Arcane Academy: Year One

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Abel Anderson had lived quite a normal life with his aunt and uncle until his sixteenth birthday. He begins to develop magic and he never truly understand the reason as to why he had magic. He decides to go looking for answers in the attic and he finds a letter addressed to him on top of a book. A letter from his dead father explaining that he was a time mage.

Fantasy / Romance
Elaine Waller
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Chapter 1

Abel always had a unique ability to stop time whenever he wanted to and no-one knew why which confused him. He never knew his parents and he had been told that magic didn’t exist but he knew that he wasn’t normal. He could only stop time for a while and he knew what happened if he didn’t let time continue on. He had discovered a book that had once belonged to his father in the attic and he had decided that it was worth a read despite what his uncle said. His aunt had told him that it was best to leave some secrets where they lie but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was different about him and his family. His aunt and uncle were good people with kind hearts but he wanted to know the truth. He knew that his aunt and uncle would never tell him so he knew that he would have to discover the truth on his own if he wanted answers.

There was something in the attic and he knew that he needed to search in the attic some more if he wanted to find anything. His uncle had told him not to go into the attic but he wanted to figure out what he was and to see if he was normal. He had been told stories about magic when he was younger but his aunt had told him that magic never truly existed and that they were just stories. He did believe otherwise but he didn’t want to hurt their feelings so he didn’t say anything on the subject. Abel never wanted to start a fight and he preferred to stay away from any drama that may occur. It was easier to keep your nose out of other people’s business and to focus on yourself when you need to. He was known as the shy kid in class when he was at school and that was the only time he was seen as normal.

He never got to meet his parents but he had been told what they were like and he wished that he could have met his parents when they were alive. His parents sounded like amazing people but it’s a shame that he wasn’t given the chance to meet them. Abel didn’t know if he had any siblings or if he was an only child since his aunt and uncle wouldn’t tell him. He knew why they were keeping secrets from him but he wished that they would at least tell him something to put his mind at ease. He wanted to feel some form of relief and he wanted to know more about who he was or what he was. It wasn’t going to be easy but he didn’t mind in the slightest if it would help him get some answers as to what was happening to him. His life had been pretty normal so far which made things confusing for him when his magic developed after he turned sixteen. The magic had changed him in a way that he wasn’t expecting and he became scared to hurt anyone by accident if his magic flared up. The teenager started hiding in his room when his magic began to develop but it meant that Abel had more control with his magic.

It took some time but he was able to understand his magic more and he started to take notes on what he could do. The same time his magic manifested, he went through his first transformation into a werewolf and no one knew what to do. He was locked in his room during his first transformation which meant that he destroyed his room and harmed himself in process. It was a massive adjustment to his life and his transformations weren’t easy to deal with. His mental state took a massive decline and he ended up leaving a fair few scars on his body after each full moon. Thankfully, his aunt taught him how to use make-up so he could hide the scars on his face. His familiar soon appeared a few months after that and he was grateful for his familiar who he named Blue. She helped him in more ways than one and she made sure to help him during his transformations each full moon by being nearby.

Abel soon received a strange letter while he was alone at home which confused him. He took the letter to his room and opened it with a confused expression on his face. He hadn’t applied to any colleges in his area due to his magic so he didn’t know where the letter came from. He decided to read it anyway to see what was going on.

Dear Mr Abel Anderson,

It has come to the academy’s attention that you have reached the age of sixteen and that your magical talents have begun to surface. We are aware that your aunt and uncle have not told you about your parents or about your magical talents. We are willing to offer you a place at Arcane Academy to help you learn more about the magic that you were born with. We are aware that your situation is a rare one and we are willing to offer any help that you may need. Your aunt and uncle were sworn to secrecy when they were told to raise you so do not blame them for keeping information from you. They still love you and they always will but they can no longer keep you safe. They knew that this letter would arrive one day and they have been prepared for some time. They have given their constant for you to attend the academy and they would like for you to attend.

If you accept our offer to join the academy then please be at Newcastle Central Station on the 5th of September. You will be taken to the academy with the new students who will be in your year. You will need to bring your clothes and anything that you will find useful while you study. We hope to see you at the academy.

Yours sincerely,

Arcane Academy.

Abel was in shock and he had to reread the letter a few times before everything sank in. He did have magic but he didn’t know how to process that sort of information. He had a feeling that he was different but he never expected it to be something as big as this. The letter explained a lot about who he was and he was beginning to understand as to why he wasn’t told much as a child. His aunt and uncle were protecting him for danger and he had no idea of the struggle that they went through to keep him safe. They couldn’t tell him anything as they made an oath not to until he was old enough to understand what magic was. He was aware that everything that they had done was for his safety but he knew that he needed to find out who his parents were.

He ran upstairs and towards the attic to see what was truly up there. Blue whined but followed him to make sure that he stayed safe since that was her job. There was something up there and they were going to find out what it was. He honestly wasn’t prepared for what he found up in the attic and everything was beginning to make sense to him. His father was some form of a wizard and he never knew since no one was allowed to tell him. A letter sat on top of a book which seemed to catch his attention and the only source of light was the small blue crystal around his neck. He bit one of his two lip rings as he walked over to where the letter was and he was certainly nervous. He carefully picked up the letter and opened it up.

The letter was well written and the handwriting was something that Abel hadn’t seen before. The writing seemed to flow like a river and he had read the letter a few times. The letter read:

To my dearest son,

By the time you read this letter, I will no longer be alive but this letter is for you to read when turn sixteen. I have asked Daniel and Elena to take care of you until your letter from the academy arrives. I and your mother love you very much so always remember that about us. We died to protect you from harm and we will always be by your side. I know that you will have many questions for me and I wish the I could answer them for you but I will be unable to. However, there are a few things that I must tell you in this letter before it’s too late.

You are a powerful time mage who has the ability to change the world and I hope that you do. The crystal that you have had since a baby is the source of your magic and it will help you to control your magic. Your familiar will be able to help and guide you when you need it so don’t be afraid to rely on your familiar every once and a while. The academy will be a safe haven for you and they will be able to help you understand more about the magical world. They will guide you and they will be there for you in your darkest times. When you attend the academy, search for Professor Thomas Kelvin as he is a close friend of mine and he will be able to support you in ways that I can’t. I leave behind one of my books for you as your birthday present from me and your mother and I hope that you will find it helpful.

I love you so much and I want you to know that I’m so proud of you.

-Love, your father Devon Anderson.

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