A Royal Mate

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Part 21

***JACK'S POV***

After I shifted, I followed Anna all the way to her apartment. Luckily the forest was right behind her bedroom so I could make sure she got home safely. But something was different tonight. I felt Jett getting nervous as he ran faster and faster towards Anna. He has been acting strangely when we are around her and I'm not sure why. He's been quiet with me which only means he's trying to communicate with someone else without my knowledge and I didn't like that. Once I reached her place, I shifted back to my Human form and tried calling her. No answer, so I text her. Still no response, so I continued for the next hour to get her to answer. I started getting agitated that she was ignoring me and before I knew it Jett came back out. He walked us around in circles, getting more furious every minute. He was being way too protective over this human and I didn't know why. So I mind linked him.

Jett, what are you doing? Why are you so angry? He didn't answer me he just kept growling and pacing.

Jett! What are you doing? Still no answer.

Suddenly he looked up at her window and after seeing no movement he howled so loudly that my head felt like it would explode. It was throbbing from the desperate ear piercing howl that I've never heard him make. But I knew what it meant, having heard it many times before from other wolves, it was a mate call. I tried to mind link him again.


MATE! Jack, our mate is here. I can feel her. I can smell her. She is here.

It took me a few minutes to register what he was saying. He thought Anna was our mate. But she couldn't be. She was human and my Alpha lineage never mated a human before.

Just as my mind starting whirling with confusion, she came to the window and immediately met our eyes. Jett barked and crouched down motioning for her to come outside then he ran into the woods ducking behind some bushes. He was trying to get her to follow him. I wanted to shift but he kept me from changing back. He was in full force and wasn't backing down until he got what he wanted and I was scared to find out what it was. What if he wanted to hurt her? Then we saw her coming through the woods and slowly Jett peeked out from where he was hiding and started walking towards her. She turned her head and meet us face to face. Her big brown eyes staring into ours. I saw her whole body flush And her nipples poke through the thin night shirt she was wearing. Her mouth opened and instantly Jett stuck out his snout and sniffed her. His pupils dilated at the smell of her sweet, wet pussy. He slowly walked towards her until her back was against a tree and growled a low husky growl. Then without hesitation he took off to the back part of the woods that was only occupied for wolves. I suddenly tensed realizing she could get hurt. Why was he luring her in here? He knew she could get hurt but he ran anyway leaving her behind. I fought to shift but he kept pushing me back.

Jack, trust me!

I knew never to doubt your wolf but what he was doing was insane. He was literally bringing a human in for a sacrifice and I didn't want to be apart of it. I cared too much about Anna to let anything happen to her. We ran for a bit longer until we heard her yelling.

"What do you want from me? Why do you keep showing up and messing with me?"

My heart was hurting for her but Jett just kept running until he found a tree to hide behind. His ears perked up when he heard her footsteps running through the trees. Then something incredible happened. We heard the cracking of bones and watched as a flash of white ran past us. I couldn't believe my eyes as this beautiful white wolf ran around pouncing and playing like a pup. She was running around with excitement and then her smell hit me. Magnolia and mint. The most amazing smell I have ever known and Jett screamed MATE!

After he said it he walked out into the clearing and straight up to the beautiful white wolf with the most beautiful green eyes. Eyes that held something of authority and kindness. But there was something else about those eyes and the closer we got the brighter they glowed. I know I've seen them before or at least heard about them. Once he reached her she bowed down to him with her neck bared and whimpered desperately. Our heart surged with love as he nuzzled into her neck. Nipping lightly at her he leaped and they trotted off together. We ran around for hours until we led her to the edge of the forest and watched the sun set. Jett was finally satisfied having met his wolf mate that he finally let me come out and I was itching to find out how Anna managed to hide her wolf from everyone, especially me. Standing up I shifted back finally letting me return to our mate. There I stood in all my naked glory looking at Anna who's eyes were now widened and still a glowing green.

That's when it hit me. Her green glowing eyes! No. It can't be. She's a Royal? How is that possible? I was always told they were wiped out years ago.

I was so turned on looking at my beautiful mate that my cock was starting to harden and the white wolf looked at me with confusion. This time it was her who took off leaving us behind in awe. I ran after her but she was too quick and stealthy.

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