A Royal Mate

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Anna Steine was just 2 when her pack was killed. After being adopted into another pack, she was raised by the Beta and his wife as a warrior. After meeting her mate she was forced to move into his home and be his forever. Little did she know her world would be turned upside down by the man she called her mate. Now with a new job and a forgotten past, everything comes back to haunt her, even the one she didn't know she had! PLEASE NOTE: these are original works of mine and any names or situations are simply fiction. Any similarities to real life are merely accidental. Also please do not copy any of my work. I have put a lot into these stories and for it to be taken and twisted into something else is just plain wrong not to mention illegal. *****ATTENTION! THIS STORY CONTAINS MATURE THEMES, VIOLENCE, SEXUAL CONTENT AND STRONG LANGUAGE. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE BUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*****

Fantasy / Romance
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Smoke was filling the air quickly. People were screaming all around me and suddenly I was pulled away into a dark hole. A woman whispered "Stay here and they won't find you. Take care of each other and promise me you will continue your lineage. I love you more than you will ever know." I reached for her but she was gone.

Everything went quiet and dark.

There were 8 of us ranging from the ages of 2-8 all huddled in a small closet. We were terrified but none of us spoke as we heard footsteps outside the door. We heard men's voices saying "Leave no table unturned and no room overlooked. Our orders were to leave no one alive." Just then there was so much noise. It sounded like a stampede entered and turned the room inside out. It got so loud and we were so frightened but no one said a word. Soon the noise was over and the voices were gone.

If felt like we were in there for such a long time and then the door suddenly jerked open and we all cowered in fear. Had the men come back? Did someone tell them we were here? But then a gentle hand reached in and helped us out. "Don't be afraid children. I am here to help you. My name is Alpha Pierson from the Trinity Pack. You have to come with me but we have to hurry." We all followed him as he guided us through the woods to a waiting truck. He loaded us in and we took off.

Hours later we came to a big beautiful house with huge gate around it. The truck stopped and a voice came through the speaker. A gate opened and we drove inside. Once we made it in, there were people all around helping us out the truck. There was a man with gentle eyes and black hair who helped me down. He asked me my name and if I knew where my parents were. I said "Anna...."

"Anna! Wake up." I jolted awake wishing I could get past this part of the dream but for some reason it always ends here.

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