A Royal Mate

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Part 19

***JACK'S POV***

The moment I saw Anna in that dress all thoughts of professionalism were thrown out the window. When she saw the way I was looking at her she froze, her face turning a crimson red as she bit her lip. If she would only know what that does to me. I had to suppress my wolf and my cock from springing forward as I growled. Suddenly Val cleared her throat reminding us she was still in the room.

"Jack, you remember Val, don't you?" Anna said in a raspy voice.

"Yes I do. Nice to see you again Val. Been to any good trivia nights lately."

She nervously chuckled and said "No and I don't think we will be going back any time soon."

I looked at her and was glad with her answer. I didn't need Anna around those boys especially the one who was staring at her chest the whole night. He's lucky I didn't take him outside and rip him to fucking shreds. I looked back at Anna and said "Shall we go? We have reservations at 6:45 at Brivato."

"Yes. Let me just get my purse." She grabbed her bag and we walked out the door to where my car was parked. When she saw it her jaw dropped. I asked "Ready?" She just nodded and I smirked as I opened the door helping her into the passenger seat. I walked around to my side and sat down. When I saw her toned legs peeking out under the hem of her dress I had to grip the gear shift just so I didn't reach out and grab her thigh. "Hold on tight." I said in a husky voice but I didn't mean the ride.

After we arrived at the restaurant, we were seated in a dark corner all the way in the back. We ordered our meals, sipped champagne and chatted a while. She was sitting so close I could smell her nervousness so I made every excuse I could to touch her. Like tracing little circles on her inner wrist to feel her pulse. I had to find out if she felt the way I did when I was around her. Or when she laughed and her hair fell over her shoulder, I reached out and tucked it back grazing her neck feeling her shiver from the contact as my hand landed on her back to pull her closer. I whispered into her ear and her breath left her lips in a slow huff driving my senses wild. It took a few glasses of champagne to make her relax and when she did I invited her back to my house to discuss my house plans. She agreed and we left the restaurant.

We went straight to my office where I lit a fire and sat down on the couch I patted it so she would sit next to me. I turned to her and said "That dress is making me go crazy, Anna. If I weren't such a gentlemen I would have ripped it off of you as soon as we got back into my car."

"Jack, I tried to tell myself that this night was going to be strictly professional. Now I get the feeling you think it's more." She looked up at me nervously between her long lashes. Her big beautiful eyes filled with wonder

"Don't deny the attraction between us, Anna. Hell even the waiters at the restaurant didn't want to come to the table to refill our glasses. Thank God they didn't because I don't know how I would have hidden my frustration if they had interrupted." I moved closer to her and swept a stray piece of hair away from her eyes and tucking it behind her ear. I traced along her cheekbone causing her to blush for the hundredth time tonight. Then she bit her lip causing my wolf to kick into overdrive and said through gritted teeth "If you don't stop bitting your lip, I'm going to bite it myself and show you how frustrating you make me feel."

She immediately let go of her lip and our eyes met as I brushed my thumb across her lips leaning in to kiss her. I pulled away as she placed her hands on my chest. When a growl left my lips I leaned my forehead to hers "Anna, you don't know how bad I want you. I tried to stay away but something about you keeps pulling me in. If you would only know who I truly was, you wouldn't be sitting in this office with me."

She told me she didn't care about my past or who I was which made me happier but I was still skeptical about how she would feel about me being a wolf. I knew her friend was one but I didn't know if she knew that or not and I didn't care at the moment. I pulled her in kissing her feverishly. She placed her hands back on my chest and then explored my arms. Grabbing her by the nape of her neck I left a trail of kisses down her jaw then back up to her ear, nipping it causing her to moan. Her body tensed and she started breathing heavier. I pulled her up and wrapped my arms around her tiny waist. But then she suddenly pulled away. My face twisted with confusion and I know she felt horrible but she must have read my mind.

"Anna, I'm sorry I just couldn't keep my hands off of you. I hope I didn't cross any boundaries?"

"No, Jack you didn't. I just...it's just..."

I asked her to sit back down as she looked like she was going to faint.

"I'm just a little flush. That's all. Jack I really enjoy spending time with you but I think this is going a little too fast. I mean I haven't exactly been with a lot of men. Well. Any men, to be exact." She said with a whisper.

My eyes widened with the words she just said and I jumped up and paced the floor. What? Did Anna just tell me she was still a virgin? What the hell was I about to do to this innocent girl? I eventually stopped at the fireplace to calm myself and by the time I turned around, Anna was running out the door and down the street. I tried running after her but she was already too far so I did the only thing I could and shifted and followed her home.

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