A Royal Mate

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Part 31

He's alive! Thank the Moon Goddess, he's still alive. I ran as fast as my human legs could carry me. I had to find Val. I bobbed through the crowd searching every booth as I passed when I finally spotted her and Austin getting ice cream.

"VAL! VAL!" I screamed as I pushed through the hordes of people standing in the street, apologizing profusely when I was met with their stunned looks. I screamed again and they both turned their heads towards me as each took a defensive stance. Austin's fist were by his side ready to lengthen his claws as his eyes were flashing from blue to white scanning the area over my head. Val was standing still but ready to run at any moment.

I finally made my way to them and Val grabbed me by the shoulders. "Anna, what's wrong? Are you ok? Did somebody hurt you?" She looked me over as Austin let out a menacing growl. I shifted my eyes to Austin thinking what is wrong with this guy?

"Val. He's still alive! Jack's still alive! I can't believe it. We need to find him, now." Grabbing her hand I pulled her towards the forest but she pulled her hand back. I turned and looked at her but she just gave me a sad look.

"What do you mean he's alive? How do you know that?"

I pulled her towards the side of the street so no one could hear us. "There was an old man at the end of the market who had a painting of a black wolf with white eyes. And he said he's been painting him for years. Then he said he noticed he wasn't around but then he told me he painted him last night and I asked if it was because he saw him and he said yes." I was talking so fast I wasn't sure Val even heard anything I said as she stood their staring at me in shock. She looked at Austin who shrugged and turned around as if to say "you can deal with your crazy friend I'm out of here."

"Anna. How do you know that the black wolf is Jack? You know there are two packs in this area. It could have been anyone of those wolves."

I lowered my head and twisted my fingers together then blurted out a guilty response "Ever since we moved here the black wolf, which I found out is Jack, had been following me home from work and watching me at night from the forest. That's how I figured out we were mates because I followed him one night. That's how I got my wolf back. That's how I ended up at his place for those days I wasn't here. And that's how I ended up basically rejecting him."

"Wait, slow down. Anna did you just say you got your wolf back? How?"

"Seriously Val that's what you got out of that whole conversation? It's not important right now, Val. We need to find Jack. Maybe Austin can help us. I'm sure he knows all the Alphas in the area maybe he can help us find him. Please, I'm begging you we have to find him."

"Anna I think we need to get you back to the apartment. I think you've been out in the sun too long."

"No, Val. I'm not hot and I'm not crazy. I'm telling you he's out there somewhere and I'm going to find him, with our without your help." I turned around and headed back into town.

I could hear Val's sneakers behind me as she ran to catch up with me. She grabbed my arm and pulled me back "Anna. I'm sorry I believe you, I do. But we can't just go into the woods without knowing the territory. What if whoever's pack this is attacks us? We are considered Rogue's you know? Let me talk with Austin he will know what to do. But promise me you won't do anything stupid until it's safe for us to do so!"

I stood there looking at her and nodded my head. Austin rejoined us just as I was sayin "You're right Val. We don't know anything about the packs here. Austin, do you think we can arrange a meeting with them and ask permission to search for Jack?"

"Anna, I can try but the Alpha that controls this area has been out of town for a while working out a peace treaty with a neighboring state." He said as his jaw twitched.

"Please do anything you can." I grabbed Val's arm and we walked back to the apartment. I had hope that Jack was here and in some strange way I could feel him but the more time went by the more I thought maybe I was imagining it.

We got back home and I went straight to bed. Soon I was dreaming of the time Jack and I spent together. Even though it wasn't very long, the feelings I had for him were real and deep. I knew he was out there somewhere and I knew I had to find him.

The next morning I woke up and laid in bed thinking of a plan. If I was a Royal, there had to be something special about me, some kind of power or sense that could help me locate him. I needed to talk to Zel.

I picked up my phone and dialed her number. "Zel? Hello! It's Anna. I was wondering if we could talk?"

"Sure, Anna. I'll be in around 10. We can meet at my shop."

"That sounds great, Zel. I'll be there."

"Ok. I'll see you then." We hung up and I jumped out of bed looking at the clock, 9:05. I took a quick shower then threw on some clothes and headed to the kitchen. No one was home but Val had left a note for me on the counter.


Austin and I went back to his place. He is going to call in a few favors to see if we can access the woods and surrounding area to search for Jack.

Love you,


I grabbed my keys and locked the door behind me then took off into town. I stopped at Lou's for some food and coffee because I didn't plan on leaving Zel's until I knew everything about my heritage.

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