The Azure Empress of Destiny: Phoenix Master’s Exquisite Soulmate

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~ ~ ~ SEAL LOCKED ~ ~ ~ Yin Lanying never thought she would encounter death in her own hands from her husband, the current Emperor and her twin sisters. Having been framed for cheating with the Emperor's brother, she thought her beloved would pardon her for those feelings of love. . .yet it wasn't meant to be. But ending her own life just to get another chance at life? "Fourth sister, don't falter. When the time comes, we will meet again in the next life." "Yin'er, I hope one day you'll remember me." Remember? Remember what? Ah. . .shall we follow destiny this time? -Future Teaser- A powerful wind swept the disciples of the Star Spirit Sect away from the distressed disciple who was holding onto the lifeless body of their senior. Why did this person had to die protecting me? ~ ~ ~ SEAL LOCKED ~ ~ ~

Fantasy / Adventure
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Past End

A chilling sensation in the darkness of the past that went extinct.

Once there was an imperial palace that held a pitiful prisoner in a dark dungeon. Those who committed the worst sins are sent to the abyss where they will spend a various amount of lives depending on fate.

Such as one haggard being on the cold floor, waiting to be called by the current reigning Emperor, Yang Le.

. . .

How many days have I been in here?

Why isn’t His Majesty coming for me?

Why isn’t he letting me out?

Doesn’t he love me?

All these questions that swirled in my mind gave me a headache. It’s been days and yet His Majesty still hasn’t come back for his Empress.

Does he hate me?

No! He would never!

As I reflect, loud footsteps were heard coming closer and closer to me with every step of my heart slowly breaking away from its shell. It hurts so much more than the physical scars left on my body.

“Fourth sister, if you didn’t cheat on His Majesty then you wouldn’t be here.”

I carefully lift my head up from the ground to cast my eyes on a fair maiden outside of the cell looking down on me with a charming smile on her face.

Charming? More like scheming and foxy. And for whom I formerly called my Second Sister, Yin Rue.

“Fourth sister is indeed a cheating wife! Who would want to look up to the mother of the nation with knowing what happened? It’s better for you to not make His Majesty suffer anymore!”

A second maiden walked by Yin Rue’s side with a much more devious smile on her face. Even a reflection on a mirror was sure to display the same expression as these two whose appearances were the same. She was precisely born a moment later than Yin Rue.

“Yin Rui, what you say is correct. We cannot let Fourth Sister make His Majesty suffer any longer. Oh and His Majesty has already brought the Yin Family to be executed due to cooperating with the enemy.”


“You two! What have you done with our family?! Our father, your mother, Eldest Sister, Brother Long. . .do you not think about the consequences?!”

I tried to raise my body to stand yet I couldn’t muster up my strength to keep it from hitting the cold ground once again. I was beaten severely by their maids and some guards for a crime I did not commit and even if I had proven things, Yang Le still wouldn’t let me free. His ruthless personality as the ‘son of a dragon’ will not make the kingdom strive at all! He never cares about his people’s families as well!

How could I be so blind to marry a corrupt emperor!

“Consequences? We did think about them, but His Majesty was lenient on us sisters because he believed we were pitiful to be victims of Father and Mother. His Majesty even believed Eldest Sister was far beyond saving. Thus, he executed the family and freed us from our family’s grasp. However. . .you were believed to be the spy to control him. That’s why. . .”

“That’s why you must die! For the sake of His Majesty and the kingdom!”

Yin Rui finished Yin Rue’s sentence as she gave me a perilous look.

“I want. . .to see His Majesty. . .one last time.”

“Zhen grants your wish.”

The three of us turn our heads towards the direction of the mature and handsome voice of the Emperor. Emperor Yang Le.

“Long live Your Majesty!”

The twin sisters graciously bowed in his presence as I only kept my silence. My heart already tore away the part of where I used to love him, yet I couldn’t stop loving. It’ll take time for me for this useless love to fade away.


Yin Rue and Yin Rui stood back up and gave him the most delicate smiles to charm Emperor Yang Le. As I thought, he would be attracted to those intentional expressions until he looked at me. There was little hope left inside of my heart.

“Yin Lanying, you betrayed me. Sleeping with my brother and being the spy of your family to control me in the palace from the beginning. . .Truthfully, I never loved you. You were simply a pawn from both sides and now you’ll pay the price for going against Zhen.”

I closed my eyes. My heart finally turns cold as I grip a sharp item in my concealed hand.

No more.

“Fourth sister, don’t falter. When the time comes, we will meet again in the next life.”

If there is a next life, then I will do my best to befriend you, Eldest sister. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to know you better yet you still cared for me before you died.

“Pay the price? Hahahaha, Yang Le oh Yang Le. I’ve endured so much ridicule and humility already. As such, an inauspicious emperor like you is worth to be conquered over by the other kingdoms. Who’s the rotten emperor now? Monkey Le?”

“Yin Lanying!”

I stood up in front of him with a smile holding a small sharp knife in my hand. At last, I shall leave with an end to this.

If there is a next life, then I will set things right again.

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