A Royal Mate

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Part 24

My eyes widened as I looked him up and down landing on his massive erection. Instinctively I tensed and jumped up. With a worried look on his face he instantly softened and he scooped me into his lap. His touch drove me wild and we both felt the intensity increasing between us. Our bodies were hot as we continued exploring each other. I couldn't explain the feelings I had for this man and as hard as I tried I couldn't deny the sexual attraction either. But was it real? Was he really my mate? For years I had built a wall preventing anyone from getting close and in a few short weeks Jack had managed to damn near completely break it down. I couldn't let it happen. I wouldn't get hurt again. I just wouldn't.

Breaking us apart I looked him in the eyes and said "Jack, I can't do this. I-I don't have a mate and I'm sorry if my wolf tricked yours into believing it but it's just not true. I don't have one and I don't want one." I spat angrily and before he could respond I leaped out his arms and ran down the hall into a random room. Closing the door and locking it I threw myself under the covers of the massive king sized bed waiting for the storm to blow over.

Not thirty seconds later I heard his big hands banging on the door "Anna! Anna, open the door. NOW!" The walls shook with his furious voice and I curled up into a ball on the bed praying to the moon goddess that he couldn't get in. The wood was creaking with each blow of his powerful fist and I knew he wasn't going to stop until it was broken.

"Leave me alone, Jack! Please. Just go away." I was sobbing into my pillow as he continued banging on the door.

"Anna if you don't open this door right now I'll break it down. I fucking swear." He voice was so loud it was hurting my ears.

I screamed back "Go away. I don't want you. Please Jack."

He continued trying to get in fighting back his wolf as he was trying to get to mine. He was so angry I was afraid he would hurt me and so did Jack. Suddenly the banging stopped and then I heard the sound of footsteps fading down the hall followed by splintering wood that made me jump up and run to the window. The big black wolf had broken through the front doors and was running into the woods howling a terrifying melody of pain and torture. He looked back at the house straight at me and bared his teeth then growled menacingly and continued into the woods. I fell back with a pain in my chest crying out as he ran further away. My body was aching all over but I drug my self to the living room grabbing my clothes and calling a cab to pick me up.

5 minutes later I met the driver at the corner bar. I gave him that address just in case Jack came back. I didn't want to be there when he did but I couldn't help the feel of loneliness the further he ran. My body was trembling with rage as Aspen was trying to get out but I fought her with everything I had. I hated keeping her away but I couldn't lose her again because of my bad decisions. I needed her.

I got home and Val was sound asleep. Judging by the bottles of wine on the counter she would be out for a while. I drug myself to the bed falling over as the pain in my chest spread making me cry out and sob. I could feel his sorrow from my rejection and the anger and rage filling my veins as he tried to understand. Finally, hours later my body fell with exhaustion as I could only guess he had given up hope. I heard something very faintly in the back of my mind right before I fell asleep.

Anna, please. Please don't do this. We are destined mates. I can't lose you. Please.

My eyes fluttered before I pushed the link closed and fell into a deep sleep.


Val was shaking me "Anna! Anna! Please wake up!" I could hear her sobbing as she tried everything to wake me but my exhaustion wasn't relenting. My wolf was in dispair because I took away her "mate" and my body was rigid and painful but I couldn't will my eyes to open. I felt her get up from the bed and then heard her on the phone "You have to hurry. She won't wake up. Please come over here now." I could only hope she wasn't talking to Jack but I didn't care. I wanted to die. I wanted to slip away leaving everything behind and then it happened, blackness again.

There was a knock at the door and then I heard Val's frantic voice again along with another voice. It wasn't a male voice so I knew it wasn't Jack and I wouldn't blame him if he never spoke with me again but this voice was familiar.

"Zel. What's wrong with her? I've never seen her like this. She hadn't been home in two days and now she returns unresponsive and covered in bruises. What's happening?" As she climbed in bed and held my hand.

"Val. I don't know exactly what happened but I have a feeling it has to do with her wolf."

"Zel she doesn't have a wolf, remember?" She said sobbing as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I felt a set of warm hands rubbing my stomach and my head. I felt warm air and could smell incense in the distance. There were hard round objects placed along my arms and legs. She was trying to heal me.

I heard Zel gasp and mumble a chant under her breath "Val, I heard her say that but she's battling with her wolf for whatever reason and now she is in a coma."

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