A Royal Mate

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Part 17

We finally got home on Sunday morning. Having slept the whole way on the plane I was wide awake and ready to get some more work done on Jack's draft. I opened up my laptop and braced myself for the amount of emails I had waiting for me. My head started to throb at the sight, 258 new emails all from contractors to plumbers, electricians to flooring experts and of course a dozen or more from Jack with more suggestions. I quickly emailed him back and started filtering through the important ones and the ones that could wait and almost instantly I got a text from Jack.

Jack: I'm glad to see you have returned from your trip in one piece. I hope you had a nice time.

Anna: I had a very nice time thank you for asking. I already sent you an email, but would you like to discuss your suggestions at the office?

Jack: I would rather discuss them over dinner, if that isn't too forward of me?

Anna: No, that would be fine. What time and where can I meet you?

Jack: I will pick you up at your apartment at 6pm.

Anna: Ok. My address is 13427 Chestnut Drive, Apartment 27

Jack: See you then!

Did I really just imagine that conversation? Or is Jack really taking me out for dinner? Come on Anna, it's not a date he just wants to discuss his plans. Remember you are designing a mansion for him! Right. What was I thinking? This is a professional meeting. Not a date. Definitely not a date. Like he would ever go for a girl like you anyway. I mean come on the guy practically screams sex god. What would you have to offer him? Sometimes I hated myself for being so self conscious. I may not be an experienced woman but I've seen the way he looks at me. Maybe he likes innocent, naive women. What am I saying I know I wouldn't be enough for him.

I shut my laptop and went to Val's room. She was listening to music and painting her nails. I knocked on her door and said "I hope I'm not interrupting but I need your help. My boss, Jack wants to meet for supper tonight to go over his plans and I don't know if I have anything nice enough to wear."

"OMG. Your boss is taking you on a date? Where?"

"It's not a date Val. It's a business meeting. We have some adjustments to do with his drafts."

"Oh please. What man takes a woman to supper to discuss plans? It's totally a date. I saw the way he was looking at you at the bar and the way he was about to kill Eric with his eyes when he noticed him glaring at your chest."

I blushed remembering the look in his eyes. "He was just being a gentleman. Maybe he doesn't like guys who treat women like pieces of meat! Now can you help me or not?"

"Sit down, I've got a lot of work to do." She plucked and tweezed my eyebrows, brushed, smeared and lined my entire face with makeup making me look naturally beautiful. Then she curled my hair and gave it a sexy beach look. Next she pulled a few dresses from her closet. The first was a fitted peach dress that stopped just above my knees and had cap sleeves with a low cut front. The second was a mid thigh, cream colored three-quarter length sleeve dress with an open back. And the last was a simple sleeveless, black dress with a lace bodice overlay that stopped just below my knees. After I tried them all on we both agreed on the cream dress. She handed me some red shoes and just as the clock struck 6, there was a knock at the door.

"He's here!" She said running to the door.

Before I could stop her she opened it and invited Jack in. I walked into the living room and as soon as our eyes locked I felt an electric shock course through my body. It stopped me in my tracks and immediately his eyes began to wander all over my body. When he looked back up at me his look was almost animalistic. His eyes were darker than usual and narrowed. I bit my lower lip and I heard a low growl escape his throat. The air between us was thick and sensual. My heart started beating wildly and my legs turned to jello. My breath hitched and my lips parted. Val cleared her throat and snapped us out of our daze.

"Jack, you remember Val, don't you?"

He turned and smiled at her "Nice to see you again Val. Been to any good trivia nights lately."

She nervously chuckled and said "No and I don't think we will be going back any time soon."

He looked pleased with her response and nodded his head. Turning to me he said "Shall we go? We have reservations at 6:45 at Brivato."

"Yes. Let me just get my purse." I grabbed the clutch Val let me borrow and we walked outside to where his car was parked. As soon as I saw it my jaw dropped and my mouth went dry. A brand new silver Audi R8 Spyder. It almost looked as amazing as he did in his dark grey suit with a baby blue shirt and navy blue tie. Damn! Not only did he have great taste but he also knew how to show it off. I was in way over my head.

He must have been reading my mind as he gave me a smoldering look and a cocky smile saying "Ready?"

I still couldn't talk so I just nodded and walked to his car. He helped me in and then walked around to his side sliding effortlessly into the drivers seat. He turned to me as his long fingers gripped the gear shift and said "Hold on tight." If I didn't know any better I would say there was something more behind those words and honestly, I couldn't wait to see if it was true.

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