A Royal Mate

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Part 25


I had continued searching for her for days after I picked up her scent in town. It would come and go but I could never find her. I needed to find her. I needed her in my life. She could never understand what I wouldn't do for her. I would give up anything to make all her hurt and pain go away. What I would love to tell her about her family that she was ripped from so early in life. She wouldn't understand but I would make her. I had to find her and I wouldn't stop until I did. My wolf became angry as he was trapped inside my body, caged like the beast he was trained to be, preventing him from revealing us to her. He was tired of searching just to come up empty handed. He wanted her. I walked through town finding a path that led to the thick woods and cautiously made my way in. Taking care not to be seen or sensed. Now I was invisible and I could search like I was trained. Putting my nose to the air I let my wolf counterpart take over guiding me through the thick patch of trees.

I crept along the river delighted when I had picked up her scent. She smelled heavenly but there was another scent in the air. A ravenous masculine scent that was torn, desperate. It must have been the wolf who was howling all night. The familiar sounds of torment and guilt. The sounds of an angry powerful Alpha male denied by his mate. It's never a easy sound to hear and even I had cringed as my enemies cried that painful cry. The howls soon turned to whimpers that got louder the closer he came to the river. Freezing I crouched down waiting for the attack but instead he came stumbling out of the clearing in despair and confusion. Anger and rage present in his snarl. He was an enormous monster looking for release but he didn't smell me even though I was five feet from him. Finally he fell to the ground his breaths becoming more shallow as he whined and cried. I backed out as slow as I could as to not alert him and took off in the opposite direction of her smell. I would have to be careful on his territory but I was going to get what I came for even if I had to kill him to get her.

After I walked around the woods I found a secluded rundown house that was abandoned. I quickly gathered different plants and tree branches to cover my scent and to hide the entrance to the home. I needed a hideout until I found her, then I could take her back with me where she belonged. I couldn't get the smell of her out of my nose. It was a wonderful mix of sweet magnolia and mint that calmed me. It wrapped around me like a warm blanket and held me close keeping my angry heathen at bay. He had become so much more dangerous especially since we were so close to her but I knew he would scare her so I had to remain in control.

Once I got into the house I carefully inspected it. The main floor had the usual, living area, kitchen, dining area and sun room. I climbed the stairs at the center of the room and walked through the second floor. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a library still full of books. The place looked untouched like the inhabitants just left one day and never came back. I shivered at the sudden thought. I walked back down the stairs towards the back of the house when an open door caught my eye. Cautiously I peered into the darkness. I didn't smell any intruders so I descended the stairs. When I got to the bottom my blood turned cold as I stared at three cells that looked like it held prisoners at one time. Silver chains were hanging from the walls. I quickly turned around and went back upstairs closing the door behind me. This was a werewolf house but where was the family? Shaking my head to clear my thoughts. I needed to find some logs for a fire and set out to hunt for supper. After I found a few rabbits and a small deer I returned to the house for my meal. I finished just as the dark settled around me leaving me to my thoughts. I didn't know exactly how this would work so I needed a plan. But for now I would have to wait.

***Whoa. Who is this wolf? And why does he want Anna? Keep reading to find out. I'm sure we'll have a lot to hear from this wolf in the upcoming chapters!***

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