A Royal Mate

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Part 37


I was so glad Anna agreed to a girls night tonight. She hasn't been acting like herself since we went to the block party. And then, that secret meeting with Zel and those people? What were they thinking keeping that from me. It was my fault though, I knew she was still grieving over Jack and I pushed her too hard.

Austin must have sensed my sadness and pulled me into his arms. "It's not your fault, Val. Besides if she hadn't agreed to go with you we may not have met." He placed a loving kiss on my temple.

I smiled up at him. "She's my family, Austin. I should be there for her but ever since I found you I can't leave your arms. And I feel bad that I get to come home to you and she can't be with Jack."

He tensed when I said his name. He had been doing that a lot when I mentioned them but I figured he was just glad that it wasn't like that for us. His phone rang and he clenched his jaw. I sat up as he pulled it from his pocket and grimaced at the screen. "Hello...What?" He looked at me with an apologetic stare and stood up walking to my room to talk in private. He returned a few minutes later and said "Val, I'm sorry but somethings come up and I need you to come with me."

I looked at him and nodded. Grabbing my keys and phone so I could I call Anna. Hopefully she hadn't stopped and gotten food yet.

She picked up instantly "Hi Val. I just got the Chinese I'll be home in 10."

"Anna, darn it, I was hoping to catch you before you picked up supper. I'm sorry I'm going to have to cancel. Something came up and Austin needs me. I hope you're not disappointed."

"It's ok Val. Go. I'll see you later when you get home."

"Ok see you then." I sighed as I hung up. I could almost feel her dismay but Austin really needed me and I could feel something wasn't right.

We ran out of the apartment and straight to his car. Once I sat down and buckled my seatbelt he sped off. I wasn't familiar with the town except our little part so I had no clue where he was taking me. "Austin, where are we going?"

His hands clenched the steering wheel, turning his knuckles white and his eyes narrowed before he answered. "Val I need to take care of some business at the Birchwood Pack."

"Where is the Birchwood Pack?" I asked nervously. His sudden change in mood had me on edge. I've never see him like this before. He was usually so in control and relaxed but right now it felt like he could snap at any moment.

"It's about 20 miles up the road. Their pack runs this town."

I gasped. I had been so focused on school and then everything with Anna that I never realized we were Rogue's trespassing on another packs property. I wonder if that's why the ambassadors refused to help look for Jack. Maybe he was invading their land and he was a threat. Maybe they thought we were a threat. Crap!

We drove the rest of the way in silence until we pulled through to a security gate that led us to an enormous mansion sitting high upon a hill. There was a single gravel road in and out and along the tree line were massive wolves patrolling the borders. This was a powerful pack I could feel it in my bones.

Once we arrived he parked the car in the circle drive. He got out, as I looked up at the beautiful structure in front of me. Coming around the car he opened my door and helped me out. We ascended the stairs to the porch and entered through a side door where we were met by three guards. "Beta Reynolds. Everyone is in the conference room." They nodded their heads and gave me a devilish grin as I walked by causing Austin to growl, tightening his grip and quickening his pace.

He ushered me into a room where there was a young girl in a uniform. "Val, this is Tania. She will keep you company while I meet with the council." I smiled at her and he kissed my forehead and walked out the door.

I turned to the girl and said "Hello."

She smiled "Would you like something to drink, ma'am?"

"Please, call me Val. And yes I would love some water."

She quickly exited the room through a door in the back. I walked around the room that looked like a sitting parlor and suddenly I hear shouting then a door slam. Austin came back in the room and grabbed my hand pulling me out "Come on Val. We need to go." We rushed out the door to his car and headed home. He drove with stealth and speed as we weaved our way in and out of traffic.

I sensed his tension and the anger in his eyes. Grabbing his hand I asked him "What's going on, Austin? Is everything alright? D-did they say s-something about Anna and I being here without permission?" I cringed, waiting for the answer. How could we have been so stupid to forget to ask if we could stay here?

His eyes softened and he looked at me with a tired smile "No Val it has nothing to do with that."

Just as we turned down the street, our ears perked up and Austin's eyes started darting around. Something was going on. There were howls all around us. Could it be an attack? And just as Austin was getting out the car to assess the situation a terrifying man half shifted into his wolf walked in front of the car carrying a tense girls body. Wait! That's Anna!

I jumped out the car as the wolf was snarling and snapping at Austin who was on the verge of shifting at the sight of an obviously wounded Anna in some strange wolves arms.

"GET AWAY! SH...SHE..." He was fighting his wolf to keep from hurting Anna but I knew what was going on. I looked into the sky to confirm my suspicions.

"Austin, she's in heat. We have to get her away from him." I whispered to him. He lurched forward ripping Anna from the mans hands, turning he ran towards the car. I could see Austin's wolf coming through as he felt Anna's heat radiating off of her. I saw him holding his breathe so he wouldn't smell her arousal. The muscles in his neck bulged as he tried not to throw her down and mate with her to ease her pain.

"Val open the door. We have to get her out of here now. I can't take much more." I reached for the handle letting him place her in the back seat and turned to see the man take off into the woods. But as soon as he was gone, there were 5 more walking towards the car.

"Austin we have to get out of here, NOW!" Slamming the door we took of down the street. I turned around to see Anna curled in a ball panting in pain and clawing at the seat. She was whimpering as the waves of pain tore through her belly. I felt so helpless and turned back to Austin "We have nowhere else to go?"

He sighed heavily running his hands through his hair and said "I know where we can go."

20 minutes later we were parked in front of a beautiful 3 story house. Austin was trying to compose himself before he had to get Anna out the car but luckily for him the first wave of her heat had passed and she was asleep. He scooped her up and we walked into the house.

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