened my eyes and woke up to a blinding light that welcomed me. I sit in what looks like a bed while avoiding eye contact with whatever is emitting it.

"What a strange dream," I say and look around. "What the hell? This is not even my room. And what with all the white?"

The light seems to come from the walls and the ceiling and the floor look like a mirror, which amplifies it.

As I get up, in the nightstand I see a disk-like object that says 'put me on a computer'.

"What computer?" I said out loud and a computer appears out of thin air on top of the nightstand.

Setting aside the weird feeling that caused, I put the disk-like object on the compartment of the computer. The screen turns white and a man appears.

"Hello there!" He says.

The man, or rather, boy, has the appearance of a teenager with black messy hair, glasses, and dark brown eyes.

"I'm the being you humans call God," he says.

I raised an eyebrow.

This must be a prank.

He clears his throat and continues, "And no, this is not a prank if that's what you're thinking. Anyway, the reason why you were revived, rather, your soul was brought here, is because I need an Assistant to keep an eye out on a world I have created. Meanwhile, I take a rest from all the godly stuff I do."

I facepalmed as I heard that last part. What a lazy god.

"That doesn't explain why I am here," I ask.

"Remember what you 'dreamed'?"

"Not exactly. What I remember is that my surroundings suddenly turned black, besides that I don't' remember the rest, not even where I was.

"Well, it's as expected," he said. "You died... and it's my fault."

"What?!" I almost screamed.

"You see, I killed you by accident and I thought that this will be a good way to make up for that mistake, and, besides, I need an Assistant," he says.

"Screw you, God!" I grabbed the computer and threw it to the wall but it bounces off instead of breaking.

"Nice one, though," he says grinning. "Before you try to break the computer again, you should create your body."

"Explain," I said still angry.

"Exactly what I said. You see, being killed by a God is not the same as human killing another human; when a higher existence kills you, you get erased and I mean for good. Your body was no exception. I could create a new one for you but is too much work," he said.

"What a useless god you are," I say.

He shrugs.

I decided to calm down. According to what he had told me, there's no way of reversing this so I might as well accept what this 'God is offering me.

"Anyway, the form you have right now is a ball of light and not a body, even though you see your hands and feet, you are not seeing them per se, that's just a representation of what you think your body looked like before. For others, you're just a talking ball of light with no limbs."

"And how I'm supposed to create a new body?" I ask.

"I left you a note on the door so go and see it. I have stuff to do," he says lazily as the computer turns off and disappears.

Fucking lazy god.

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