A Royal Mate

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Part 20

I spent the next hour curled up in bed crying into my pillow. Jack had tried calling me over a hundred times and text me twice as much. I just ignored them all. Val tried to get me to talk but I didn't want to. I felt like a stupid teenager who was acting like a total brat. And for what? Just because I told him I was a virgin and he did whatever he did. I really couldn't tell what his reaction was. Was he mad with me or was I imaging it? He just looked so confused when I told him and I felt horrible for leaving so abruptly but I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. I could feel myself starting to fall for him but I didn't understand why. We only just met a few weeks ago but the attraction between us was undeniable. I started thinking about him and my body started to shake. My skin started to crawl and that tingling feeling in my arms was returning.

All of a sudden I heard a howl outside my window. I jumped up and peered out only to see the elusive black wolf with those big white eyes staring back at me. He barked at me and lowered his head down to the ground. He kept barking and backed up as if calling me outside before he took off into the woods. He continued howling and my body was aching to run outside and follow him. I took off down the hall and out the door running full speed to the woods behind the apartment, chasing after the wolf. I tried to stop myself but something inside of me was driving me forward. I ran and ran and ran until I was in the middle of the clearing. I searched all around for him but I never saw him. Then suddenly I heard a twig snap and my nose was filled with the smell of spicy pine and musk. It was so overwhelming I almost choked. I turned to the right and came face to face with the big black wolf. My nipples tightened and became hard, peeking through my thin camisole. My pussy was dripping and my mouth was watering. I could feel my skin about to burst at the sight of him. He sniffed me and his eyes dilated at my arousal. He slowly walked towards me backing me up against a tree and making a low heart quickening growl. He stopped then took off to the deeper part of the woods. I was so mesmerized by his scent that I ran after him but he was too fast and he disappeared into the woods.

I was alone again in a strange part of the forest too deep to be able to get myself out. I could still smell him so I knew he was somewhere close but he wouldn't show himself. I yelled "What do you want from me? Why do you keep showing up and messing with me?" I was getting angrier by the second and started running around in the trees sniffing the air. I started to feel hazy and my vision started blurring but my body was on edge. I picked up his scent to the left and started running as fast as my legs would carry me. Then, without any warning, I felt a familiar change take over. My bones started breaking and my limbs elongated showing off four furry legs with sharpened claws. I kept running at full speed until I was completely covered in a snow white fur. I felt the wind whipping through as I pushed myself further away. I jumped and pounced and rolled all around on the ground. She came back to me. My wolf came back. She was free, finally. I felt so happy at the sounds of her little growls. I channeled through to her conscious trying to communicate with her. It had been so long I almost forgot how to. Then suddenly I felt our minds connect.

Aspen? Is it really you? I thought you would never come back. What happened? Why are you here?

OUR MATE! She said sternly and with so much love that I couldn't believe what she had just said.

Aspen, we don't have a mate. Mates aren't real. Mates lie and hurt you. Don't you remember what Ryder did? I replied angrily.


Who is our mate, Aspen? Just as I said it, she whimpered and stiffened. Stopping to take in her surroundings, with her hightened senses as she could hear all kinds of noises around her. Tilting her head to listen closer she heard the beating of his heart before she saw him and jolted around to see his beautiful, silky, black coat and those intense white eyes gawking at her. He didn't move so she slowly crept to him keeping her head low and baring her neck to show him her submission. He was an Alpha, it was clear in his size and his presence. His authority was rolling off of him in waves making us want him more and more. He puffed up his chest, standing twice as big as Aspen, and looked down at her. He growled and nipped at her neck. She whimpered and howled a desperate cry and he howled back approving of her request. She stood up and raised her head to look into his eyes. She felt her heart swell and her lungs fill with the sweetness of his scent. He stepped towards her and nuzzled her neck. Crouching down, he snapped at her and barked playfully then took off down the trail. She jumped up and chased him.

They ran through the forest and played for hours until they laid down to watch the sun come up in the East. He looked at her with a sparkle in his eye, stood up, and shifted back to his human counterpart. There he stood with his beautiful naked body gleaming as the sun reflected off the sweat covering him. His chest and abdomen were rippled with muscles that came down to a V right about his massive growing erection. His thighs were built for running and were tanned. His hair was tousled and hanging over his eyes. He swept them across his forehead revealing the most beautiful blue orbs she had ever seen.

She whimpered again saying OUR MATE!

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