A Royal Mate

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Part 23

***WARNING there are some very dirty parts in this chapter so be warned. Cover those virgin eyes if this makes you uncomfortable***

I stood under the shower letting the hot water hit my head and fall down my body for at least 10 minutes. I grabbed the body wash from the corner and washed my hair and the rest of myself quickly as I could smell something delicious coming from downstairs and my stomach was grumbling. I rinsed and turned off the water grabbing the towel the dry off with then drying my hair with the blow dryer. I dressed in his clothes, stopping to take in the provocative smell as it washed over me with content. It was so calming and sexy to be wearing something of his and I knew he would be holding back immensely once he saw me in them. I still didn't know what was going on but I wasn't going to give in that easy even if he and Aspen thought we were mates.

I walked into the kitchen just as he was placing two plates of pancakes on the table. He turned and grabbed another plate filled with bacon, sausage and ham and a bowl of fruit salad and set them down as well. My stomach growled in approval and my wolf purred when she noticed Jack standing there in his low cut jeans and tight white shirt. My eyes widened as he noticed me staring then he looked up and down my body obviously approving my attire as his eyes turned a dark shade of blue. I looked away quickly and sat on one side of the table. He sat next to me at the head and passed me the fruit. I could feel his eyes on me the entire time and my body was starting to respond. I started eating while staring at down at my plate the entire time. I could feel him wanting to say something but he kept quiet. We were almost finished when I saw him out of the corner of my eye shift in his chair. He put his fork down and threw his napkin on the plate placing his elbows on the table.

"We need to talk about this, Anna." He said in a soft voice.

I took my last bite of food mimicking his actions then turned to face him but as our eyes met my pulse quickened and my whole body tingled. A low growl came from his throat as he said "Mate!"

I gasped, tears pouring out of my eyes and down my face. I pushed my chair out and sprinted out the front door. But I wasn't fast enough and before I knew it his strong arms were around my waist. He pulled me close and my body lit on fire everywhere he touched me. My arms tingled under his grasp and my core tightened. He buried his head into my neck leaving trails of kisses along the top of my shoulder. My knees buckled and in one motion he picked me up in his arms and brought me back into the house.

He laid me down on the couch and settled on top of me. I froze as he took both my arms in one of his hands and held them over my head. With the other hand he ran his fingers from my face all the way down to my stomach. A small moan escaped my lips and he leaned down covering my lips with his. My body instantly bucked against his and he seperated my legs with his knee coming to rest in between them. His hard cock was pressing against my sensitive spot and my body jolted from the shock. I wrapped my legs around his waist and started rocking my hips. He hissed then growled letting go of my hands and grabbed my face landing a hungry kiss on my lips. Our mouthes fighting for a taste of each other as our breathing became hurried and gasping each time as we broke apart to get air.

He ripped my shirt exposing my plump swollen breasts as my nipples puckered from the sudden cold air that brushed them. He bent down taking one in his mouth as I ran my fingers threw his hair fisting it when he bit down on my nipple sending shivers down my back. He released my nipple kissing in between my breasts as he worked his way to the other one. He hovered over the other nipple teasing it with his breath making me more frustrated the longer he waited. Arching my back I thrust my nipple into his mouth and he smiled licking and teasing it. Gripping his hair tighter he moaned and the vibrations sent a wave of pleasure down my body straight to my clit. I screamed out in ecstasy and he sat up pulling off his shirt then grabbed my shorts and tossed them to the floor as I watched his chest and arm muscles flex. He looked down at my glistening pussy and slowly unbuckled his belt then standing he slid his pants down to the floor. His dick was protruding out the top of his boxers and my eyes widened. Instantly I clamped my legs together at his intimidating size but he effortlessly pulled them apart.

"Anna, I would never hurt you. We will take it slow but please let me make love to you." His cock jumped and his voice was strained.

I relaxed and watched as he moved his head down in between my legs. He kissed my inner thigh as he ran his fingers up and down my folds never taking his eyes off of mine. I was turning red with embarrassment and wanted to look away but I couldn't. He kissed the other thigh then started rubbing my clit with his thumb. Then he licked it and my body shook. I cried out as he continued his assault on me with his tongue. Slowly he stuck one finger in me and I gasped at the intrusion. My hands flying to his hair tangling in it and pulling as he pushed me closer to the edge. Then he stuck a second finger inside and I lost it. I screamed as my body convulsed from the orgasm. He continued thrusting his fingers in me as I rode my pleasure out. Soon he was standing up again pulling off his boxers letting his dick spring free.

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