A Royal Mate

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Part 33


That disgusting excuse of a wolf made another appearance yesterday. He was disoriented and dirty and I saw him stumbling around foaming at the mouth. I needed to temporarily get rid of him because he was causing too many problems for me right now. So I set a trap along the edge of the forest hoping he fell for it. I know he doesn't have enough strength to escape so capturing him will be easy but he is still an Alpha so I have to make sure I'm careful. I cannot believe he was given to her as a mate! What was the Moon Goddess thinking? I shook my head in disgust and waited for the wolf.

Two hours later I heard the horrific sounds of the massive wolf and I knew he was finally caught. I didn't plan on going check on him for a little while longer so I decided to go down to the cells and make sure it was sturdy enough to hold a disgruntled Alpha wolf. I fixed the chains and hammered new spikes into the hinges. The whole thing was lined with silver, from the chains hanging from the ceiling to the bars on the wall, so wearing protective gloves was a must. Once I fixed everything I went back outside and headed for the trap.

After a 10 minute walk I finally reached the wolf. He was pathetically lying there with no fight left in him. I smiled at his defeat. If only she could see him now she would be laughing too at her pathetic, useless mate.

I reached up to the ropes that hung over the tree branch and without warning he snapped at the net and snarled causing me to jump back. "If I were you I wouldn't try that again, mutt. You aren't in any condition to fight me. Now, shift."

Another snarl and a few snaps later my patience grew thinner. I pulled a silver neck chain from my pocket and dangled it in front his snout "This is your final warning. Do it again and I will chain you like the rabid dog you are. Now as I said, shift."

He laid there growling a few more minutes until he finally gave up and shifted back to his human form. His body was covered in dirt and dried blood and his body was so thin you could see his rib cage protruding out. He probably would have been better off dead. I almost felt sorry for him but the feeling passed quickly. I cut the ropes letting the net drop with a thud. Grabbing the pieces I drug his limp body through the forest to the house. When I reached the entry way I grabbed him under his arms and jerked him to his feet making him walk the rest of the way to the cell.

He was so weak he almost fell down the stairs "Fuck mutt. I don't want you to die falling down the stairs. I have other plans for you so you better steady yourself before I drag you the rest of the way down." He summoned whatever strength he had left and rose to his full height, which was a good 6 inches taller than me, holding his head high and walking to the cell, never resisting for a second. Then he backed up against the wall raising his hands to the shackles and allowed me to secure him. I cocked my head to the side raising my eyebrows and said "What's wrong, WOLF? Lost your mate so now you just want to surrender?"

He spat in my face and screamed "DON'T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT MY MATE! YOU DON'T KNOW HER! The veins in his neck were bulging as he started breathing heavily heaving his chest up and down with his huge gulps of air.

I wiped my face and replied "Oh but you see I do know your pretty little mate. And don't worry she will be safe with me!" I punched him in the stomach making him hunch over in pain and growl out in anger. I turned on my heel and walked up the stairs as he continued to scream and yank the chains back and forth causing his skin to burn with the friction.

As much as I wanted him dead, I needed him alive or else his mate would die too, and I couldn't let that happen.

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