A Royal Mate

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Part 36

Without another word the 4 men stood up and stormed out. I rose to my feet and followed after them hoping to explain my predicament but they were gone before I got outside. It was as if they vanished into thin air.

I stood their in the empty street with tears pouring down my eyes when Val came running outside wrapping me in a hug. "It's ok Anna. We will do whatever it takes to find him. I promise." We walked back home so I could get ready for work. As much as I didn't want to go in today I needed to clear my head.

Once I got to the office I buried myself in work trying to create the perfect the draft. Mr Johnson had told me that the mayor wanted to see us this afternoon so I wanted to make sure I had something to offer him that might give us an edge at winning the bid.

I finished up some of my drawings and placed them in my bag. I had also begun a 3D draft on the architecture program so I grabbed my laptop as well and walked to Mr. Johnson's office to wait for him. Once we left, I was feeling a little better about this mornings events but I still couldn't wrap my mind around Marina and mines interaction. It was strange to say the least but something about it felt empowering. I just wish I knew what that last image meant. Was Jack being held captive somewhere or was she foreseeing the future. Either way he was in trouble and I had to look for him.

After our meeting with the mayor I walked through town stopping for Chinese. While I was checking out I heard a familiar voice behind me.

"I hear the egg drop soup here is delightful." I turned around and smiled at Parker.

"I can't say that I've ever tried it but if you recommend it I might have to."

"It is a must try and trust me I know a lot about food. I spent most of my childhood traveling the world so I've tasted almost every cuisine there is."

"That sounds exciting. So, what brings you here to Virginia?" I asked curiously.

"Well actually I am here to help a friend. He's been having some rather hard times recently and I figured I would help him out."

"Well that was really kind of you." I smiled as I handed the clerk my card. My phone rang and I picked it up seeing it was Val I cheerfully answered. "Hi Val. I just got the Chinese I'll be home in 10."

"Anna, darn it, I was hoping to catch you before you picked up supper. I'm sorry I'm going to have to cancel. Something came up and Austin needs me. I hope you're not disappointed."

I didn't want her to hear the rejection in my voice because I was upset but considering I had practically been ignoring her for the last week I let it slide. Plus she had a mate now and this was to be expected. "It's ok Val. Go. I'll see you when you get home later."

"Ok see you then." She hung up and I put my phone back in my pocket.

Parker must have sensed my mood because he looked at me with worry. "What's wrong Anna?"

"Oh nothing. My friend had something come up and she can't hang out tonight so I guess I just bought way too much chinese food for just myself."

"How about I join you? Unless you think that was too forward?"

"No it...you know what, why not? We can go to the square and eat at one of the tables."

"Lead the way." He chuckled as he took the bags of food from me pretending as if they weighed a ton "Please tell me your friend is a 250lb football player."

Laughing I said "Nope we're just two very hungry, Chinese food loving girls."

We walked out the restaurant and down the street to the courtyard that faces the library. There were 10 round tables with 4 chairs each and most of them were occupied with couples or families trying to soak up the rest of the days sun still hanging in the sky.

"That sunset is quite breathtaking today, isn't it?"

"It is." We continued chit chatting long after the sun went down. The sky was cloudy and everyone else had already gone home.

"So what is it that you do, Parker?" I must have caught him off guard because he hesitated before he answered.

"I dabble in several things but I am trained as a tracker." My eyes widened at his revelation. He could help me find Jack!

"What pack do you belong to?"

"Well I "belonged" to the Red Moss Pack in Liverpool but since I came to the states last year I hadn't joined a new one."

"What exactly does a tracker do?" I asked trying to lure him into my plan.

"Most packs recruit me for certain jobs such as investigating Rogue ambushes and assasination attempts."

"Oh ok." I paused a second trying to think about how I was going to ask the next question but I just blurted it out instead . "So no search and rescue type missions?"

He cocked his eyebrow and said "I can't say that I ever have but for the right price, I might consider it. Why? Looking for someone?" He flashed a quizzical smile.

My shocked look must have given it away so I decided to just go for it. I took a deep breath and tilted my head to the sky. My eyes nearly bulged out of my skull as I saw that bright ball of light peeking from the clouds. THE FUCKING BLUE MOON! Oh no it can't be tonight. What the actually fuck? I scrambled to my feet jumping up so quickly that I caused the table to tilt and food to spill into Parker's lap. Suddenly an intense wave of heat racked my entire body sending me to my knees. I felt a severe stabbing pain in my stomach and I curled into a ball wishing the pain would go away. I saw Parker mouthing my name "Anna, Anna!"

I couldn't hear him over the sounds of blood rushing in my ears. The cramps intensified and my body jerked with agony as tears steamed down my face. I needed the pain to go away. I needed Jack. Goddess why did I tell him I didn't need him.

"Parker...he-lp...meeee. P-please!" My voice was strangled with need.

"ANNA!" He said in a husky voice as his eyes darkened, his pupils dilated and his nostrils flared. His canines were lengthening and he could smell my heat. SHIT! I didn't know if he could hold it together to get me to safety.

In the distance there were dozens of howls coming from the woods. He let out a terrifying sound warning off any male in the area but they were only getting closer and more desperate. "Goddamnit! ANNA! You're in heat!" He stalked over to me with primal lust in his eyes growling as he picked me up in his arms. He held me tight as I clung to him, begging for the pain to stop then he pulled me closer, nuzzling his nose in my neck taking a huge whiff and taking off down the street.

***HOLY SHIT!!! Anna you better not. Omg what the hell!***

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