A Royal Mate

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Part 34

I woke up the next morning feeling off. I couldn't explain it but I felt drained. It took all I had to get myself out of bed and when I did I felt sore from head to toe. I shook it off due to lack of sleep and anxiously awaited Zel's call. I didn't have to be at work until 12 because of some software updating at the firm so I could at least meet Marina and her guests before then. I quickly dressed and peeked my head out of my door to see if Val and Austin were home. No sign of them so I snuck out of the apartment and headed to Zel's.

When I arrived she ushered me in and said "I haven't gotten a call yet but it shouldn't be long their plane landed about 30 minutes ago." She was pacing nervously wringing her hands together with a tight smile on her face.

"Who do you think she's bringing with her? Could it be someone else from my pack or maybe another Royal?"

"I don't know, Anna. I've been up all night wondering the same thing. Marina is a very prominent figure in our world. She has connections with everyone and has way more knowledge on our kind than even me. She was my mentor when I was growing up but I lost touch with her when I was moved to this pack 100 years ago."

"Zel, who are the leaders of the pack here and where is it? I mean Val and I have been her for months and we have yet to meet any of them. You would think they would have wanted to meeet the two Rogue's who crossed their borders."

"Anna you may be a Rogue but you pose no threat that is probably why they didn't see a reason to contact you. Plus they have ambassadors all around town who watch new comers and they report back to the pack. But the leaders barely come around due to the animosity that has been growing between them and the humans. It seems they weren't too keen on the wolves running around town trying to tell them what to do. Even though the wolves own this entire state and had been here centuries before them. So the Alpha made a deal with the mayor and he allowed them keep the woods as part of their territory if the kept out of sight and away from his townspeople."

I guess it was easier for the wolves and humans to not mix especially since they never truly got along despite the Moon Goddesses attempts at making and keeping the peace. Just as I was about to sit Zel's phone rang. I ran over to her as she answered.

"Hello...Yes Marina I am at my shop the address is 9824 West Parliment St...Yes they will be here shortly...Ok see you then." She hung up and looked at me "They are leaving the airport and should be here in 20 minutes."

"Ok but who else is coming here?"

"The ambassadors."

Of course I forgot that they needed permission to be here and she was probably going to enlist their help since it was an Alpha we were looking for. My nerves began to ramp up the closer it got to them getting here. I paced around the table thinking about all the questions I wanted to ask Marina about me and my family. I still couldn't believe someone from my pack, other than the 8 of us who were saved, was alive and she was the one who helped us escape.

I was still in deep thought when my phone rang. I looked at the screen and saw Val's name, crap with everything going on I forgot that I had been sneaking around behind her back for the last couple of days.

I sighed and answered "Hello."

"Anna! Where are you? This is the second day in a row I woke up and you were gone. What is going on? Please don't tell me you went out looking for Jack by yourself?" She said in a worried voice.

"No Val I just had some stuff to do before work. It's no big deal mostly research for the renovation." I hated lying to her but I knew she wouldn't understand. I turned around to see Zel standing there with her arms folded across her chest as she shook her head. "Look, Val we'll talk tonight after work, ok. I'll grab Chinese and we'll make it a girls night!" I gave an apologetic glance at Zel.

"Ok. But please promise me you won't do anything stupid without me there!"

"I promise. See you tonight!" I hung the phone before she could answer just as Zel walked forward.

"I hope you have a good reason for lying to Val!"

"I don't want her involved in this Zel. It's bad enough I lost my mate because of my stupidity but I refuse to put her or Austin in danger."

"I understand but she is your best friend and she would be devastated if she found out you were doing all this without her. I think you should tell her tonight and let her decide if she wants to get involved or not. And as for Austin, well he is a Beta and he can handle himself."

"You're right Zel. I will talk with her tonight. I'm sorry I just...I didn't want to hurt anyone else."

She grabbed my hands and pulled me into a hug. "We will figure this out Anna. You are destined to do great things. I just wish you would have been given the chance years ago."

I thought about Zel's words. I didn't know what Marina would tell me or if it would help me find Jack but whatever she had to say it must have been important or else she wouldn't have come all this way just to see me. Just as I started thinking about all the possibilities there was a knock at the door. My heart sank as Zel opened it letting in Marina and her friends.

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